What to do in Japan seasonally? Japan is a wonderful country to a have trip to different places around where seasonal and natural beauty shines in our eyes. The four seasons (spring, summer, autumn and winter) of Japan offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities throughout the year in which incredible travel experiences are guaranteed. In fact, Japanese culture is greatly related to these four seasons. Many traditional festivals create Japan to be one of the most beautiful places on earth. We are here to help you planning your future Japan trip better than ever and yes you don’t have to spend any money because it is for FREE. Ask question if you have, demand your free Japan travel guide if you require. Discover Japan by reading our articles, asking questions based on your next trip to Japan. Thank you.

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Spring Beauty

Spring Beauty

Spring is the most favorite season for the Japanese people. They do admire its beauty than rest of the seasons. It is a beautiful, magical, joyful, harmoniums, and vigorous season. Cherry blossoms (sakura) and hanami festival make them proud of it. Local people gather in various public parks, gardens, riversides […]

Summer Sunshine

Summer Sunshine

Summer in Japan could be amazingly mysterious. Excessive heat, humid weather and continuous rain pouring are the typical things to be happened in this season. Though, summer shines throughout the season offering us beautiful flowers gardens to discover. Lavender, azaleas, tulips, poppy, wisterias, irises, sunflowers and other alpine flowers bloom at […]

Autumn Colors

Autumn Colors

Japanese autumn is colorful and vibrant. Nature gets covered with beautiful fall foliage across Japan. It is said to be one of the famous destinations in the world to experience  fall foliage. A lot of autumn festivals are held throughout the country and they are quite enjoyable when you start […]

Snowy Winter

Snowy Winter

Winter season in Japan is truly marvelous. Japan has been a perfect winter holiday destination since a long time ago. Many visitors outside Japan want to experience Japanese mysterious winter beauty through variety of winter activities and mouthwatering winter dishes. If you are curious of exploring the winter beauty in […]


Recent Articles

  • 10 Best Snow Festivals in Japan

    10 Best Snow Festivals in Japan

    Does Japan’s winter season inspire you traveling around? To be honest with you, it is an inspiring season for me. Even though it is regarded as the end of the growing season from the view point of nature, I myself feel very moving. Probably I am too much excited to […]

  • 10 Famous Japanese Mountains to Visit in Autumn

    10 Famous Japanese Mountains to Visit in Autumn

    Do you want to see stunning fall colors through mountain hiking? Japan is a land of mountains; the communities settled in the mountainous regions throughout the country have developed distinctive cultural traditions. When you embark on a trip to different mountainous areas all over Japan you can experience them thoroughly. […]

  • Four Seasons in Shirakawa-go | Travel Guide

    Four Seasons in Shirakawa-go | Travel Guide

    Shirakawa-go is one of Japan’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is a traditional mountain village that changes its beauty throughout the year. When your mind is stuck with a simple question “what is the best time to visit Shirakawa-go?” then this post could reveal it, seriously! Just wait and see […]

  • 10 Beautiful Waterfalls to Visit in Japan in Autumn

    10 Beautiful Waterfalls to Visit in Japan in Autumn

    Waterfall is said to be one of the most charming things on earth, and essential parts of our nature. It does decorate the surrounding nature in an impressive way that you can’t say it is a boring thing to experience. A waterfall’s magnificent streams falling over a cliff is just […]

  • Kokeshi: Beautiful Traditional  Japanese Doll

    Kokeshi: Beautiful Traditional Japanese Doll

    Before getting insight into Kokeshi, first I would like to praise its birthplace called Tohoku. It is a charm area, don’t you think so? Blessed with abundance of beautiful nature, Tohoku has become one of the places in Japan that foreign visitors don’t hesitate to admire its utmost beauty. It […]

  • One Day in Sapporo Itinerary

    One Day in Sapporo Itinerary

    Are you thinking of visiting Sapporo? Not for a few days but only for ONE Day! Lately I have been asked so many times by many potential Sapporo visitors about how to spend a day in Sapporo. I don’t think it is a daunting task to share an idea which […]

  • Autumn Leaves in Kamakura 2016

    Autumn Leaves in Kamakura 2016

    Kamakura is exceptionally beautiful place to travel to especially in autumn. It is filled with breathtaking scenic beauty, with the autumn foliage making it all the more spectacular. During fall, whether you are in this town for fall foliage or just to visit it for other purpose brilliant fall hues […]

  • Autumn Leaves in Hakone | Visit Kanagawa

    Autumn Leaves in Hakone | Visit Kanagawa

    Autumn in Hakone is impressive as it claims to have the best fall color in Japan. It is worth spending some time in Hakone both in spring and autumn seasons. Hakone’s glorious spring and autumn nature has overwhelmed so many visitors. I have made several trips especially in fall to […]

  • 10 Best Things to do in Kushiro, Hokkaido

    10 Best Things to do in Kushiro, Hokkaido

    The world greatest Kushiro Marsh is right there in Kushiro, in which the real wildlife of Hokkaido can be found. The graceful bird “Red-crowned crane” is the mystic treasure in this area. Hokkaido is greatly renowned for diverse nature, wildlife, beautiful rainbow flower fields, driveway, hiking, trekking, onsen, bird-watching, skiing, […]

  • 10 Most Popular Local Dishes of Aomori

    10 Most Popular Local Dishes of Aomori

    People don’t visit Japan just to explore its top tourist attractions. Instead, they are curious about the foods that are commonly eaten by us. Many foodie lovers from all over the world choose Japan as their dream destination to satisfy their belly and mind. Japan is divided into several regions […]

  • 10 Best Things to Do in Wakkanai | Visit Hokkaido

    10 Best Things to Do in Wakkanai | Visit Hokkaido

    Do you know the things you could do and see in Wakkanai? Sometimes it is ignored by many tourists who actually just come here to take the ferry to the Rishiri Island and Rebun Island. A day trip to Wakkanaki is enough to see its popular sightseeing spots. Here, I […]



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