Japan is incredibly beautiful, the natural beauty of Japan is dependent on the four season’s spring, summer, fall and winter. These seasons bring many yearly festivals which are truly amazing to participate in. If you are going to visit Japan then you will need to know some useful travel tips for sure.

Making a complete travel plan includes everything such as getting travel visa, booking hotel rooms, purchasing plane ticket, buying necessary travel accessories, and finally choosing the places you want to visit. You are the one who would manage all these things one after another. If you are lazy enough then you have to rely on some tour operators, they are happy to assist everything on behalf of you.

Beautiful Himeji Castle, Japan! Photo credit: Marufish at Flickr through Creative Commons licensing.

Before you travel to Japan you should understand a fact that is “what would you like see & discover in Japan?” Even though Japan is not a big country like United States but there are many things to do and explore. So sometimes making a travel plan is very hard for you. You will have got to choose certain places where you want to stay for few days or weeks.

You also need to know when to visit Japan – the best time based on the seasonal beauty. You are always welcome in Japan but rainy season and summer season might make some trouble for you. Therefore, it is very important to know about the weather forecast before or at the time you stay in Japan. In recent years, according to recent summer weather report, it says the weather has gone crazy and very hot.

Accommodation problem might arise if you don’t book hotels in advance especially during hanami and autumn leaves viewing seasons. Make sure you have a valid passport before applying for a Japan tourist visa. Some countries citizens don’t need visa for staying up to 90 days long.

Japanese are very friendly, helpful and sociable. They will treat you will though you are advised to learn some important Japanese phrases. It could be a major concern if you don’t know Japanese. However, one of the biggest issues that every foreign tourist must have in their mind in “Japanese Etiquette”. You certainly need to know them to repay your gratitude.


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