Having been purchased two Japan Rail Passes, Mr. Rudy and his beloved wife Mrs. Rosa, from the UK came to Japan for a lovely honeymoon vacation. They had a great time together in the land of the rising sun. What do you think of their success? Is there any secrete places for a honeymoon vacation in Japan or something else? There is a story behind the happy scene. The story begins with some confusion.  Before their very first trip to Japan, they were not sure about how to plan a trip to Japan, where to go, where to eat, where to stay, what to do, and how to minimize the cost of transport.

Kamakura Daibutsu, Kōtoku-in. Photo Credit: saeru at Flickr.

All they knew was “Japan is a beautiful country located in East Asia.” They had no idea how to organize things for the trip. Everything seemed unorganized until they have found us. Mr. Rudy has sent us an email asking various questions he was concerned about. Fortunately, he was suggested by us the most useful travel guide he desperately needed to know. We assume that they are not the only persons who think of many things before arriving in Japan. We believe that every one of you should get to know good travel resources in order to travel nicely and get value for your money. To make it simple it is time to share with you some very important things you must know and get before visiting Japan.

Is It Your Very First Trip to Japan?

Mount Fuji and Cherry Blossoms, Japan. Photo Credit: Travelbusy.com at Flickr.

If it is then you certainly have a very few ideas about how to deal with things in Japan. Unexpected things may arise and hamper your entire trip.

We don’t want you encounter such things here, therefore read this ultimate travel guide for the first time visitors to Japan. We hope you will find it very useful.

Japan Tourist Visa

Japan Tourist Visa. Photo Credit: Max Braun at Flickr.

If you are really want to take a trip to Japan then first and very important thing is to get some info about Japan tourist visa. Any foreign national who wants to enter Japan must have a valid passport. There are countries of which citizens that do not require visa to enter Japan for short stays.

1) Japan Tourist Visa Information

2) VISA/Residing in Japan – Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

3) Japan Visa Info for US Passport Holder

4) Japan Customs

5) Operation of Automated Gates (User’s Guide)

Book Your Trip

ANA Boeing B787-8. Photo Credit: ken H at Flickr.

Are you ready to travel to Japan? Below are the recommended websites for searching deals on accommodation, Japan rail pass, car rental and flights.

1) Jrailpass.com is our official partner that makes you purchase Japan Rail Pass exchange order easily from home. Order your JR Pass and receive it on time before you fly to Japan.

2) Booking.com is the leading website in booking accommodation online. It guarantees the best available prices with no reservation fees and free cancellation option including secure online booking. Whether you are looking for hotel, ryokan, or guesthouse in Japan booking.com provides you many options to choose from. It is reliable and saves your valuable time.

3) Skyscanner is one of the leading global travel search site. It says it inspires travelers around the world and make travel search as easy as possible through our world-class technology. Its world-wide flight deals provide the best value for your money. Here, you can book directly through the airline companies once you find the best deals.

4) ToCoo Car Rental provides instant online car rental booking service with hundreds of outlets throughout Japan of various car rental brands.

4 Must Read Japan Travel Guidebooks

Below are the 4 (four) must read Japan travel guide books. In addition, if you want to see more then please click here. A travel guide book is an important travel accessory, so don’t hesitate to collect these before you visit Japan.

Japan Travel Insurance

World Nomads Travel Insurance: Are you going to visit Japan soon and looking for a trusted insurer? World Nomads covers almost everything that travelers prefer to have from medical help to gear stolen or damage. Get a travel insurance quote now.

HyperDia, GURUNAVI, and Yamato Transport

Transfer your luggage by Yamato Transport. Photo Credit: Global Panorama at Flickr.
  1. In order to find the timetable of the railway and the aviation of Japan you can visit HyperDia.
  2. Gurunavi helps you find out the best restaurants across Japan.
  3. You can use Takuhaibin – a nationwide delivery service for sending parcels, luggage and various other types of goods from door to door. Please click here to get this service offered by Yamato Transport Co., LTD. You don’t have to carry your luggage all the way, just rely on Yamato Transport!

Top Japan Travel Accessories

Here are the top recommended travel accessories you need while traveling in Japan.

Read the following articles to get some ideas and tips before visiting Japan

Sakura at Yoyogi Park, Tokyo. Photo Credit: Marufish at Flickr.

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