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  • 7 Famous Traditional Crafts of Tohoku

    7 Famous Traditional Crafts of Tohoku

    The whole Tohoku region is breathtakingly an awesome place to discover that comprises six prefectures Aomori, Akita, Fukushima, Iwate, Miyagi, and Yamagata. Tohoku’s wonderful unique outdoor nature, local cuisines, glorious history, and impressive ancient crafts have always mystified me with pleasure. Many of the great artisans in the region have […]

  • Kokeshi: Traditional  Japanese Dolls from Tohoku

    Kokeshi: Traditional Japanese Dolls from Tohoku

    Before getting insight into Kokeshi, first I would like to praise its birthplace called Tohoku. It is a charm area, don’t you think so? Blessed with abundance of beautiful nature, Tohoku has become one of the places in Japan that foreign visitors don’t hesitate to admire its utmost beauty. It […]

  • 10 Best Japan Travel Guidebooks to Read

    10 Best Japan Travel Guidebooks to Read

    Searching for Japan travel guidebooks before visiting Japan is a kind of must thing to do for you. It is a really handy tool and one of the must have accessories for Japan visitors. I don’t care whatever Japan travel magazines or travel based website or blog publish on their […]



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