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  • Kokeshi: Beautiful Traditional  Japanese Doll

    Kokeshi: Beautiful Traditional Japanese Doll

    Before getting insight into Kokeshi, first I would like to praise its birthplace called Tohoku. It is a charm area, don’t you think so? Blessed with abundance of beautiful nature, Tohoku has become one of the places in Japan that foreign visitors don’t hesitate to admire its utmost beauty. It […]

  • Kirigami: The Japanese Art of Folding and Cutting Paper

    Kirigami: The Japanese Art of Folding and Cutting Paper

    What is Kirigami? I could define this way, kirigami is symmetrical and an art of folding paper which is cut by scissors to make flower, paper doll, paper snowflake and other designs. It is quite similar to Origami (Folded paper) and seen as one of Japanese traditional arts that has […]



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