Winter season in Japan is truly marvelous. Japan has been a perfect winter holiday destination since a long time ago. Many visitors outside Japan want to experience Japanese mysterious winter beauty through variety of winter activities and mouthwatering winter dishes. If you are curious of exploring the winter beauty in Japan, prepare yourself to encounter the mysterious winter wonders.

Drift Ice, Abashiri in Hokkaido.

Japan hosts a world’s biggest winter festival every year in Sapporo. known as “Sapporo Snow Festival”. It is a must thing to do in Japan during winter. Freezing cold and snowy weather can’t resist you experiencing this unique snow festival. In fact, you would be proud of yourself once you see graceful Japanese cranes in Kushiro, Night Skiing at Niseko grand Hirafu, Abashiri drift ice, Snow monkeys of Jigokudani, New Year Festival in Tokyo, and impressive view of Shirakawago village in Gifu prefecture.

You are welcome to enjoy your winter holiday here in Japan. So, get some travel guide right away!

Things to Do and See in japan During Winter


Hokkaido Winter Itinerary | Travel Plan 2017

Are you going to take a trip to Hokkaido this winter? Have you begun planning your trip? Don’t panic if you have not started planning the trip yet. Let me introduce you a simple recommended itinerary for your Hokkaido trip ...
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What to do in Tokyo in Winter

Tokyo is a dynamic city packed with diverse people coming from other parts of the world. It is a dream destination to millions of Japan enthusiasts, meanwhile you may not think of this way if your intention is to discover ...
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10 Reasons to Visit Japan in Winter

This time around I am here to find out the top 10 reasons why you should visit Japan in winter. Although I don’t like finding reasons to attract visitors for a certain place, I have to do this now only ...
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Winter Travel Packing List for Hokkaido, Japan

Are you prepared for Hokkaido’s cold weather? Here I make a very simple packing list for a trip to Hokkaido for this year winter. Visiting Hokkaido in winter could be challenging as the weather there is awfully cold. If snow ...
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10 Best Ski Resorts to Visit this Winter in Japan

When winter arrives in Japan, many people get prepared to do some recreational outdoor activities. And one of the most prominent recreational winter activities is called skiing. In spite of harsh winter weather outside, many winter sports fanatics including me ...
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10 Best Snow Festivals to Experience in Japan

Does Japan’s winter season inspire you traveling around? To be honest with you, it is an inspiring season for me. Even though it is regarded as the end of the growing season from the view point of nature, I myself ...
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Asahikawa Winter Festival 2017

Visiting Asahikawa Winter Festival is a must thing do for every visitor who wishes to travel to Asahikawa in winter season. It is the most visited winter event after the Sapporo Snow Festival of Hokkaido. Asahikawa city is blessed with ...
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Dosojin Fire Festival at Nozawa Onsen

Dosojin fire festival is a crazy, bizarre, frightening, and mysterious Japanese winter event, held at Nozawa Onsen on January 15th every year in Nagano prefecture. Does it make sense when two groups of people encounter a fight against each other ...
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Iwate Snow Festival at Koiwai Farm

Iwate snow festival is one of the five biggest snow festivals in Tohoku region. The festival is held in early February every year which is seen to be the symbol of winter in Iwate prefecture. Northern and northeastern part of ...
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Otaru Snow Light Path Festival 2017

Otaru Snow Light Path Festival (Otaru Yuki Akari no Michi) is the iconic winter event in Otaru city that usually held during the harsh winter month of February. It has a special atmosphere which is quite distinctive than the legendary ...
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Hirosaki Castle Snow Lantern Festival | Visit Aomori

Winter in Aomori is spectacular with the Hirosaki castle snow lantern festival. It is held every year in February that lasts for 5 days long. The festival is also known as Hirosaki castle yuki-doro festival - so don’t be confused ...
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What to Wear During Winter in Hokkaido

How to dress right and enjoy the winter in Hokkaido? It gets very cold there in the winter months (December - February). It does not mean people there stay inside their houses and watch TV all day long till they ...
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Tokamachi Snow Festival 2017 | Visit Niigata

Tokamachi snow festival or Tokamachi yuki matsuri is celebrated over the third weekend of February each year. This year in 2017 the festival would be held from 17 to 19 February. It lasts for three days which seems to be ...
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Yokote Kamakura Festival 2017 | Visit Akita

Yokote kamakura festival has been celebrated by the resident of Akita for more than 400 years. This is a famous winter tradition of Akita prefecture that attracts thousands of visitors each year. The festival takes place in the city of ...
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The Frost Covered Trees of Mount Zao | Visit Yamagata

The words “Snow Monsters” might produce some fear in your mind. Usually, monster is found in legends or horror fiction which appears in a large form and be a frightening creature. I don’t think that this kind of monster has ...
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Coming of Age Day (Seijin No Hi) Ceremony | Japanese Holidays

Coming of age day is a Japanese annual public holiday celebrated on the second Monday in January. It already has reminded me of my own experience that I had a few years back from now on. It made me so ...
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Japanese New Year 2017 – Learn Its Traditions

New Year (Shogatsu or Oshogatsu) in Japan is quite enjoyable. It is said to be one of the most important holidays and yearly festivals in Japan. There are a lot of things to do during the New Year holiday. As ...
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Sapporo Snow Festival (Yuki Matsuri) 2017

Sapporo Snow Festival (Sapporo Yuki Matsuri) is one of the most popular Japanese yearly snow festivals that takes place in winter season. Are you ready to see beautiful ice sculptures in Sapporo? Remember, approximately two million people visit this widely ...
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