Hokkaido is an amazing place where over hundreds of best things to do and see or even more. I have decided to reveal only 101 best and most amazing things you could do when you take a visit to this island. It sounds like I am crazy enough to make you drive to be a mad.

Before I tell you all these things, I would like to inform you that some of these things you might have known from elsewhere or have experienced. On the other hand, some of these things may not be possible for you to guess unless I reveal them. It is possible to skip some places due to some reasons. This time after reading this article you will be very much interested visiting those hidden destinations of Hokkaido.

Torii at Shokanbetsu Misakidai Park, Shokanbetsu, Hokkaido. Photo Credit: Robert Thomson at Flickr.

Hokkaido is blessed with so many things such as mountains, flowers gardens, lakes, national parks, onsen, beaches, historic buildings, wild animals, foods, festivals, forest, shopping stores, and winter outdoor activities. Through this article, I would like you to explore the hidden beauty of Hokkaido including all those traditional things you could do.

I mean your travel agent actually offer various travel plans and most of them follow the traditional style which include visiting Sapporo, Otaru, Furano, Biei, Kushiro and etc. I agree that these are very popular destinations but we could go far beyond these. Something extraordinary, crazy, interesting, mind blowing, adventurous things await you in Hokkaido. Find them here all at free of cost! If you want to know more about Hokkaido region then read this famous book.

1) Whenever you visit Hokkaido in any season of the year, make sure you visit its capital city Sapporo. At least roam around the Odori Park which is located in central Sapporo. And when it comes to Sapporo Snow Festival, you would be thinking yourself as one of luckiest persons in the world.

2) Experience the stunning view of ice sculptures on Sapporo Snow Festival or so called Yuki Matsuri that is held in February every year.

3) Most of the Japan travel agents plan you to take to Sapporo TV Tower. It is a kind of tradition now. TV Tower allows you observe Sapporo city including Odori Park, Okura Mountain and Maruyama from the upper observatory deck. Please note that, Odori Park is one of the best cherry blossom viewing spots in Hokkaido.

Illuminated Ice Sculptures on Sapporo Snow Festival, Hookaido. Photo Credit: Agustin Rafael Reyes

4) If you are curious of Sapporo Beer then head to Sapporo Beer Museum. It is one of the Hokkaido heritage sites that attract thousands of visitors all year round. You will be observing about the history of beer in Japan. Next to Sapporo Beer Museum, there is the Sapporo Beer Garden where you could have various types of traditional dishes including beer in two distinctive restaurants.

5) Sapporo lilac festival is said to be the most popular spring event in downtown Sapporo. It is held in Odori park in May. Enjoy viewing lilacs along with other flowers in the park.

6) If you are a real foodie person and want to taste hundreds of local dishes of the Hokkaido region then participate in Sapporo Autumn Fest.

7) Unkai Terrace (sea of clouds) made me fall in love with when I first visited this spot, located in Tomamu Resort. My feeling was just like “Wow”. I was sitting, observing the white clouds in the sky and the mountains of Hidaka and Tokachi. You can’t get to this spot all year round but only from mid-May to the end of October.

8) If you are looking for have a relax time elsewhere in Sapporo then visit Moerenuma Park. There is no admission fee to pay so keep your mind out of that thing and just try to explore the nature inside. One part of this beautiful park has got a cherry tree grove that shines in spring when they are in full bloom.

9) Spending a day in Jozankei Onsen (hot spring resort) in the fall season would be delightful. Its picturesque landscapes get colored vividly with impressive fall foliage.

10) Live peacefully, not awfully. You do have freedom of choice while discovering certain areas. I don’t know if you would be interested in visiting this place but I surly would be going there because I really like bird watching in the very early morning and in the evening when they get back to their residence. Miyajima-Numa is a small shallow freshwater lake which is the safe home of 50,000 migratory birds in winter. You can only take photos of them before they take off and again when they return in the evening.

Lavender garden at Farm Tomita, Hokkaido. Photo Credit: James.Kirk at Flickr.

11) Head to furano city to see Farm Tomita’s lavender field in summer. Thousands of visitors come to enjoy the colors of lavender field. You are supposed to lose your soul and there is no way of escaping until you fully enjoy your time viewing wonderful Furano lavender field. The best time to this great flower garden is in July.

12) Have lavender flavored ice cream and Japanese watermelon in Furano. Hokkaido summer is not furious like central Japan’s summer heat but here having ice cream in a sunny day is great to me.

13) Be a guest to rainbow color flower fields around Farm Tomita, Flower Land kamifuramo and Farm Tomita – Lavender East, Saika no sato then shoot amazing photographs of them. I have seen many foreign photographers get to Furano only for taking awesome picture of lavender field.

14) Shikisai-no-oka is famed for its panoramic flower garden in Biei town. This garden shows you varieties of summer flowers that include cosmos, lavender, dahlias, tulips, poppies, petunias and many more.

15) Four season of Furano offers you to enjoy the outdoor activity and sports. Rafting, canoeing, kayaking are the main outdoor sporting event in summer while if you like playing golf then have fun with it in various designated golf courses. When it comes to winter outdoor activity, you are surly going to be loved by Furano’s ski resorts providing you the world’s most safest snowboarding and skiing courses.

Hokuryu-cho – The Place of Millions Sunflowers.

16) Indeed Hokkaido is a great destination for summer flower season so why not to go to Hokuryu-cho sunflower village? The land which is blessed with millions of sunflowers. Learn more here. In addition, play the sunflower maze you find there in an open field. You have to pay for this but who cares when money sounds useless in front of the sunflower maze. Your kids are going to love if you don’t. Sightseeing tour car is provided as a result you could enjoy every moment of your stay in the sunflower village. Rent a bicycle to have some fun riding it on the street from where you could experience thousands of sunflowers from different angles.

17) Road Station Sunflower Hokuryu is a fun place to see a nice dragon gate, having Hokuryu specialties in restaurant and buying things from the shopping centers. All in one place!

18) Mount Moiwa lets you have a clear look over the Sapporo city and Ishikari Bay from its summit. You can use the ropeway to climb the summit of its three quarters and then you have to change the station. From there, you are offered to use mini cable car for reaching the rest of the summit. If you think you want to climb the summit by foot all the way up to the summit then take the path. At the summit there is an observatory deck and a restaurant. Feel free to order some delicious food while viewing the evening Sapporo city up from there.

Mt. Moiwa Ropeway. Photo Credit: Takuya Yoshimura at Flickr.

19) Have you ever heard of a place name called Rumoi? It’s a subprefecture of Hokkaido prefecture that is actually ignored by many tourists. Rumoi is famous for Blue Ocean, sun setting over the Sea of Japan, green rolling hills and marine industry. If you are a real explorer then visit this port city and discover the beauty of the Sea of Japan, Unforgettable view of sun setting and taste the seafoods.

20) Enjoy the amazing view of Mt. Shokanbetsu and experience a chilling moment while climbing it up in the summer.

21) Fruit picking is an interesting outdoor activity. Don’t you think that way? It’s a clear idea that could happen in Mashike town where there are many fruit farms offer you to pick apples, plums, strawberries, peaches, grapes and cherries. Have fresh fruits there and get some vitamins.

22) Surfing is a kind of great summer outdoor activity that you could on the various surf points of the coastlines of Rumoi area. A lot of people surf along the Segoshi and Hamanaka seashores of Rumoi City as well as the Shakuma area of Mashike Town.

What a Summer Fun! Photo Credit: rumoifan.net

23) Winter in Rumoi is stunning! You are offered to do winter activities here by skiing and snowboarding on Mt. Shokanbetsu.

24) I know some of you like fishing a lot or it might be your hobby. So, if you are that kind of person then Rumio welcomes you for it. It has many great fishing spots and you could catch even giant fishes.

25) A perfect spot for seeing the sunset is located in Misakidai Park, Shosanbetsu.

26) Hokkaido University is one of the best universities in Japan. Many foreign students get admitted here to make their dreams come true. I want you to visit this university especially in autumn season. It creates a beautiful display of autumn colors and I am sure while exploring autumn foliage there you may make friendship with Japanese and other foreign students.

27) Like other cities of Hokkaido, Hakodate celebrates summer matsuri. Hakodate Minato Matsuri brings lot visitors even from Tokyo. You can join in the parade which is the main feature of this festival. Usually, it is celebrated in early August.

28) Get ready to see mystic beauty of Lake Toya and Shikotsu which are both part of Shikotsu Toya National Park. You have got to visit the small town Toyako which is quite popular for its lakes and hot springs resort. There is a sightseeing cruise for tourist to hang around the lake.

29) Once Ainu people used to rule Hokkaido Island who now are seen as indigenous. Majority Ainu had lived in Shiraoi, now there residences are known as The Ainu Museum (Porotokotan), located along the shore of Lake Poroto. This is one of the must see tourist destinations in Shiraoi town, Iburi Sub prefecture. Discover a giant Ainu Chief Statue (Kotankorkur) along with bear statues, Ainu dogs and bears in cages and their old houses.

30) Now let me introduce you a scenic spot for viewing the New Year’s dawn. Everyone in Hokkaido knows it as Chikyu Misaki/Cape Chikyu (Cape Earth), located in Muroran town. The sunrises over the Pacific Ocean which creates a majestic landscape view you ever find in Japan. No doubt, this is one of the best spots for viewing New Year’s sunrise in the world.

Jigokudani at Noboribetsu. Photo Credit: Andrew Flenniken at Flickr.

31) Visit a national historical site called Usu Zenkoji Temple. This is a Buddhist temple that was built in 826. Even though it was damaged by volcanic eruption before it still got the shape of old architecture.

32) In the temple ground of Usu Zenkoji there are many big trees around and among them the most attractive one is a big rock splitting cheery tree that looks awesome when cherry blossom comes out of its branches. Please note that, it’s a famous tree in Iburi District.

33) What is the best hot spring resort in Hokkaido? It’s called Noboribetsu Onsen. You deserve to be there as a Hokkaido tourist.

34) Let’s discover an interesting leaf which could be used as a sunshade coming out of nowhere but from Ashoro’s land. One of the designated heritages in Hokkaido is called Rawan Butterbur Leaves. This is a renowned local specialty of Ashoro town which is very delicious to eat as well. Flavor is great with thick fibers. I totally loved the dish that was served to me. I was told that it grows three meters in height; I think that’s the average height. You are suggested to come to Ashoro between late June and mid July to see rawan butterbur leaves field and that is the best season to experience it.

35) Ashoro summer offers you some extraordinary things to do and Ashoro Furusato Flower Festival (Ashoro Furusato Hana Matsuri) is one of them. You get to Satomigaoka Park and enjoy the view of moss phlox, azalea, and cherry blossoms. This event is unique for the resident of Ashoro.

Ashoro Furusato Hana Matsuri, Satomigaoka Park, Hokkaido. Photo Credit: visit-tokachi.jp

36) Want to celebrate this year Valentine’s Day in a unique way? So, please get to Memuro Park at Memuro (a small town in Kasai District) and enjoy your Valentine’s Day in the land of the rising sun. This event is called Ice Candle Night where you can light a love candle with your beloved ones. Remember, every year 5,000 ice candles are lit up in the evening with featuring a delightful firework display.

37) Because of the Geographical location of Hokkaido, spring arrives here a bit late than the usual spring arrives in other parts of Japan. But, you could feel like an early spring when over 16,000 thousands of Dahurian Azaleas are in full bloom in Honbetsu Park, Honbetsu. A flower festival called Honbetsu Sankei Tsutsuji Matsuri is held here throughout its blooming season.

38) Tokachi River creates an outstanding place for wildlife when thousands of migratory birds including Swans and wild ducks (mallards) come to this area from Siberia. River side of Tokachi River gets crowded by these fellows and celebrate Tokachigawa Swan Festival Sairinka. You can join in and feel the real Hokkaido wildlife at once.

Tokachigawa Swan Festival Sairinka, Hokkaido. Phot Credit: かがみ~ at Flickr.

39) Here it comes to get familiar with the largest public pasture of Japan which is called Naitai Plateau Farm, located in the town Kamishihoro. Its total size is about 1,700 hectors. Is not it huge?! You will be seeing many cows graze around it, sometimes it seems like you are in New Zealand!

40) Akan National Park consists of many different things which could overwhelm you but this time I am going to share something about a lake called Lake Onneto, located in Ashoro. Yes, it is part of Akan National Park that is situated 623 meters above sea level. It is pretty viewing the landscape of the lake along with nearby mountains.

41) Once people used to travel to Asahiyama due to popularity of Asahiyama Ramen and Ski Resorts but time has changed. The most visited place in Asahiyama is now Asahiyama Zoo which is seen as the best Zoo in Japan. People are more tend to visit this place then eating Traditional style Asahiyama Ramen. You have got to visit this zoo to meet some cute, furious, fun loving and engendered animals. People don’t parade here but the penguins! it is so funny to watch it. Neverthless to say that if you are searching for the top 10 destinations to visit in Asahikawa then this one is in the first place.

42) If you are in Asahiyama now or intend to get there for visiting its Zoo, I honorably request you to have some Asahiyma Ramen (hot noodle soup). I am pleased to inform you that Asahiyma Ramen is the finest ramen in Japan. This variety of ramen is very delicious to have, so find a nice restaurant there and order some!

Penguin parade at Asahiyama Zoo, Asahikawa. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

43) Skiing and snowboarding are quite popular activities in Asahiyama area. You can find several well known mountains’ slopes to start your winter vacation with. They offer quite safe spots which are filled with powder snows. Good weather condition is always great to start snowboarding and skiing. You get this thing here.

44) Let’s be wild for some times and find company in Daisetsuzan National Park. It is a huge national park with diverse wildlife, mountains, onsens, beautiful landscapes and lakes. This is where you can find wild brown bears, red foxes and various kinds of fauna and flora. I hope you don’t miss seeing brown bears there!

45) If you are eagerly waiting for the autumn colors to see it in Japan then Daisetsuzan National Park is your first destination. Each year, it is the first place where autumn color arrives in Japan.

46) Staying a night in Asahidake Onsen area would be awesome especially when it snows out there. You will encounter huge amount of snow fall which make you feel great to be in Hokkaido during winter. It is true that a huge amount of visitors come to Hokkaido for a single reason that is witnessing snow fall!

47) To me, Otokoyama Sake Brewery & Sake Museum is worth visiting. In fact, Otokoyama is famous sake in Japan and other parts of the world. I have tasted some sake there at the museum and it was really great though I had to pay small amount of money for that. That did not hurt me at all!

Hokkaido University’s Gingko Avenue. Photo Credit: MIKI Yoshihito at Flickr.

48) Would you go to Kamiyubetsu if I say something that we really love to see in spring? Actually, I was trying to tell you that Kamiyubetsu Tulip Park offers you to view colorful tulips from early May to early June every year. There are over 120 varieties with total number of 1.2 Millions tulips. How amazing!

49) I honestly believe that you won’t be disappointed hiking through Kitoushi Forest Park, located in Higashikawa town. The walking trail will make you to enjoy the utmost natural beauty of this park. Be aware, you might get squeezed by nature! Actually, I am not a good photographer but when I was there for hiking I met some good photographers who gathered there in order to capture the beautiful landscapes.

50) Hiking in the Mt. Asahi (Asahidake) is a fun exploring thing to do. The best time to hike in this mountain is in mid September when you hardly see any snow. Do you want to see the surrounding nature from the top of the Mt. Asahi without hiking? Then please take the Asahidake Ropeway and enjoy the breathtaking beautiful nature. In fact, it is a four season hiking destination where you will be seeing alpine flower in summer, colorful autumn foliage in autumn and huge amount snow in winter.

51) Pink Moss Festival, also known as The Shibazakura Festival takes place in Takinoue town. The festival, usually beings in early May and ends early June. Small trails would lead you to enjoy the very last pink moss you find there. It is so colorful and amazing to see the hillsides that are covered with thousands of pink moss. Please note that, it is a unique feature of Hokkaido’s flowering season.

52) When I think of Kushiro I first think of the graceful Japanese Crane (Red-crowned crane). This is one of the crane species which is now endangered. Viewing the courtship dance of these cranes can’t be expressed in words. I feel so great, so childish thinking if I could touch one of them. Many photographers from around the world even can’t sleep well the night before the day of visiting the cranes thinking when to go to the designated areas to capture great Japanese cranes photographs. Please, find the perfect spots at the Tancho Observation Center! I think I don’t need to say much of it anymore since you will explore some other best places to see red-crowned cranes in Kushiro from the Akan International Crane Center.

Sakura at Maruyama Park, Sapporo. Photo Credit: sii_side at Flickr.

53) Kushiro Marshland is a Hokkaido natural treasure and the largest marshland in Japan. You can observe it from different observatories such as Kushiro Shitsugen Viewpoint, Hosooka Viewpoint and Hokuto Viewpoint.

54) You must visit the three most beautiful lakes in Hokkaido region, they are: Lake Akan, Lake Mashu, and Lake Kussharo. These are all part of Akan National Park.

55) Either you explore Lake Akan by Pedal boat or Motor boat; the result would not be the same. You can’t go far away to see much of Lake Akan beauty by Paddle boat but it certainly could be done by Motor boat. Though pedal boat journey is relaxing, you could have fun while pedaling.

56) Frozen Lake Akan creates an amazing atmosphere. In winter it does happen there. You can do some winter fun activities there such as skating, fishing, and snowmobiles.

57) When summer arrives here in Lake Akan. One thing you must try there which is canoeing. I actually like this activity. It is a great way to feel Lake Akan closely.

58) There are some great events that take place in Lake Akan. They are: Marimo festival, Iomante Fire Festival (Spring & Autumn), Opening of Lake Akan and Thousand Torches. You could participate in one of these events. Each and every event would amuse you very much and make you get back there next year again.

59) There is a famous souvenir you could take home from Lake Akan which is called Marimo Yokan. It is a sweet bean jelly and a great specialty of Lake Akan.

Grand Hirafu, Niseko. Photo Credit: NISEKO Mt. RESORT Grand HIRAFU.

60) Niseko is a nice place for playing golf in the summer season. In general, many visitors arrive here to various golf courses just to have fun with their family members. I awfully believe that Niseko is the heart of golf course in Hokkaido region.

61) Have you ever tired snowmobiling instead of skiing and snowboarding in Niseko? It is a life changing winter experience that makes you curious of it more and more. Don’t worry; there are well professional trainers who would guide you how to operate it before you move it.

62) You might have been noticed that Niseko is renowned for its ski resort. Indeed it is! The best time to visit Niseko is in winter when the popular ski resorts get crowded by domestic and foreign tourists. Day and Night skiing services are offered to visitors. There are five ski resorts, Grand Hirafu, Niseko Village, Annupuri, Moiwa, and Hanazono. Start your Hokkaido winter holiday journey skiing or snowboarding in these resorts.

63) Rafting is not a bad summer activity in Niseko. In fact, Niseko’s sunny weather is quite favorable for rafting which takes place at the foot of the Mt. Yotei. Surly you are getting into another part of the world that amuses you every moment.

64) Hokkaido has more than fifteen good horseback riding places spreading throughout its region. Usually, horseback riding is a common thing to do in summer but Niseko encourages tourists to have this experience in winter. Snow covered trails; healthy horses await you to have some fun in a lovely winter day.

65) Which one would you prefer the most, staying in Ryokan or Ice Hotel? If I am in Hokkaido now in winter then I would prefer to stay in an ice Hotel. Fortunately, we do have a nice hotel which is made of ice, called Royce’ Ice Hills Hotel, located in Tobetsu town. Take this experience without having any doubt in mind that you will catch a cold and I could promise you that you won’t.

Royce’s Ice Hills Hotel in Tobetsu Town. Photo Credit: www.welcome.city.sapporo.jp.

66) Sapporo Snow Festival is not the only snow festival you could participate in; rather you are offered to see Chitose and Lake Shikotsu Ice Festival that is held from late January to late February in Lake Shikotsu hot springs. Get there if you are in love with illuminated ice sculpture.

67) The sun is happy to be with you in the Cape Nosappu. Here, you will be ready to see the sunrise over the Pacific Ocean. It’s a delightful moment that you could enjoy holding your lover’s hand. Cape Nosappu is located in Nemuro city which is the easternmost city in Japan. If you are interested in visiting Nemuro, then learn 12 best things to do in Nemuro Peninsula.

68) Steller’s Sea Eagle and White-Tailed Eagle species are seen in Hokkaido’s winter wildlife. These are the most beautiful endangered eagle species that attract many tourists come to the Lake Furen in Nemuro. No doubt, this is one of the highlights of the Hokkaido’s sightseeing winter attraction.

69) Hello, dear Foodie guys, can I have your attention please? Nemuro is blessed with nature, especially seafood. Both Nemuro Crab Festival and Nemuro Saury Festival make you awfully hungry to have grilled fresh crab and Pacific saury. I am not going to tell you the other mouthwatering dishes, therefore, I keep these as secrets dishes, please find these yourself visiting the festivals.

70) One of the other main attractions in Nemuro is certainly the cape Hanasaki Kurumaishi. A rock could be designated as a national natural monument! Sounds crazy? It is until I tell you that the shape of the rock is unique and the only shape that exists in this world. Actually, it is a basalt radial joint shaped rock just like a car wheel. Want to see it in real life? Then just go to under the Cape Hanasaki lighthouse and you will find it.

Cape Hanasaki “Kurumaishi” in Nemuro, Hokkaido. Photo Credit: www.uu-hokkaido.com

71) When you are off to cape Nosappu, you are going to go to see a nice place for taking photos of nature. It is known as Meiji Park. Everything would sound to you cool and silent over there which means nature loves you a lot.

72) It’s time to take you to a beautiful city called Wakkanai. A northernmost city of Hokkaido that sky sparkles in the evening with fireworks and dancing parade on daylight during the Minato Nankoyu Festival time in summer. Sumner is short here so locals celebrate summer celebrating the festival. Oh, listen to me, I guess you will not hesitate visiting Cape Soya which is the northernmost cape point of the island Hokkaido.

73) Wakkanai hosts the ‘Japan Cup‘ – dog sleigh race event in early February at Wakkani Airport Park. It’s the biggest dog sleigh race event held in Japan.

74) Kamome Island is one of the most popular spots for summer camping in Hokkaido region. It has a great landmark called Heishi Rock. It has got a strange shape that stands near the coast of the island. Two days of festival (Kamomejima Festivak) is held here in early July that attracts many tourists to this island.

75) Traveling to Hakodate is extremely enjoyable in autumn that what I really think of. I think Kosetsuen Park is one of the best autumn leaves viewing spots in Hokkaido. In evening, maple trees are lit up that makes sense to spend evening time strolling under lined maple trees. The best time for autumn leaf is from late October to mid November.

76) Unlike other parts of Hokkaido where vast cheery blossoms can’t be seen in a single spot, here in Hakodate it’s totally different. Spring Hakodate is blessed with sakura. My Hokkaido’s best hanami spot is located here called, Fort Goryokaku. I am pleased to tell you that it is the best sakura viewing spot in Hokkaido. It’s a star shaped, western style fort though it’s a public park now. You can observe the whole forth from the Goryokaku tower. I also recommend you to explore hanami in Hakodate Park.

Night view over Hakodate City from Hakodate Mountain. Photo Credit: Richard, enjoy my life! at Flickr.

77) Onuma Park is kind of a nature paradise in Hakodate. In summer, it has been marked as one of the top camping spots in Hokkaido. You can spend your time having outdoor picnic party with all of your family members.

78) Hakodate morning market is a must see destination. If you really want to see a part of real Japanese lifestyle then head to market very early in the morning. Take a big shopping bag there because I know you would buy at least a thing from there.

79) One of the best night sight view cities in the world is Hakodate city. You can observe it from Mt. Hakodate. That’s not the end; if the summer night sky is clear then you can view millions of stars from the same place.

80) Motomachi is located at the foot of Mt. Hakodate featuring both Japanese and Western style of architectures. The historical buildings are lit up at night to make the area beautiful and classy.

81) The Hakodate Tropical Botanical Garden has a special thing to offer you in winter. There are about 100 Japanese Macaques or so called Snow Monkeys live in Yunokawa Onsen area. They are not wild monkeys like you find them in Nagano. Though have fun viewing there comfy hot springs bathing in an extreme cold weather.

82) Otaru has great reputation for its beautiful sandy and shiny beaches located on The Sea of Japan. Ishikari, Shioya and Otaru beaches are the finest beaches in Hokkaido. Go there on weekend usually between early July and late August and witness many other visitors who get there to have a great day on the beaches.

83) Once upon a time Otaru Canal was the busiest port in Hokkaido region. But now it turned a lovely tourist spot in Otaru city featuring western-styles buildings, restaurants, shopping centers enriched with unique souvenirs museums and glass factories. So, you know what to do here, right?

Otaru Canal Night View in Winter, Hokkaido. Photo Credit: Janne Moren

84) Otaru Canal area hosts a popular winter festival which is known as The Otaru Snow Light Path Festival. It lasts for ten days and possible to make a trip from Sapporo after spending a day for experiencing Sapporo Snow Festival. The Otaru Canal is lit up with many lights on the other hand you can see illuminated snow sculptures in Otaru area.

85) People of Japan know Otatu for other remarkable reason which makes us hungry enough to have Traditional Otaru sushi dish in various sushi bars around Otaru. Just make sure that you don’t leave the city without having delicious Otaru sushi.

86) Sika Deer is a beautiful wild animal that could be found in Shiretoko Peninsula. You can visit this place which was registered as a UNESCO world heritage site in 2005. In fact, I have seen Steller sea lion over there when I made my very first trip to Shiretoko.

87) You must visit Suskino Ice Festival which takes place in Susukino district, Sapporo. An ice sculpture contest is organized and at the end of the snow festival authority publishes the winner’s name.

88) In the open wide sky of Furano you can be a paraglider. To be honest with you, one of the most iconic outdoor activities in Furano is paragliding.

89) Saika no Sato is a flower garden, situated in Nakafuarno area. And it is considered to be the largest flower garden in this area which is looks amazingly beautiful when lavender flowers are in full bloom. A ton of lavenders are harvested here and it plays a huge role in keeping Furano economy strong.

90) Abashiri Drift Ice (Ryuhyo) is a must thing to do in the month of February in Hokkaido. From Abashiri port, you get in the boat called Aurora Sightseeing Boat. And your journey starts here! You will be observed the white drift ice along the entire Sea of Okhotsk coast from Wakkanai to Shiretoko Peninsula. Mid February is the perfect time for seeing ice drifting in Abashiri.

Aurora Ice Breaker Ship, Abashiri, Hokkaido. Photo Credit: Agustin Rafael Reyes at Flickr.

91) Hinode Park Lavender Garden is best for viewing new season lavender in Kamifurano area. Lavender bloom here first and then to other designated areas such as farm tomita and farm tomita – lavender east. Therefore, you can start your Hokkaido lavender season from this garden.

92) I went to Rebun Island for one thing which I really adore. The thing was finding some unique alpine flowers. I asked a local about the variety of alpine flowers that grows there on the island, and he told me that there are about 300 kinds of alpine flowers.

93) Trekking is also a popular thing to do on Rebun Island as there is no furious animal around like bears or tigers. There are six footpaths to travel around you even can see a nice waterfall there.

94) If you like riding in a hot-air balloon then come to Kouku Park, in Kamishihoro Town. It hosts the Hokkaido Balloon Festival in summer.

95) Want to learn something about seabird ecosystem? It might not be one of the best things you would do in Rumoi but still I want you to visit Haboro Seabird Center. I bet you would learn so many things there.

96) In Tokachi you can do hands-on agriculture and processing experiences on various farms. My experience on Yumu Farm was great and still I think of it often. I actually did feed few calves there! Visit Pyountan-no-taki (Pyoutan waterfall) in Tokachi which is a very powerful waterfall. Summer is the best time to get there.

97) Flower lover like me always visits the places where I find beautiful display of different flowers and that is for what I went to Nakasatsunai Flower Festa comprised with more than 30 flower gardens, in Nakasatsunai village to see its outstanding flower exhibition.

Hot air balloon in Kamishihoro. Photo Credit: likeablerodent at Flickr.

98) When I first knew about the White Snake Princess Festival on a local newspaper. I found myself -Where am I? Why did I miss it?! Fortunately, last year I had participated in this festival. It is a truly magical festival that is celebrated to express the deep gratitude of the Ainu people. One legend indicates that once Ainu people were starving for the cause of a great famine and a white snake led them find Dolly Varden trout in the Lake Shikaribetsu.

99) Shihoro Seven Thousands People Festival is nothing but a great event that makes us to join in the party. People appear there wearing fancy costumes with stage events, portable shrine decorated with flowers, drums and dancing performances these are all we expect from a traditional Japanese festival.

100) Miyanmori Art Museum could open your eyes indicating how beautiful contemporary art could be! Even though it is not a big art museum you still get overwhelmed seeing the awesome contemporary art collection. Inside the museum, everything is interesting so it worth visiting for every Sapporo visitors.

101) The last thing I want to share with you all. You can say it is a quite renowned spot for cherry blossom viewing. Sakura and Castle both represent Japan so I have decided to feature former castle town called Matsumae located in Oshima subprefecture. Matsumae Park and Matsumae castle area share picturesque landscape in spring as well in winter. This former castle town has over 10 thousands cherry trees of 250 different kinds and when they are in full bloom in spring this place seems like a part of haven.

Hopefully this travel guide or Hokkaido bucket list helps you to explore Hokkaido. Those who have never been to Hokkaido before will act like they don’t know which one to visit first and which one would be the next one. I am sorry for creating such atmosphere. But if you divide Hokkaido in four categories like Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter then, surly half of your concern would be gone. Travel to Hokkaido and Make your dream come true – not today but tomorrow or someday. Before you take a trip to Hokkaido please buy a Japan Guide and a Hokkaido Map. Thank you.