Samurai is born to be a powerful swordsman but what If I tell you about a female samurai warrior named Tomoe Gozen! She was a famous female samurai warrior and got the strength that a normal male samurai supposed to have. She is the true legend in Japan. I don’t bother to call her as my idol as well. No one can differentiate her samurai skill from a male samurai; the only one thing you can differ is the gender.

Tomoe Gozen – Famous Female Samurai. Photo credit: Eduardo Carrasco at Flickr.

She was known for her bravery, strength, rider, archer and skilled swordsmanship. She used to fight with a man Katana (Traditional Samurai Sword).

Even though she was a female samurai she was a beautiful woman with white skin, long hair and charming features. She was a warrior worth a thousand. She has got great horse riding skill. She beheaded many enemies with his Katana sword. She sounds quite powerful!

Beautiful Tomoe Gozen Paintings. Photo credit: Spiralsheep at Flickr.

I don’t know if you have read any article based on a war called Genpei War (1180-1185). I read about this Great War when I was school student. The tale of the Heike (heike monogatari), an epic chronicle of the Genpei war, reminds us what type of warrior she was. However, she was the wife and general of his master Minamoto no Yoshinaka. So it is obvious that she was from Minamoto clan.

Tomoe Gozen on Jidai Matsuri (Festival of the Ages), Kyoto. Photo credit: Chris Gladis at Flickr through Creative Commons licensing.

His master (Husband) Yoshinaka fought against Yoritomo’s forces with Tomoe on February 21, 1184 at the Battle of Awazu. This was the time where Tomoe took at least one head of the enemy she fought against. Indeed, they were outnumbered as a result Tomoe was advised to flee from the battle field by his master because Yoshinaka wanted to die in the battle field.

Tomoe Gozen and Minamoto no Yoshinaka Statue. Photo credit: Spiralsheep at Flickr.

No one properly knows how Tomoe had died in the end. Some people say she was killed by the Yoritomo’s forces and other says she gave up the sword then became a Buddhist nun. Many people here in Japan think she is a true Samurai legend. In Japanese history, she was not the only one female samurai but there were others who fought to defend their master, territory and clan.

Tomoe Gozen Tattoo Design. Photo credit: Horien at Flickr.

I saw few people who have got Tomoe Gozen tattoos on their shoulders. To be honest with you, I am not a tattoo lover but it does attract me much. So, if you are a fan of her then why not to have a Tomoe Gozen tattoo? It could be a new tattoo design for you.

Do you have interest in Cosplay? If so then you will not regret wearing this costume. Also, it could be worn on Halloween night.

Tomoe Gozen Wallpaper. Photo Credit: PANTELEIMON AEON at flickr &

Tomoe Gozen has been featured to Japanese novel, anime, manga, wallpapers, paintings. The character “Tomoe” has been embodied in several anime. You can read a fantasy novel of Tomoe Gozen called Tomoe Gozen (Tomoe Gozen Saga). This is a fantastic novel, could reveal many things you would be interested to know. You will find her character in the Sci-Fi movie Riverworld. If you are a manga lover then I recommend you to read Usagi Yojimbo. Here, the character Tomoe Ame depicts Tomoe Gozen.