Spring is considered the most favorite and notable season to the people of Japan. It is a beautiful, magical, and joyful season of all. With many cherry blossom festivals held across the county, it’s one of the best times for a visit and explore Japan’s beautiful spring landscape, and unique culture and traditions.

Locals gather in public parks, gardens, riversides and castle grounds to enjoy a memorable hanami picnic party with their relatives and friends. They like sitting under breathtaking cherry trees filled with blossoms.

April is the best month to see sakura in Japan. Though, in Okinawa, people there celebrate hanami to the fullest between late January and early February. This post here reveals the beauty of spring on Okinawa Island. 

Nakameguro cherry blossom festival in the spring, Tokyo. Photo Credit: Kimon Berlin at Flickr.

Ume (plum blossoms) is a delicate flower that blooms in early February on the main island of Japan. Take a walk into a plum grove and you will be astonished seeing its delicate beauty out there. Often ume is considered a late winter blossom in Japan.

When spring rolls around, tons of cherry trees start blooming, creating a great tranquil atmosphere that everybody wants to be with. A list of breathtaking spring festivals are held throughout the country, where people enjoy various cultural events, stage performances, night cherry blossom viewing, eating outdoor under cherry trees, buying cute souvenirs and etc.

Visiting Japan in spring means understanding the true culture of Japan, traditions, people and most importantly you can reveal many hidden surprises.

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Things to Do and See in japan During Spring

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