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  • Japanese Hand Fans | Decor and Crafting Ideas

    Japanese Hand Fans | Decor and Crafting Ideas

    What do you know about Japanese hand fan? It is a Japanese art, is not it? A beautiful handcrafted Japanese hand fan could amaze you with its colorful design. I have collected some awesome crafted hand fans for our living room. In fact, they are perfect to decorate with, a […]

  • Yozakura: The Night Sakura in Japan

    Yozakura: The Night Sakura in Japan

    What is Yozakura? Does this word sound familiar to you? Indeed it is a Japanese word 夜桜 (Yozakura). Those who read manga or watch anime are familiar of the word “Yozakura Quartet“. I think you understand me that I am not going to tell you about that manga here but […]

  • 12 Interesting Facts About Geisha

    12 Interesting Facts About Geisha

    Geisha are beautiful entertainers who can sing, dance and play traditional Japanese musical instruments. Today I have brought to you 12 unknown facts about Geisha especially for Non-Japanese, who sometimes mess up with Geisha appearance and their roles. These facts are known to Japanese people, I think even to its […]

  • Common Japanese Superstitions

    Common Japanese Superstitions

    Does superstition exist in Japanese society? Yes, it does! I don’t believe in superstition much but in some cases I do. If you don’t believe in supernatural casualty then I can simply tell you that you don’t believe in them. More or less, everyone in Japan believes in superstitions. Here […]


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