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  • Autumn Leaves in Kamakura 2020

    Autumn Leaves in Kamakura 2020

    Kamakura is a beautiful and historic place to visit year-round. Though, the best time to visit the city is in spring and autumn. It is packed with breathtaking scenery, easy hiking trails, awe-inspiring history, and Buddhist temples, with the autumn foliage making it all the more spectacular. In thr fall, […]

  • Autumn Leaves in Hakone 2020 | Visit Kanagawa

    Autumn Leaves in Hakone 2020 | Visit Kanagawa

    Autumn in Hakone is impressive as it claims to have the best fall color in Japan. It is worth spending some time in Hakone both in spring and autumn seasons. Hakone’s glorious spring and autumn nature has overwhelmed so many visitors. I have made several trips especially in fall to […]


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