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  • 14 Famous Samurai in Japan | Japanese History

    14 Famous Samurai in Japan | Japanese History

    The samurai are a key element of Japanese culture and history. Samurai does not just describe a kind of solider, but a social caste. The samurai class arose in the 12th century and lasted until the 1870s. The samurai were a hereditary caste that held a great deal of political […]

  • Soma-Nomaoi Festival 2020 | Visit Fukushima

    Soma-Nomaoi Festival 2020 | Visit Fukushima

    If you love watching Japanese samurai films, you would probably like to see the ancient battle scenes of the samurai warriors including a heroic horse race and more during the Soma-Nomaoi festival, held in Minasoma city, Fukushima prefecture, in the Tohoku region. This is one of the famous traditional festivals […]

  • 7 Historic Samurai Districts in Japan

    7 Historic Samurai Districts in Japan

    Japan has many historical places that include old towns, castles, famous samurai districts and merchant districts. To tell you the truth, Japanese government has successfully preserved all these places, especially the samurai districts. They represent Japan every now and then. Not every city in Japan has samurai districts but only […]


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