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  • 3-Day Sapporo Spring Itinerary

    3-Day Sapporo Spring Itinerary

    A tour of Hokkaido is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. There are so many unique attractions and different landscapes you can discover throughout the Hokkaido region. When you are in Hokkaido, you have got to explore its capital city, Sapporo. And I have to tell you that you will be delighted to […]

  • 10 Popular Foods to Eat in Hokkaido

    10 Popular Foods to Eat in Hokkaido

    Hokkaido is loaded with a wide range of delicious foods. You might have heard that it is often called kingdom of food in Japan especially for seafood and dairy products. If you are a vegetarian still I could offer you some dishes you would like to taste while traveling all […]

  • One Day in Sapporo Itinerary | Travel Guide

    One Day in Sapporo Itinerary | Travel Guide

    Don’t you know how to spend a day in Sapporo? It would be hard to find out the perfect way to embark on a day trip to Sapporo if you have no idea where to start you trip from. Recently, I have been asked so many times by many visitors […]


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