Japan in winter is truly marvelous, offering a lot of things to see and do. The country has been a perfect winter holiday destination for many winter sports enthusiasts since a long time ago.

Many visitors outside Japan want to experience Japanese winter beauty through variety of winter activities and mouthwatering seasonal treats. If you are curious of exploring the winter beauty in Japan, prepare yourself to encounter the mysterious winter wonders.

Drift Ice, Abashiri in Hokkaido.

Japan hosts the world’s biggest winter festival every year in Sapporo, known as the “Sapporo Snow Festival”. It is a must see winter event in Japan. Freezing cold and snowy weather can’t resist you experiencing this unique snow festival.

You would be proud of yourself once you see the graceful Japanese cranes at the Kushiro Marsh in Hokkaido, Night Skiing at Niseko Mt. Resort Grand Hirafu, Mount Zao’s Snow Monsters, Abashiri drift ice, Snow monkeys of Jigokudani, New Year Festival in Tokyo, and impressive view of Shirakawago village in Gifu prefecture.

You are welcome to enjoy your winter holiday here in Japan. So, get some travel guide right away!

Things to Do and See in japan During Winter

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