Spring Beauty

Spring is considered the most favorite and notable season to the people of Japan. It is a beautiful, magical, and joyful season of all. With many cherry blossom festivals held across the county, it’s one of the best times for a visit and explore Japan’s beautiful spring landscape, and unique […]


Summer Sunshine

With exciting festivals and eye-catching attractions, Japan is where you need to visit to experience an unforgettable summer trip. In summer, outdoor summer adventures, flower gardens, and festivals are what you can expect to do and see. Warm and humid weather and continuous rain pouring (during rainy season) are the […]


Autumn Colors

Autumn in Japan is colorful and vibrant with abundance of deciduous trees and forest. The country is considered one of the most popular fall destinations in the world. Like many others, Japanese people like to go on a hike in this season.  Japan offers exceptional fall foliage viewing opportunities. Glorious […]


Snowy Winter

Japan in winter is truly marvelous, offering a lot of things to see and do. The country has been a perfect winter holiday destination for many winter sports enthusiasts since a long time ago. Many visitors outside Japan want to experience Japanese winter beauty through variety of winter activities and […]


Recent Articles

Learn about Japan travel, things to do, places to visit, culture guide, day trip ideas, and activities to plan your holiday in Japan. We welcome you to check out our latest blog posts for awesome Japan travel news and guides.

  • Japan Safe Travel Information

    Japan Safe Travel Information

    Latest Japan Travel News: The number of coronavirus infections reported in Japan reached 240,954 as of January 3, 2021. Japan is currently restricting entry to people who have visited to these Restricted area/regions within the last 14 days unless there are special circumstances. Borders are closed and has no restrictions […]

  • 7 Cherry Blossom Festivals in Japan in February

    7 Cherry Blossom Festivals in Japan in February

    In February, part of Japan comes alive with cherry blossoms. It might still be chilly out, but the promise of spring is a welcome one that promises hope springs eternal. Some regions owe this early bloom to their relatively balmy weather. While much of the rest of Japan is still […]

  • 14 Famous Samurai in Japan | Japanese History

    14 Famous Samurai in Japan | Japanese History

    The samurai are a key element of Japanese culture and history. Samurai does not just describe a kind of solider, but a social caste. The samurai class arose in the 12th century and lasted until the 1870s. The samurai were a hereditary caste that held a great deal of political […]

  • 7 Most Beautiful Lakes in Tohoku

    7 Most Beautiful Lakes in Tohoku

    Tohoku is a region located in Japan’s northwest. It is far wilder than other regions, with fewer of the high-tech city centers that Japan is known for.  The region has endless unspoiled rural landscapes, historical landmarks, scenic spots, and lots of outdoor adventures. Abundance of powder snow in the winter […]

  • 8 Best Ski Resorts in Nagano Prefecture

    8 Best Ski Resorts in Nagano Prefecture

    Home to the 1998 Winter Olympics, Nagano is a skier’s dream. Nagano’s incredible slopes are only a short train and bus ride from Tokyo, making it an ideal location for international travelers. Nagano is home to great ski trails for every skill level of skier or snowboarder, from first-timers to […]

  • Where to Shop in Sapporo | Hokkaido Guide

    Where to Shop in Sapporo | Hokkaido Guide

    Sapporo is one of the finest cities in Japan for shopping. Here is a guide to the best shopping spots in Sapporo! A lot of tourists visit Sapporo throughout the year. They spend their time on exploring the city’s iconic landmarks, delicious foods and of course the popular shopping centers […]


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