Pupuru International Wi-Fi is a Japanese company that provides customers with rental cell phones and pocket Wi-Fi devices. It’s not hard to find free Wi-Fi hotspots in Japan but they are not secure, meaning that travelers, especially business travelers – need to find a different way to connect to the web. Pupuru is one of the easiest-to-use services out there to get you on the internet from anywhere in Japan and has been in operation for over 30 years.

Pupuru is the best travel Wi-Fi to stay connected in Japan.

Pupuru offers several different mobile routers at a number of speeds:

1. For users who don’t need to use very much data, the YmobileGL06P has a 10GB cap. Renting this device costs 800JPY per day.

2. The au WiFi WALKER LTE HWD11 provides a much wider coverage. It’s a great choice if you’re out sightseeing outside of larger cities. Rental costs 1,000 JPY per day.

3. The Softbank 501HW provides ultra-high speed Wi-Fi and is a better choice for urban areas. It is also a great choice for people who frequently stream video or make video calls. Rental costs 1,000 JPY per day.

All of these will connect to any Wi-Fi compatible device.

This translator device would be very handy to communicate with Japanese.

Regardless of which router you choose, Pupuru charges a flat daily fee for use. You won’t be charged extra for overusing the data on these devices. You can reserve them online at least 3 days before the start of your rental period. You can then pick up your device at an airport, hotel, or have it delivered to a house (delivery fees may apply). When you’re done with the device, you simply place everything in Pupuru’s black pouch and prepaid self-addressed envelope, then drop it off in a post box. Pupuru’s incredibly convenient service means you won’t be scrambling for Wi-Fi solutions or dealing with difficult salesmen.

On top of all this, Pupuru also now offers the Pocketalk Multilingual Interactive Communication Device. This device can translate Japanese into and from any of over 60 languages, including English, Russian, Chinese, Italian, German, Spanish, and Korean. For most of them, it provides both text and voice output. The device provides a translation within 3 seconds. The Pocketalk saves you time and money, making sure you don’t have to hire a translator or quickly learn a new language. You can rent and return the Pocketalk just like other Pupuru devices.

All late fees are based on the postmark, so you can drop off your rented device(s) by the final day without too much problem. Pupuru understands issues that travelers can have with finding time to get to a post box. Much like you can pick up their devices at an airport, you can also drop them off to one, even if it is a different airport.

Pouch, WiFi, and Pocketalk.

Pupuru provides a lot of great services to a traveler, but it’s important to remember that, unless you purchase one of their insurance plans, you will have to pay for a lost or damaged device, including all its peripherals, like the battery, pouch, and USB cable/AC adapter. Also make note that while Pupuru devices get signal in many, many places, they don’t always get it everywhere and it can be weak depending on the conditions or location, much like any wireless data service across the world. Pupuru doesn’t always have enough devices in stock, so try to avoid placing order too close to your trip.

If you’re traveling through Japan, Pupuru is a great choice. It’s not without drawbacks, but they’re not unreasonable and will barely be noticeable with good planning.

Pupuru is our one of the top partners. You can rely on its WiFi devices and have a great time wherever you are heading to throughout Japan. You can order your WiFi device here and enjoy your next trip to Japan.