Summer in Japan could be amazingly mysterious. Excessive heat, humid weather and continuous rain pouring are the typical things to be happened in this season. Though, summer shines throughout the season offering us beautiful flowers gardens to discover and a list of enchanting festivals to celebrate.

Lavender, azaleas, tulips, poppy, wisterias, irises, sunflowers and other alpine flowers bloom at this period of time. You will not just be impressed by the beauty of the breathtaking flowers gardens, instead they would inspire you returning back here in the near future.

Farm Tomita’s lavender garden, Hokkaido. Photo Credit: James.Kirk at Flickr.

Japanese people await for wearing summer yukata. Wearing this traditional summer costume, they enjoy the summer participating in evening fireworks (hanabi). It is an attractive event that you experience in a super summer hot day out there.

One of the most exciting parts of visiting Japan in summer is participating in the various summer festivals across the country. Every summer festival is worth exploring. People also love visiting famous Japanese beaches and they are more tend to be adventurous by hiking the Mount Fuji and other mountains that belong to the land of the rising sun.

Experience Japanese summer getting some useful summer related travel tips here.

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