Latest Update: If you are planning to visit Japan in 2021 during autumn foliage season, we strongly recommend you to read this page thoroughly. The table shown below indicates where to visit in Japan to see autumn leaves between late September and early December.

Fall color vibrancy is completely dependent on weather, so before you head towards any autumn leaves spots in Japan, be sure to visit the local tourist information centers to get the up-to-date fall colors info.

If you wish to experience breathtaking autumn landscapes across Japan and don’t know how to plan a trip, we will gladly help you planning your fall foliage trip to Japan, so contact us ASAP.

Japan Autumn Colors Reports 2020

Autumn colors at Hoheikyo Dam in Jozankei, Sapporo.

27 September, 2020, Mt Asahidake: The colors in the upper elevations of Mt. Asahidake have already reached their peak. To see live images of the mountain, click here.

Please note Asahidake Ropeway is currently in service.

The fall colors in the high elevations of Daisetsuzan National Park would remain at their peak into early October. In the national park, there are many interesting hiking routes and viewpoints to enjoy the fall foliage and beautiful snowy mountain ranges.

Fall Foliage at Sounkyo Onsen, Hokkaido.

8 October, 2020, Sounkyo Kurodake Ropeway: Autumn colors have reach their peak in most of lower elevation of Daisetsuzan National Park. Sounkyo is stunning in early October this year!

12 October, 2020, Nikko: If you are currently living in Tokyo and planning for a trip to see fall foliage, we highly recommend you to visit Nikko. The foliage in Okunikko, the highest area in Nikko, is in peak color now.

16 October, 2020, Akita: Many places in the Tohoku region of Japan are now ablaze with colors.

26 October, 2020, Mount Fuji: Fall colors are looking breathtaking beautiful at the Higher elevation of Mount Fuji. You can visit The Fuji Subaru Line 5th Station and enjoy the colors. And it’s anticipated that the Maple Corridor of Lake Kawaguchiko will be at its peak in the mid November.

06 November, 2020, Kakunodate: The best time to see autumn foliage has arrived! Visit Kakunodate Samurai District in Akita Prefecture to see gorgeous fall foliage.

12 November, 2020, Kyoto: It’s mid November in the Kansai region of Japan, the place where travelers can explore many historic gardens, temples & shrines and incredible autumn leaves display. Many fall colors spots in Nara, Kyoto and Osaka are worth a visit now as they are approaching to their peak.

17 November, 2020, Kyoto: Peak color time has arrived in Kyoto! Most of the koyo spots there are now worth a visit.

20 November, 2020, Tokyo: Autumn foliage can be seen by the end of the second week of December in Tokyo. You can spend a day visiting the Shinjuku Gaien National Garden and later take a leisurely walk along the Icho Namiki Avenue.

Autumn Leaves in Japan

Impressive autumn foliage in Kyoto! Photo Credit: halfrain at

Fall in Japan is one of the most spectacular sights in the world. The country’s unique geography, with its grand mountains and pristine wilderness, offers up fall foliage that can’t be beat. Various subspecies of maple trees have various colors of leaves: red (koyo), yellow (oyo), and brown (katsuyo). Together, they form a mosaic of color against the wild lush countryside of Japan.

Autumn is one of the most delightful and admiring seasons to experience in Japan. Taking a trip to some areas where leaves have turned red & yellow, especially in the mountains, public parks, or temple & shrine grounds is called momijigari in Japanese.

The beauty of the changing leaves has been memorialized by the Japanese tradition of momijigari, which originated in the Heianperiod (794-1195 AD). Momijigari means ‘red leaf hunting’ and is the term used to describe autumn leaf viewing. Among Buddhists, the experience is a reminder that life is fleeting. It has worked its way into Japanese culture. During the fall, you can enjoy maple leaf-shaped cakes and even find maple leaf tempura, time-honored traditions only found around fall when the leaves change.

Red Maple, Japan. Photo Credit: Marufish at Flickr.

The map shown below indicates that how the autumn foliage season of Japan goes downward from the top elevations. Typically, Japan’s autumn foliage season starts in mid September in the Hokkaido region.

The average time for appearing autumn foliage in Japan may vary depending on temperatures. Before you embark on a fall trip to Japan, you should always be aware of the fall foliage forecast.

Usually, it is published in different media such as on TV, newspaper, radio, website and regional tourist information centers throughout Japan.

You can feel the autumn atmosphere in different places from Mid October to Early December except Hokkaido region. Though some part of Kanto and Chubu regions provide plenty of incredible fall colors in early October.

Japan Autumn Foliage Map for 2020. Photo Credit:

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Region and PlaceEstimated Viewing TimeCurrent State
HokkaidoMid September to early November
TohokuEarly October to Early November
KantoLate October to Early December
ChubuLate October to Early December
KansaiEarly November to Early December
ChugokuEarly November to Late November
ShikokuMid November to Early December
KyushuEarly November to Late November
Daisetsuzan National ParkEarly September to Early October
SapporoEarly October to Late October
AomoriEarly October to Late October
Lake TowadaEarly October to Late October
IwateEarly October to Late October
MiyagiMid October to Early November
Alpine RouteMid October to Mid November
SapporoMid October to Early November
TakayamaMid October to Mid November
NikkoMid October to Mid November
SakurayamaEarly November to Late November
KamakuraMid November to Early December
AichiEarly November to Late November
NagoyaMid November to Early December
TokyoLate November to Early Decmeber
KyotoMid November to Early December
NaraEarly November to Early December
OsakaMid November to Early December
Mount Fuji AreaEarly November to Early December
HakoneEarly November to Late November
MiyajimaEarly November to Late November
ArashiyamaLate November to Early December

Visit this page often to get the latest news on Japan autumn leaves forecast. Thank you very much.

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