Autumn Kanto Travel Guide

Autumn Leaves in Tokyo | Japan Koyo 2024

Every autumn, Tokyo comes alive in a stunning blaze of fall colors. I love visiting Tokyo year-round, especially in spring and autumn though! Incredible fall color in this busy city is truly breathtaking and often unbelievable to think of.

The area boats the most beautiful and historic Japanese style gardens in the country, where views of amazing vividly colored leaves are guaranteed.

In Spring, here cherry blossom season (hanami) is absolutely mind-boggling. Fall is maybe even more dramatic, with featuring brilliant colors all over the city.

Here, you can take advantage of scenic fall foliage to its absolute fullest. If you are going to visit Tokyo soon then don’t forget to read this useful Tokyo travel guide.

A beautiful autumn scenery at Showa Kinen Park. Photo Credit:

When autumn arrives, the city perfectly combines its urban sensibility with outdoor autumn beauty. People tend to plan their own fall foliage trip throughout the city.

Food vendors get busy selling the local specialties at various koyo spots. Many weeding ceremonies take place at the temples & shrines located across the area.

On the weekends, most of the family members together go out to see breathtaking outdoor fall colors beauty. Often they head to public parks, temples, shrines, gardens, forested valleys, or just walk along the streets that are perfect to talk a walk and enjoy the fall foliage at the same time.

Today, I would try my best to feature the amazing fall colors of Tokyo including useful travel guides.

When is the Best Time to View Autumn Foliage in Tokyo?

Red maple leaves at Shinjuku gyoen. Photo Credit: mrhayata at Flickr.

Planning your fall foliage trip to Tokyo? If so the first thing you should be concerned about is the time – I mean the peak time to see gorgeous fall foliage!

Whether you tend to experience only downtown or on the outskirts of Tokyo fall colors spots, first you have to carefully keep your eyes on the updated 2024 Tokyo Autumn Foliage Forecast.

Anyone planning to visit Tokyo in late-November seems to me one of the luckiest persons in the world. Why? Late-November is said to be the best time to view autumn foliage in Tokyo.

Although leaf peeping season begins here in mid-November one can even enjoy it till early-December.

Tokyo Streets and Splashes of Red, Orange & Yellow in the Fall

Walk along this street and enjoy your time, Jingu Gaien Icho Namiki. Photo Credit: nakashi at Flickr.

If you like to walk, Tokyo would offer an exclusive outdoor activity, that’s nothing but exploring the city’s mysterious streets and garden trails of the parks and gardens on foot. Tokyo has got a reputation that every street here tells you a different story.

They are filled with vehicles, shops, restaurants, markets, food carts, traditional bars, and trees of different kinds. Visiting Tokyo’s streets in the fall, for instance, can take hours but it is totally worth it.

During the peak season, anywhere you go within Tokyo, you would not miss experiencing the colors of the deciduous trees.

Ginkgo at Kinuta Park. Photo Credit: mrhayata at Flickr.

The Main Street (next to Yoyogi Koen and Yoyogi National Gymnasium) and Meiji Jingu Gaien Icho Namiki are just two examples you could go and walk along to enjoy the fall colors. Between these two spots, Icho Namiki (Ginkgo Avenue) is just gorgeous as it is always!

It is a lined ginkgo avenue in Meiji Jingu Gaien Park that everyone loves to head to in late-November. You can take a leisurely stroll along the walkways or relax sitting on the benches you find there.

In addition, there are sidewalk cafes to have something delicious from. If you want to avoid a huge crowd here, you better stay away from not going there over the weekends or prefer coming here in the early morning.

Koishikawa botanical gardens walking paths. Photo Credit: titanium22 at Flickr.

Even though when you don’t see deciduous trees in the streets still it is worth walking along, because Tokyo’s streets inspire!

While walking down the streets you could reveal hidden surprises that include parks, gardens, museum, historic landmarks, temple and shrines.

You want to explore most of the neighborhoods thoroughly in Tokyo? Then start your expedition on foot and that is the best idea to accomplish this mission.

Hunting Momiji at the Beautiful Gardens in Tokyo

Impressive outdoor beauty at Koishikawa Korakuen, Tokyo. Photo Credit: kanegen at Flickr.

According to my experience, almost every garden in Tokyo is famous for viewing autumn leaves. Wishing to immerse yourself in the beauty of the fall season?

Koishikawa Korankuen, Rikugien, Shinjuku Gyoen, Imperial Palace East Garden, and Hama Rikyu are just a few gardens you could head to.

Among these picturesque gardens, Koishikawa Korakuen, Rikugien, and Shinjuku Gyoen are said to be the prime spots for hunting momiji though other Japanese style gardens I have mentioned here are not overshadowed by these three famous gardens.

A stunning fall nature at Imperial Palace East Garden. Photo Credit: Guilhem Vellut at Flickr.

Every garden in Tokyo is unique and highlights different atmosphere as you begin to explore them. You won’t believe if I say how perfect my day was when I made my very first trip to Rikugien.

I did not know how I spent 3 hours there! Surly, I was lost by the beauty of the spectacular autumn colors there. Absolute bliss!

Togetsukyo Bride at Rikugien garden. Photo Credit: Guilhem Vellut at Flickr.

The garden trails and view of surrounding nature from the Togetsukyo Bridge were just stunning.

I must say, it is an unbelievable Japanese landscape garden. A must-see garden for nature lovers in Tokyo. Please, visit it in autumn than visiting it in the spring.

If you want to see impressive red maple leaves, without having any doubt in mind, come here and get ready to be blown away! You will be the winner, after all!

Rikugien Garden in fall. Photo Credit: Kimon Berlin at Flickr.

Whenever you visit any traditional Japanese style gardens in Tokyo, you will experience several garden elements such as variety of plants, ponds, colorful koi fishes, birds, bridges, man-made hills, stones, lawns, tea-houses, viewpoints, walking trails, and so on.

There is nothing interesting than enjoying a tranquil atmosphere in a Japanese landscape garden.

The plants you find there make a great impact on the entire garden area to decorate it colorfully as four seasons come along. When you visit a garden in autumn, it feels like you get in to a wonderland of vivid colors.

I hope, you would enjoy fall foliage at different gardens scattered throughout the city.

Ginkgo Tunnel Vs Maple Tunnel

Meiji Jingu Gaien Icho Namiki, Tokyo. Photo Credit: mrhayata at Flickr.

I am not going to tell you about a battle here though. By the way, which one do you prefer the most – golden ginkgo leaves or red maple leaves?

You know what? Walking through either ginkgo or maple tunnel is an incredible outdoor experience. You can find two impressive ginkgo tunnels in Tokyo, they are known as Showa Memorial Park Icho Namiki and Meiji Jingu Gaien Icho Namiki.

While on the other hand, I could suggest you to see an impressive looking maple tunnel that you can find in the Koishikawa Botanical Garden.

Showa Kinen Park in the fall. Photo Credit: Guilhem Vellut at Flickr.

These three nature tunnels would blow your mind with their utmost autumn colors. I can’t decide which one of these is my favorite spot to walk through, though.

Each of these spot is just amazing to observe the fall colors during the peak time. Though, the maple tunnel in the Kosihikawa Botanical Garden is less crowded hidden space than those two mentioned ginkgo tunnels.

However, one thing for sure that a lot of photographers are expected to roam around these areas, and these spots offer them a good nature photography opportunity.

Autumn Foliage in the Parks of Tokyo

Hibiya Park is worth visiting in autumn. Photo Credit: Yasuyuki HIRATA at Flickr.

If you want to see picturesque autumn landscapes in Japan, primarily you have got to go to either in a park or garden.

Tokyo is a diverse city, blessed with nature and home to many historic landmarks with world class shopping arcades.

When the locals get tired of doing their daily works or feel bored they pay a visit to either a park or garden for self relaxation. The parks around Tokyo acts like a medicine. You enter there with a sad mind and come out of it with a refresh mind. It is typical scene!

Please don’t bother heading to one of the parks or gardens near you. They would surly heal your wounded mind and find peace there.

Fall Foliage at Yoyogi Park. Photo Credit: mrhayata at Flickr.

Hibiya Park, Ueno Park, Yoyogi Park, Kitanomaru Park, Inokashira Park, Shiba Park are just a few parks you could head to in order to see fall foliage.

In fact, there are other parks that could give you an awesome experience. Most of the Tokyo’s public parks are vast and filled with different kinds of plants such as plum, cherry, maple, and ginkgo trees.

These parks are said to be the best places to go and enjoy dazzling fall colors. Tokyo may help you imagine that you don’t need to travel far to take in the phenomenon of fall colors because what it offers you is enough to understand its cultural value to the Japanese people.

Fall Foliage on the Outskirts of Tokyo

Want to enjoy a lovely autumn day outside downtown Tokyo? Then visit Mt. Takao. Photo Credit: Dick Thomas Johnson at Flickr.

Here I have decided to take you outer parts of the city; that’s not only for viewing fall colors, but much more than that.

Just right outside Tokyo city, there are many incredible places, offering visitors to see gorgeous autumn colors and historical landmarks.

For example, there are two beautiful autumn leaves spots located on the outskirts of Tokyo, they are known as Mount Takao and Mount Mitake. They are also quite popular as natural recreation areas outside the city.

Mt. Mitake is a great destination to have outdoor picnic party. Photo Credit:

These two interesting landmarks have awe-inspiring mountains slopes, forested valleys, parks, onsen (hot spring bath house), temples & shrines, easy hiking trails, and waterfalls. They are said to be the main highlights that you would like to discover.

Attractive hiking trails of Mount Takao and Mitake will encounter you with unspoiled nature. Without questions, there you can find a tranquil getaway from a busy city life.

When I go three, I would like to hike along the various designated hiking trails that offer different sort of atmospheres.

Mitake Gorge at Mt. Mitake. Photo Credit:

Going for a hike in the fall in these areas is an absolute bliss. It’s easier to do here and quite safe than doing it in the Hokkaido region.

You hardly encounter dangerous animal there, but when you go for a hike in Hokkaido you will have to think of its furious brown bear.

However, trials for Mt. Mitake, and Mt. Takao might be the world’s most surprising hiking destinations when it comes to experiencing fall foliage through hiking. I don’t think that you are not interested in exploring these sites located outside downtown Tokyo.

Best Places to See Fall Colors in Tokyo

Outdoor beauty in fall in Tokyo. Photo Credit: Marufish at Flickr.

Turning of the leaves is the major sign of autumn season. And this post is also a sign of making you familiar with the top fall foliage spots across Tokyo.

So far you have been informed about some places that are quite famous for seeing autumn leaves. Do I have to mention them here again?

Autumn in Tokyo is particularly spectacular and each koyo spot offers unique views of autumn colors display. There are many renowned fall foliage spots across Tokyo.

Why don’t you just explore the top 10 fall colors destinations? It will not be time consuming exploring them all.

Showa Kinen Park autumn leaves. Photo Credit: Yoshikazu TAKADA at Flickr.

1) Rikugien Garden: The most beautiful Japanese landscape garden in Tokyo.

2) Shinjuku Gyoen: It’s one of the largest public parks in Tokyo, comprises a breathtaking Japanese landscape garden, French garden, English garden, impressive lawn, a beautiful greenhouse and many more.

3) Showa Kinen Park: You will have to rent a bicycle to discover the entire park, it is really huge!

4) Mount Takao: The best place for for hiking outside downtown Tokyo. On clear days, you can expect to see the iconic Mt. Fuji from the summit of Mt. Takao.

5) Koishikawa Korakuen: This is the oldest and best Japanese garden, built during the early Edo Period.

Please find Tokyo’s rest of the 5 autumn leaves spots here.

Autumn Travel Tips to Tokyo

Red maple leaves. Photo Credit: mrhayata at Flickr.

1) Autumn is a mysterious season. Before all the colored leaves touch the grounds, make sure that it is your own responsibility not to miss the peak period. Therefore, get the latest fall foliage reports and news.

2) Fall weather could be nasty when it rains. Prefer visiting the spots on a sunny day, however if you think there is no choice then take an umbrella and still you can admire the outdoor beauty.

3) It will be cold, not that much though! So wear a light jacket and say goodbye to the cold weather.

4) Use the appropriate transport to move from one place to another. When you decide to explore the Tokyo streets on foot, please bring your best walking shoes.

5) Taste the local specialties from the different restaurants and cafes. Also enjoy eating street foods; you can buy them from the food vendors.

6) A large number of tourists gather in Tokyo during the koyo season, so book your hotel room in advance to get the cheapest hotel deal in Tokyo.

Welcome to Tokyo | Enjoy its Fall Colors in 2024

A perfect spot for staring at the surrounding fall foliage, Yoyogi Park. Photo Credit: mrhayata at Flickr.

Tokyo is an ideal destination for traveling with your children. In fact, the entire country is safe to travel around with kids. Everything is organized well to make your trip a great journey.

In order to experience Japanese culture & traditions, the art, the history, the food, the architecture, the streets, and fall nature beauty, you will have to visit Tokyo. It will help you experiencing amazing activities including striking fall foliage display which are now mystery to you.

Autumn leaves viewing is a great reason to visit this city, make sure you plan to stay a little longer in a particular spot so that you can fully enjoy the fall foliage and the must-see attractions.

One of the interesting facts about Japanese autumn is that people who born in autumn live longer.

What do you think of this fact? Whatever it is, I don’t care, but the thing I do care the most is, I wish you have a wonderful trip to Tokyo and enjoy its deciduous trees fall colors.