Osaka – one of the coolest places to visit in Japan has so much to offer you year round. Here, the fall colors display in the autumn is as impressive as sakura (cherry blossoms) in the spring. The whole prefecture bursts with bright leaves between mid November and early December.

Here in this post, I have decided to highlight Osaka’s most recommended fall foliage spots as a result you don’t miss visiting some of these beautiful attractions. When you are familiar with these, I hope your next trip to Osaka during autumn will be filled with a lot of excitement.

Osaka Castle. Photo Credit: Güldem Üstün at Flickr.

Osaka city, registered as the third largest city of Japan, is packed with great shops, skyscrapers, shopping streets, restaurants, historic landmarks, amusement parks, and scenic spots. It’s obvious that apart from experiencing fall colors either in downtown or on the outskirt of the city, there are endless activities await you right in the heart of the city.

Many tourists visit Kyoto in the fall, where they want to spend a few days. One of the closest day trips from Kyoto, Osaka is just a 15-minute Shinkansen train ride from the former capital of Japan. How cool is that! If you are one of them, you should embark on a day trip to see Osaka’s fall colors and its charming attractions.

1) Daisen Park

Daisen Park’s traditional Japanese garden. Photo Credit:

Fall is the most colorful season of the year. Everyone knows it, locals of Sakai City too. The city itself boasts a beautiful park known as Daisen Park, one of Japan’s 100 historic parks, which is located between the Kofun of Emperor Nintoku (Daisen Kofun) and the Emperor Richu kofun. Please note Daisen Kofun is said to be the largest grave in the world by area. Along with visiting Daisen Park, I highly recommend you to take a walk into this huge burial mound.

In the park, you can explore a traditional Japanese garden, ponds, rocks, bridge, teahouse, garden trails, kofuns, peace tower, museums, trees of various kinds, and many grassy areas to have some rest and relaxation. Travelers visiting Osaka can immerse themselves in nature as they stare at the stunning fall foliage in this delightful park.

You can’t miss a walk along the trails of the park to explore the gorgeous fall colors including the various elements of a traditional Japanese garden. Walk across the bridge, and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. A truly photogenic spot like this should be on your travel bucket list. Don’t you forget that!

If you are keen to know a little bit of history of the city, pay a homage visit to Sakai City Museum, located within the park spacious grounds. Diasen Park is only a 5-minute walk from Mozu Station.

2) Minoo Park (Minoh Park)

Minoh waterfall in the fall, Minoh Park, Osaka. Photo Credit: David Hsu at Flickr.

Minoo Park (a Quasi-National Park) is arguably one of the best places to see gorgeous fall colors in the Kansai Region. This is said to be the best spot when it comes to viewing momiji in Osaka prefecture. Located on the northern part of Osaka city, Minho is a special scenic spot comprises mountains, temples, shops, waterfalls, gorge, trails, and forests.

Enjoy a walk along the trail that starts from Minho Station to Minoo waterfall. It’s a picturesque waterfall with a height of 33 meters, where you must go to fill your mind with fall amazingness. Apart from enjoying a tranquil atmosphere there, you should pay a visit to Ryuanji Temple, located in the middle of the trail. The view of the red bridge (that belongs to the temple) with red maple leaves is a scene not to be forgotten.

No doubt, travelers flock to view incredible fall colors in this park. They enjoy the hike up to the waterfall while gazing at the beautiful surroundings, and are offered to taste Minoo’s local specialty called Momiji Tempura (snack). Every year, a lot of tourists visit Universal Studios Japan and Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan especially when they travel with kids. And bear in mind Minho Park is well worth a visit for the whole family.

If you want to know more about this scenic spot, please visit here.

3) Katsuo-ji Temple

Katsuo-ji temple’s main hall and surrounding fall colors. Photo Credit: gralola at Flickr.

If you are sick of those spectacular skyscrapers in Osaka city, you better think of visiting a tranquil spot – Kasuo-ji temple, located in a forested hillside of Minoo city. It’s a gorgeous place offering you a peaceful atmosphere year round. Most of the visitors who have visited this marvelous temple fell in love with it and think of returning back again in the future.

The whole temple ground is surrounded by plants of different kinds, which in fact create picturesque landscape upon arrival of each new season. The fall color here is exceptionally beautiful and quite peaceful. Watching vividly colored leaves while taking a leisurely stroll along the trails of the temple is an unforgettable experience.

Peak leaf season is mid November through late November. Besides, you can see many cute daruma (tumbling doll) scattered throughout the temple’s grounds.

Despite its gorgeous scenery, Katsuo-ji is a temple known for its spiritual energy. Often it’s called as a temple of the winner’s luck. Ever year, many people visit the temple in order to pray for good fortune in life. You may pray for a safety travel, or if you have exams in the upcoming days, be sure to worship here to be succeeded.

4) Osaka Castle Park

Osaka Castle. Photo Credit: jpellgen at Flickr.

In the middle of the city, there is the spacious Osaka Castle Park with a total area of 105.6ha, where the iconic Osaka Castle Tower stands. In the spring, when hanami arrives, the park becomes one of the most beautiful places on the planet featuring wonderful cherry blossoms all over the area. The fall foliage here is not awful as well; rather it houses hundreds of deciduous trees that produce stunning colors to make you speechless.

A peaceful walk in the park to admire the fall colors here is a wonderful outdoor activity that every one of you would like to go for. The surrounding views of the park and city from the castle tower’s observatory are truly breathtaking! Before you get to the observation deck, be sure to explore the museum first.

Indeed it’s a great source to learn about the castle’s history and the warlord Toyotomi Hideyoshi. The castle tower is phenomenal and the moats, stone walls, gates, and turrets that surround the castle are equally impressive. Visit this page to learn more about this beautiful sight.

5) Hoshi no Buranko in Hoshida Park

The suspension bridge – Hoshi no Buranko during autumn. Photo Credit:

Are you an acrophobic? If you are afraid of heights, skip this part and jump on to the next one. This is not a place for you to visit. Thank you very much.

Japan’s second longest walking bridge, Hoshi no Buranko is known for its autumn beauty. It’s a 280 meter long suspension bridge, built at 50 meters above the ground. There, you are offered to enjoy a scenic walk while you cross the bridge, and you ultimately find a lot of things to be photographed.

In the fall, the surrounding forested valleys are incredible to gaze at while walking on the bridge. Before you get to the bridge you would have to hike for a while through the amazing trail in the park. You will be stunned seeing the surrounding nature including deciduous trees of various kinds. Though be aware of insects! In addition, don’t be surprised seeing a rock climbing wall, a perfect spot to have fun with.

Also, it’s worth a visit to the observation platform to experience a panorama view of the surrounding area of the bridge. Here colors peak in late November, though you can even still enjoy some fall foliage in early December.

6) Kanshinji Temple

Kanshinji temple grounds. Photo Credit: jtabn99 at Flickr.

Built during the 7th century by the ascetic Enno-Gyoja, Kanshinji temple is a gorgeous place to witness mind-boggling autumn scenery as well as impressive looking architectures of the Nara Period. The main hall (Kondo) of the temple has been designated as a national treasure of Osaka Prefecture.

It houses the seated statue of the Goddess of Mercy, Nyoirin Kannon. It’s an important national treasure shown publicly only April17-18 every year. If you pay a visit to this amazing temple in the fall, you won’t be able to see it.

At the temple’s grounds, there are many maple trees together with plum and cherry trees. You will be highly impressed seeing the gorgeous colors the temple showcases in November. While you are there, visit other important cultural assets which include the buildings and statues found within its temple’s grounds.

7) Midosuji Avenue

Midosuji Street, Osaka. Photo Credit: hiromitsu morimoto at Flickr.

If you attempt to travel to Osaka’s most impressive autumn leaves spots including its year round holiday destinations, you have got to stay there for two nights and two days. Midosuji is another great autumn foliage spots, located in the heart of the city. It runs from north of the Kita area to Namba in the Minami area.

The street of Midosuji Avenue is lined with hundreds of ginkgo trees. This 44 meters long wide street is a prime leaf-peeing spot in downtown Osaka together with Osaka Castle Park. Golden leaves of ginkgo trees paint the entire street quite marvelously, and this is the sight you would hardly want to miss seeing. You should take a walk along the street to see the magical golden leaves.

This inspiring avenue is filled with many restaurants and shops. Why don’t you have you lunch there then? A visit to Osaka during the fall would not be complete without a wander through the Midosuji street.

If you want to see most of these incredible fall foliage spots, you should plan staying two nights in the city. Check in at Hilton Osaka Hotel which is located adjacent to JR Osaka Station. Perfect Location and Hotel!