• 2-Day Nikko Autumn Itinerary

    2-Day Nikko Autumn Itinerary

    Are you looking forward to visiting Nikko this autumn? You need at least two full-days to experience its stunning fall foliage and awe-inspiring historic structures. The area can be divided into two parts: Central Nikko (main town), and Okunikko (the area around Lake Chuzenji). These two areas are part of […]

  • Hiking in Hakone

    Hiking in Hakone

    There are many travelers in the world who like outdoor adventurers and always look forward to exploring nature. They seem to me very much interested in traveling the world through hiking. Seriously, they could choose Hakone as their next hiking destination. It’s one of Japan’s most beautiful mountainous towns. It […]

  • 3 Days in Tokyo Spring Itinerary – Cherry Blossom

    3 Days in Tokyo Spring Itinerary – Cherry Blossom

    If Tokyo is in your travel bucket list, embark on a trip to this amazing city this spring. Possibly that will be the best way to discover Japan’s most wonderful and exciting time of the year. Without doubt, the emerging plum blossom (ume) buds are a sure sign of spring! […]

  • 7 Best Places to See Plum Blossom in Tokyo

    7 Best Places to See Plum Blossom in Tokyo

    Plum blossom or Ume is a delicate flower that starts to bloom in mid February in Japan. Whether you believe it or not that Tokyo is home to some of the most impressive plum groves in the country. It is just incredible to see their utmost beauty out there while […]

  • One Day in Tokyo: Early Spring Itinerary

    One Day in Tokyo: Early Spring Itinerary

    I have noticed that many tourists who visit Tokyo for the first time in their lives fall in love with this bustling city. Often I hear people saying that “I wish if I could stay in Tokyo for the rest of my life.” I don’t reside there; in fact, city […]

  • What to do in Tokyo in Winter

    What to do in Tokyo in Winter

    Tokyo is a dynamic and bustling city, packed with endless tourist attractions, where old and modern Japanese traditions could be found. It is a dream destination to millions of Japan enthusiasts. Meanwhile if your intention is to discover the country’s picturesque rural landscapes you have to escape from there to […]

  • Autumn Leaves in Tokyo | Japan Koyo 2019

    Autumn Leaves in Tokyo | Japan Koyo 2019

    Every autumn, Tokyo comes alive in a stunning blaze of fall colors. I love visiting Tokyo year-round, especially in spring and autumn though! Incredible fall color in this busy city is truly breathtaking and often unbelievable to think of. The area boats the most beautiful and historic Japanese style gardens […]

  • Autumn Leaves in Aichi | Koyo 2019

    Autumn Leaves in Aichi | Koyo 2019

    Aichi is one my favorite destinations in the Chubu region. It is a prefecture, comprises of 38 (thirty eight) cities of which Nagoya is the capital city. If I only say it as an average place to see fall colors in Japan, I would be such a good liar that […]

  • Autumn Leaves in Kamakura 2019

    Autumn Leaves in Kamakura 2019

    Kamakura is a beautiful and historic place to visit year-round. Though, the best time to visit the city is in spring and autumn. It is packed with breathtaking scenery, easy hiking trails, awe-inspiring history, and Buddhist temples, with the autumn foliage making it all the more spectacular. In thr fall, […]

  • Autumn Leaves in Hakone 2019 | Visit Kanagawa

    Autumn Leaves in Hakone 2019 | Visit Kanagawa

    Autumn in Hakone is impressive as it claims to have the best fall color in Japan. It is worth spending some time in Hakone both in spring and autumn seasons. Hakone’s glorious spring and autumn nature has overwhelmed so many visitors. I have made several trips especially in fall to […]


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