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Ashikaga Flower Park 2024 | Visit Tochigi

Known for its fuji (Wisteria in English), Ashikaga Flower Park is a beautiful floral park filled with seasonal flowers of different kinds. It’s a nice place to take breathtaking picture of flowers in Japan.

The park is located in Ashikaga, a little city, which is located in the far southwestern corner of Tochigi Prefecture, bordering on Gunma Prefecture to the north, west and south.

One interesting fact – Ashikaga Gakko, the oldest school in Japan is located in this city.

Are you planning to visit Ashikaga Flower Park for the first time and researching how to enjoy a day trip there? When is the best time to visit the park? How to reach Ashikaga Flower Park from Tokyo city?

This page is going to give you the answers with some useful tips as a result you can easily imagine why this place is so special to visit.

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The Best Time to Visit Ashikaga Flower Park

A giant wisteria tree with blossoms at Ashikaga Flower Park. Photo Credit: Takashi Hososhima at Flickr.

Ashikaga Flower Park is true paradise of Japan’s iconic seasonal flowers. In late winter, visitors here will see beautiful plum blossom.

In the spring, usually from early March to mid April, colorful tulips, crocuses and spiraeas make the park a delightful sight to behold.

Late spring (from Mid-April to Mid-May) is arguably the best time to visit the park. This is when a lot of wisteria flowers can be spotted including azaleas, marigolds, lupines, poppies, and peonies.

Japanese irises, hydrangeas and water lilies bloom in the summer. In autumn, visitors are offered to see beautiful Amethyst Flowers and roses.

There are other varieties of flowers alongside white wisteria. Photo Credit: ASHIKAGA FLOWER PARK.

Even though the park is considered one of the most popular places to visit during the Golden Week in May, a lot of tourists come to see its unique winter illumination from late-October to early February.

If wisteria viewing is your main priority, come to visit the park between late April and early May. Your visit to the park will be fruitful then! On the weekend, you are expected to see a lot of crowds.

The Great Wisteria Festival at Ashikaga Flower Park

White wisteria blossoms!

Spring is a wonderful time to visit Japan. Missing a trip to Japan during the cherry blossom season does not mean you won’t see another wonder here. Don’t be sad if you have missed the sakura season, there is still something special waiting for you.

Ashikaga Flower Park’s wisteria blossoms in late springtime give you an opportunity of witnessing a scenic spot, which is hard to experience in other parts of Japan.

The park was voted as one of the Dream Destinations in the World. It features approximately 350 wisteria trees including one over a century old wisteria tree and large scale wisteria trellises.

There is also a long tunnel of white wisteria flowers (80 meter long), which is an interesting landmark alongside that hundred years old fuji tree.

Yellow wisteria tunnel.

Don’t be surprised seeing a yellow wisteria tunnel here as well. You should pass through these tunnels to make your trip incredibly memorable. You should also enjoy the dazzling azaleas while taking a walk in the park.

There are several ponds with boardwalks, allowing visitors to enjoy other kinds of flowers and feel a refreshing tranquility. Here, wisteria does not only come in purple, but also in pink, yellow and white. Is not it interesting?

Beautiful pink roses.

The park offers spectacular illuminations during peak wisteria season that are known as one of Japan’s famous night views.

Illumination happens when the sun goes down, and views become very impressive as it seems like the area is a true paradise. The displays of wisteria at night are breathtaking.

Besides flowers, you will find restaurant and shops selling foods and local produces. Don’t forget to try wisteria soft serve ice-cream!

Wisteria blossoms at night!

The admission fee varies depending on the condition of the flowers (seasonal beauty). As the wisteria trees are lit up at night, the park’s hours are extended during the peak blooming period.

Ashikaga Flower Park boasts Japan’s largest collection of wisterias, so if you happen to visit Japan in early May, this attraction in Tochigi should be on your bucket list.

Fuji Shibzakura Festival in Yamanashi Prefecture is also a great place to visit in May. You should include this one as well.

Ashikaga Flower Park Illumination

A couple enjoying the illumination, Ashikaga Flower Park.

Ashikaga Flower Park draws huge crowds in the late spring when wisteria flowers bloom in a large quantity. Do you have any idea what it can offer you as a traveler except that floral fiesta?

There is nothing interesting than visiting a place where illumination events take place stunningly in winter. This flower park offers the similar atmosphere like the famous Nabana no Sato Illumination in Kuwana City, Mie Prefecture.

Winter illumination at Ashikagwa Flower Park.

Every year, the illumination event takes place from early November to early February.

With over 5 million colorful LED lights, this winter event is considered as one of the three greatest winter illuminations in Japan alongside Huis Ten Bosch: the Kingdom of Lights in Nagasaki and Sapporo White Illumination in Hokkaido.

Almost every part of the park is illuminated gorgeously, making the site a perfect place to spend a magical winter evening with someone you love and care.

The view of hanging lights of wisteria is not just mind-blowing, but something that you will never ever forget.

How to get to Ashikaga Flower Park from Tokyo?

Ashikaga Flower Park is a perfect place to enjoy a day for flower lovers!

Tokyo Station -> Oyama Station -> Ashikaga Flower Station

The one way ride from Tokyo to Oyama Station by Tohoku Shinkansen will take about 42 minutes. Only some shinkansens (bullet trains) on the Tohoku Shinkansen line stop at Oyama Station. Once you are in Oyama Station, transfer to the JR Ryomo Line to Ashikaga Flower Park Station (35 minutes).

Alternatively, you can take the JR Utsunomiya line to reach Oyama Station from Tokyo Station. The ride is about 80 minutes.

The park is a 3-minute walk from Ashikaga Flower Park Station. You can use your JR Pass and Tokyo Wide Pass for either direction.

From Tomita Station, Ashikaga Flower Park is a 14-mintue walk. So when you get off at Tomita Station, enjoy a leisurely walk until you reach the entrance of the park.

If you want to stay a night in Ashikaga city, make a reservation at this lovely house, located very close to Ashikaga Flower Park.

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