Spring Tohoku Travel Guide

3 Best Places to See Cherry Blossom in Aomori

You might have heard of Hirosaki Park’s cherry blossom festival before, which is seen to be the best cherry blossom spot in Aomori as well as in the Tohoku region.

If your aim is to experience the northernmost prefecture’s (on the main island of Japan) spring beauty then you are welcome to visit the three most beautiful and popular cherry blossom spots in Aomori.

I had done a lot of hanami expeditions throughout the country. To visit hanami spots that have not been visited before could be a new challenge for you. That’s what my past experiences say.

Hirosaki Castle, Cherry Blossom and Mt. Iwaki. Photo Credit: www.en-aomori.com.

This could apply especially for those who have less travel experience in the Tohoku region. Probably you are a good travel expert of the Kansai region, where you roam around like a bird, but when you are in Tohoku as a new kid then something could be pretty challenging.

Though, I would make it easy and hassle free, so there is nothing to worry about. Aomori is a place to ignore when hanami season arrives there. Today, I am going to go to describe the most recommended hanami spots of it.

In general, the best time to see sakura in Aomori Prefecture is in late-April.

1) Ashino Park:

Ashino Koen Station and Cherry Blossoms! Photo Credit: www.en-aomori.com.

Ashino Park is a prefectural natural park of Aomori. It is a beautiful place with a rail line (Operated by Tsugaru Railway), Lake Ashino, walking trails, camping grounds, hanging bridge, Dazai Osamu Monument (one of great fiction writers of 20th century in Japan), and trees especially sakura trees.

The park is located in Goshogawara city. In fact, the city is quite famed for a summer matsuri called Goshogawara Tachineputa Festival.

Cherry Blossoms at Lake Ashino, Aomori. Photo Credit: www.en-aomori.com.

Now it is time to dig out some amazing moments you could experience from the Kanagi Cherry Blossom Festival. It hosts by Ashino Park as the park itself has 2,200 cherry trees of different varieties.

This sakura matsuri is held from April 29 to May 05 every year during the Golden Week. So, you can be sure that a lot of crowds are being prepared to head to this festival. It is kind of my home ground that has been designated as one of the 100 best cherry blossom sites across Japan.

You can start your journey getting into the train that runs through the plains for Tsugaru peninsula from Tsugaru Goshogawara station to Tsugaru Nakazato station. The entire journey takes about 45 minute with total distance of 20.7 km.

You can enjoy the view of rural landscape on the way and viewing sakura through the train’s window is the best thing you could do in spring.

Ashino Park’s Hanging Bridge. Photo Credit: www.en-aomori.com.

To enjoy the festival, I suggest you to get off the train at Ashino Koen Station and then just roam around the park. Honestly, I want you to have a boat ride at Lake Ashino.

It would be quite amusing while paddling/rowing the boat and viewing cherry blossoms that surround the entire lake. Please walk across the hanging bridge and ultimately you could see your own reflections along with the bridge, sky and sakura blossoms over the water of Lake Ashino.

Hundreds of branch shops and food stalls make the festival hilarious. Hopefully, you won’t let anybody else to spoil your Golden Week holiday visiting this famous sakura matsuri.

Please for more info call here: 0173-52-2611.

2) Towada City Kanchogai-dori or Komakaido

Walk along the street and enjoy the view of spring nature at Kanchogai-dori. Photo Credit: www.en-aomori.com.

This is not an Isolated spot, a very easy to access to from Towadashi Station. This is a street, designated as a government office area. Though, Kanchogai-dori simply means “Government Office Street”. There’s no better time to visit this street than in spring.

The street is lined with 168 pine and 157 cherry trees stretching for 1.1 km. In fact, it is a symbol of Towada city.

Here, sakura trees show their utmost beauty in late April every year when they are in full bloom. The sakura trees are really big enough to get into the spring spirit.

Take a good look at these sakura trees, Stunning! They are quite marvelous! Photo Credit: www.en-aomori.com.

It is said that, the street was selected as one of the 100 best streets of Japan in 1986. You can just walk and experience its surrounding scenery.

Just don’t forget to visit Towada Art Center as it is located near the street. Having such a kind of thing to see during spring season right in the heart of the city is very delightful.

It will not be a bad idea standing next to the horse monuments (located along the street) and take some photographs of yours.

3) Hirosaki Park

Fallen Sakura Petals, Hirosaki Park. Photo Credit: Kzaral at Flickr.

You can’t expect to have a great hanami party in Tohoku better than this famous sakura spot. This is my all time favorite cherry blossom vewing spot that I really adore.

On the grounds of this spacious park, there is the beautiful Hirosaki Castle. It is quite impressive when looking at the blossoms and the main castle keep.

The entire park has approximately 2,600 cherry trees of 50 different varieties including one 134 years old Yoshino cherry tree. In fact, this is the oldest Yoshino sakura tree of Japan. I hope it stays with us for many years. I won’t let it go!

Cherry Blossoms are in Full Bloom! Photo Credit: www.en-aomori.com.

The greatest Hirosaki cherry blossom festival will be held in this park from April 21 through May 5. A quite large number of visitors come here, but not all of them are familiar with the above hanami spots I have recommended. If you are one of them, then just make sure you don’t skip those places.

Here you can see a lot of things inside the park such as you can rent a boat and have a good time with your lover on the water of the moats.

The moats get fully covered with millions of sakura petals and it happens especially in early May before end of the festival. Though, it depends on the weather and temperature.

I sometimes think that if it were a festival of plum blossom, then the air would filled with the sweetest smell during the season, making every step a delight.

To be honest with you from traditional looking bridge to sakura tunnel to food stalls all would make your hanami trip gorgeous. Night illuminations are held in the evening which even look much more beautiful than the view on a day time.

The park is located a-15 minute bus ride west of JR Hirosaki Station by the Dotemachi loop bus. It will cost you only ¥100. Get off the bus at Shiyakusho Mae Stop (In Front of City Hall) and then walk for 5 minutes. That’s it!

Are you coming along?

Weeping cherry tree blossoms at Hirosaki Park. Photo Credit: Yuichi Shiraishi at Flickr.

Your trip ends here. I have taken you to the most popular cherry blossom spots in Aomori. This is a comprehensive guide that can help you planning your own trip.

I am just glad to be part of this trip. I do want you to visit the above hanami spots as a result you can never ever get a chance to forget your happy moments you will have in Aomori in the spring.

These annual floral events bring millions of sakura lovers, and surprisingly Aomori does not let them leave with a sad face and mind. From Aomori prefecture, they bring back to their home countries with tons of unforgettable happy memories and experiences.

Finally, I will finish this article telling you the right “Aomori is Amazing”. Don’t you think so? Thank you!