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10 Best Places to See Cherry Blossom in Fukushima

Cherry blossom viewing is a wonderful Japanese tradition. Every spring, all over the nation, cherry trees bloom in parks, trees, and even wilderness sanctuaries.

In Fukushima, the best time to see cherry blossom is from early to the middle of April. Every cherry blossom viewing spot has its own unique character. Some are festive and busy, others are peaceful.

If you’re in Fukushima during cherry blossom viewing season, you should be sure to visit at least one of these ten great Fukushima cherry blossom spots.

1. Hanamiyama Park

Hanamiyama Park is Fukushima’s most popular cherry blossom spot!

This park sits on the slopes outside of central Fukushima. Originally, it was a place where local farmers planted various ornamental plants.

It opened to the public in 1959 and has become known as one of the best cherry blossom spots in Fukushima. Besides the pink cherry blossoms, you will see many other spring flowers.

During cherry blossoms season, there is a visitor center set up near the park entrance. Many walking paths take you beneath the cherry trees and several will take you up the hills for a great view of the park and surrounding mountains.

Please note that during cherry blossom season, shuttle buses run between Fukushima Station (East Exit) and Hanamiyama. It is a one-way trip that takes around 15 minutes and costs 250 yen.

To know more about this popular sakura spot, you can read this guide. Thank you!

2. Miharu Takizakura

This is arguably one of the most iconic sakura trees you will ever see in Japan!

This great cherry tree is considered by many to be the greatest in the world. This tree is found in Miharu in central Fukushima. It is 12 meters tall and its branches spread 20 meters east-west and 18 meters north-south.

When the tree blooms in mid to late April, the effect is like a cascading waterfall of pink flowers. This huge tree may be a thousand years old. Hundreds of thousands of people flock to see this tree when it blooms.

Traffic is well managed, but it is a good idea to visit early to avoid the biggest crowd. The tree can be hard to get to most of the year, but during cherry blossom season, a temporary bus is operated between Miharu Station and the Miharu Takizakura.

3. Kasumigajo Castle Park

Sakura in the castle park in spring. Photo Credit: CITY OF NIHONMATSU

Built in 1643, this castle is now a park that locals and tourists use for rest and relaxation. Every spring, the park’s 1700 cherry trees bloom, making it seem like the restored castle is rising out of a cloudy mist of petals, giving it the nickname of “Kasumigajo” (meaning “castle in the mist”).

The park’s atmosphere is well known for its tranquility and visitors find visiting it in any season a soothing and pleasant experience.

To get to Kasumigajo Castle Park, head to JR Nihonmatsu Station then wall 20 minutes to the park entrance.

4. Nicchu Line Weeping Cherry Blossoms

These are the impressive weeping cherry trees! Photo Credit: Fukushima Prefecture Tourism and Local Products Association.

This very popular cherry blossom spot is found in Kitakata City. The 1000 cherry trees are weeping cherry trees, where the blooms look to be cascading down.

The path runs 3 kilometers. It used to be an old railway and there is an old locomotive on display along the trail to show what kind of train used to run here.

Walking through these draping cherry blossoms, you can see individual blooms up close, which is very uncommon at cherry blossom viewing spots. The trees here usually bloom in mid-April, which is the same time as Kitakata City’s Cherry Blossom Festival.

You can get to Nicchu Line Weeping Cherry Blossom by walking not far from Kitakata Station.

5. Kannonji-gawa River

This is a must-see place in Tohoku during spring. Photo Credit: Inawashiro Tourist Association.

This one-kilometer path along the Kannonji-gawa River is a peaceful stroll beneath a tunnel of cherry trees every spring. You should go there and see its stunning cherry blossom display!

You’ll find both Yoshino cherry trees and weeping cherry trees here, which look spectacular against the green grass of the riverbank.

During cherry blossom season, food vendors set up along the path. You can find this magical walk only a one-minute walk from Kawageta Station on the JR Ban’etsu West Line.

6. Tsuruga Castle

This is a perfect place in Fukushima to experience both sakura and a lovely castle! Photo Credit: 会津若松観光ビューロー

Also known as Aizu Castle or Aizuwakamatsu Castle, this castle was reconstructed in 1965. Further repairs have left its unique and beautiful roof looking almost exactly like its red clay-tiled original.

The original stone walls are still standing. The castle keep is a museum and its top floor offers amazing panoramic views of the surrounding city of Aizuwakamatsu.

After visiting the museum, visitors should head to Tsuruga Castle Park to enjoy the tearoom Rinkaku and, in spring, many lovely cherry tree blossoms. These cherry trees are illuminated at night, making the experience like something out of a fairytale.

7. Baryo Park

Baryo Park during spring in Fukushima. Photo Credit: Fukushima Prefecture Tourism and Local Products Association.

This lovely park features 630 cherry trees that all bloom at the same time from early to mid-April. The trees line the baryo, the path that runs from the park’s torii gate to the shrine also found here.

At night, they are illuminated by paper lanterns. A popular spot for some amazing pictures is at the start of the baryo, staring up at the torii.

8. Natsui Senbon-Zakura

Natsui Senbon-zakura – A stroll along the Natsui River during the cherry blossom season is something you really don’t want to miss!

As the name indicates (“Natsui’s 1000 cherry trees”), 1,000 Yoshino cherry blossom trees are planted here along both sides of the Natsui River. The line of trees extends out 5 kilometers.

The view along the riverside promenade is very calming and offers great opportunities for photographers. To get there, head to Natsui Station on the JR Ban’etsu East Line, then walk five minutes to see this spectacular springtime sight.

9. Kaiseizan Park

Hanami in Kaiseizan Park, Fukushima. Photo Credit: Koriyama City Tourism Association.

Found in the Asaka area of Koriyama City, this much-beloved cherry blossom spot features around 1300 cherry trees. You can enjoy a stroll around the pond while enjoying a wide range of different cherry tree types and their blossoms.

You can even enjoy it at night, as the cherry blossoms are lit up during the season. Kaiseizan Park is 10 minutes by bus from Koriyama Station on the Tohoku Shinkansen Line.

10. Yonomori Sakura

A pleasant sakura spot to explore in the Yonomori district of Tomioka. Photo Credit: Fukushima Prefecture Tourism and Local Products Association.

Here you’ll find a very different cherry blossom experience. Yonomori was ordered evacuated due to the 2017 nuclear reactor meltdown and has remained restricted since.

However, the area’s cherry trees still bloom every spring and the government has allowed bus trips for people to go see the blossoms. There are 420 cherry trees planted along a 2.2-kilometer street, though only 800 meters of this street are open to stroll along during this excursion.

These trees are illuminated at night. They are an important symbol of Yonomori and many former residents come to take photos of them. Be sure to make a reservation for the trip as soon as you can as space is limited.

When you are in Fukushima to see its popular sakura spots, be sure to explore other well-known places (perfect for hanami) in the Tohoku region on Japan.

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