Love eating sushi? Do you want to try some delicious sushi recipes at home? Making sushi at home sounds to be a daunting task if you are not well equipped with a useful sushi making kit and cookbook.

Only a best sushi making cookbook could help you learning various yummy sushi recipes that we eat in Japan. In fact, you don’t have to be a chef to learn all the simple sushi making techniques. Anyone could try it!

I value your time and of course the money that’s why I have brought to you some of the best sushi cookbooks I have come across so far.

These are all great sushi cookbooks and most importantly come in with a lot of photographs and step-by-step instructions. How cool is that!

Everything looks pretty! You can prepare your sushi like this too. Photo Credit: t-mizo at Flickr.

Sushi is one of the traditional and highly valued foods in Japanese cuisine.

People in Japan even don’t care about the money they are going to spend for it but of course the taste of it. In Japan, some of my friends and I together often invite foreign friends to have a dinner party with us.

To me a dinner party without the sushi dish on the table is pretty awkward! I know how to surprise and treat them well! So, apart from making sushi we make other seasonal treats and offer sake.

They actually love the way we do everything else from cooking to serving. If you have an upcoming event or festival and wish to surprise someone please read one of the following books and learn some sushi recipes to make your family and friends just wow.

1) Sushi: Taste and Techniques

Let’s make delicious sushi learning the recipes of this cheap but classic sushi cookbook. Photo Credit:

This is my all time favorite sushi cookbook that’s why I don’t dare to highlight it here as the number one. I think it is the classic one among others.

Here, I even reviewed it as one of the best Japanese cookbooks that you must collect. Making sushi will not be a complicated task for you if you read this comprehensive guide.

The book is beautifully illustrated with many colorful photographs and useful information such as basic sushi making techniques, how to slice the fish perfectly, how to use the right sushi kits, how to locate the freshest ingredients, how to roll sushi, and how to master the etiquette of eating delicious sushi correctly.

Even though sushi’s main ingredient is the fresh raw fish which makes it as a non-vegetarian dish, you can find vegetarian version sushi recipes in this book.

Anyone looking to make different types of sushi must read this highly recommended cookbook. In fact, the book is perfect for a beginner who is learning it either at home reading articles online or at culinary school.

Wherever you are taught just don’t forget to collect this one. It would treat you like a real sushi chef master.

Prepare your sushi in the right way and impress someone you invite to have a dinner with. Buy it here and make very tasty sushi every time.

2) Sushi: The Beginner’s Guide

Just started learning making sushi? Read this one and be the winner.

Just like the first one I was very amazed finding the sushi recipes and other sushi related information in this book. It is specially designed for the first timers who are willing to learn basic sushi making techniques and ideas.

Are you concerned about slicing and filleting the fish you have already bought to make sushi at home? Don’t worry, just collect this book, read it for a while and find the ways to get the job done.

What impresses me the most about this book is that I like every colorful photographs included in the book.

You know sometimes a photograph is enough to understand a certain thing than reading the whole bunch of words. Apart from learning the typical sushi dishes you would like to learn making variety of vegetarian sushi recipes.

And those of you who are having problem with rolling sushi perfectly could find the step-by-step rolling instructions part very useful in this book.

Why are you waiting for? It is kind of blessing for you, and ready to open your eyes wide open. Please buy it here!

3) The Complete Book of Sushi

Even your kid could help you rolling the sushi.

I often disagree with people who say that we get everything else we search for ONLINE. Yes, you will find tons of pages written about sushi recipes at various websites.

How do you rate them? Do you think that they share enough resources to teach you how to make sushi easily at home? I think they don’t and if you are a sushi virgin, you are on another planet.

The one who just started learning it and the one who has not started yet are not living on the same planet. I really mean it! Sushi is an art and you just don’t make it and eat it rather you have to focus your attention on its presentation.

To make everything possible from impossible you have got to read this popular sushi cookbook. This book reveals you how to make various sushi dishes with ease including instructions about preparing a sushi meal beautifully from A to Z.

Don’t wait for anyone, start rolling your own sushi in a perfect manner and be like a real sushi master. Collect this book now.

4) The Complete Guide to Sushi and Sashimi

Making sushi is an art, so learn it seriously.

A good person could make another person good. If you believe in this then I guess a good sushi maker (not yet become a master) could make another beginner sushi maker good.

It may takes time but who cares! Though a best friend for a beginner could be a useful sushi cookbook than the person you are learning it from. He/she may not be available to you all the time but this cookbook stays with you forever.

Whenever you need someone to assist you regarding sushi preparation you get it right away. I mean the book!

Apart from learning the easy sushi making techniques you would be delighted to learn another delicious Japanese dish called Sashimi from this informative book.

Get to know the ingredients and learn the fish cutting techniques to make sushi and sashimi. The book will impress you with all the eye-catching photographs. Good luck, learn all the recipes of the book here. Buy it here.

5) Sushi at Home: A Mat-To-Table Sushi Cookbook

Seriously you could make sushi at home, no need to get to a sushi restaurant to taste it.

Based on the types of seasonal ingredients, the taste of Sushi varies from region to region in Japan. Often it is said that eating and making sushi is easy but finding the right fresh ingredients is not.

Maybe in your home country, it would be difficult to find out the ingredients that we use in Japan. In that case, making sushi at home seems to you unnatural.

However, it does not mean your dream ends there. This fantastic sushi cookbook features both Japanese authentic sushi and creative sushi recipes.

If you are a vegetarian and want to know how vegetarian sushi is made, then please read this book to learn the recipes that suit your eating habit.

It will teach the basic of sushi making techniques including let you familiar with the ingredients, equipment, preparations and sushi eating etiquette.

Besides, photos used in this book are absolutely great! Please learn all the ideas of making homemade sushi by reading this comprehensive cookbook.

6) Edomae Sushi: Art, Tradition, Simplicity

Make some edomae style sushi reading this fantastic cookbook.

If I call it just a cookbook then I would be a great liar. Guess what?!

This is not just a cookbook but much more than that. Kikuo Shimizu (the author) is a master chef who owns a sushi restaurant in Tokyo, shares his ultimate knowledge on Edomae style sushi by writing this unique sushi related book. Have you ever heard of this kind of sushi? It was first originated during the Edo period.

At that time people loved eating this type of sushi very much and still now! You won’t just read how Edomae sushi is made rather you will find its history part very interesting.

His own techniques of making edomae sushi and the ingredients he recommends are truly impressive to get to know.

Anyone who loves eating sushi and currently searching to know about the different sushi varieties must read this one. Buy it here.

This is how Edomae sushi looks like!

In conclusion, all these books listed in this post feature the basic sushi making techniques with photographs.

Collect one of these books and hopefully throwing a party in the upcoming days will be memorable.

If you think you want to surprise your family and friends with delicious sushi recipes for the events like birthday, Christmas, New Year Eve, and Halloween then learn some recipes immediately from these books. Better keep it secret that I tell you this.