Furoshiki is a Japanese traditional wrapping cloth that is eco-friendly and mostly used for wrapping gift, carrying goods or just as a décor accessory. The word Furoshiki comes from two different words, they are “Furo” and “Shiki” meaning “Bath” and “To Spread”. During the Edo period people used Furoshiki as a mat at public bathhouse where before taking a bath they used to put their dresses on it.

A Wrapping Box. Photo credit: Weekend knitter at Flickr through Creative Commons licensing.

People in Japan like using it since it is a unique way to present something to other. Usually, it is made of cotton, nylon, silk, or rayon. A wide variety of design and size are available, so based on your own taste you can choose what design and size you would like to use. This Japanese art has been spread out to many countries such as in Korea where they named it Bojagi.

Furoshiki Japan
Two Beautiful Pieces of Furoshiki. Photo credit: K. Yasuhara at Flickr through Creative Commons licensing.

The practice of using this exceptional art began in the Nara period and widely used until the end of the Edo period. If you ask me to tell you the origin country name then surly I would say it is “Japan.” Many traders used to consider it as a handy item. In fact, it was a popular way to protect small piece of goods and thus while travelling from one place to other places they always preferred and depended on Furoshiki.

A piece of furoshiki can be used for wrapping gift boxes, drinking bottles, books, baskets, bento boxes, fruits, backpacks and etc. Even you can wrap flowers or use it as a bandana and belt. Use of furoshiki sounds great. Is not it?

Take a look at the picture below. It shows some amazing furoshiki techniques to use for our daily life.

Furoshiki Techniques
Severel Furoshiki Techniques. Photo credit: Simona at Flickr through Creative Commons licensing.

There is a tradition that Japanese use this before presenting something to someone as a gift. In general, you wrap colorful plastic around a gift box and present it to your friends and others. You better stop doing it using Furoshiki. You might have a question why to use Furoshiki instead of using colorful wrapping plastic.

My simple answer would be it ensures environment protection not only here in Japan but also all over the world. We are running out of time if we continue polluting our environment then we all will suffer. Don’t you think it is your time to contribute something that could protect our environment? Considering this question you can start using Furoshiki since it is eco-friendly, reusable and multipurpose.

Our environment is being polluted by many ways and use of plastic is one of them. As it is not eco friendly, it is better to search for a substitute product and from this point of view I put furoshiki at the first place. So start using furoshiki, learn the techniques of wrapping gift box, how to carry goods using furoshiki, how to decorate home with furoshiki and many more.

Learn Some Furoshiki Techniques Here!

If you are looking for knowing some furoshiki techniques then I welcome you to take the following lessons. These sort of DIY furoshiki craft ideas could blow your mind up once you discover them all or at least few.

Let’s make a apple wrap with a furoshiki. First, you need to get one and then place it on a table. Now, place the apple in the center of Furoshiki.

Here is your Furoshiki!
Apple Wrapping Furoshiki Techniques Step by Step.

It is time to tie a square knot with the corners A and B. In the next step you will have to place corners C and D through the hole crated by the square knot. It is the tricky part, have you noticed it? I hope you have! Now, you have got to twist D and C corners then make a square knot at the top of circle. That’s it! You have learned it.

1) Furoshiki Basic Wrap Technique

2) Four Ties Wrap Box Technique

3) One Bottle Wrap Technique

4) Basket Wrapping Technique

5) Furoshiki Gift Wrapping Method

6) Furoshiki Backpack Making Idea

Learn all these popular Furoshiki techniques and be an expert. Whenever people ask you “How to make a Furoshiki gift Furoshiki?” then you can easily answer them within a moment.

Where Can I Buy Furoshiki?

You can wrap your bento lunch box with a furoshiki like this one. Photo Credit: goblinbox at Flickr.

Many Japanese retail stores sell colorful furoshiki all over Japan. In fact, you can order online visiting  eStores such as Amazon.com or eBay.com. Here I have selected few pieces for you. You could check them out just clicking on the following links.

1) FUROSHIKI- Japanese Traditional Wrapping

2) Reusable Give Luck Symbols Fabric Wraps Furoshiki, Blue Color

3) Japanese Wrapping Cloth Furoshiki Cherry Blossoms Pink Japan Hitotoki Mt.Fuji

4) Koi Pond 90 cm Furoshiki Cloth

I got furoshiki as a present from one of my best friends a few years ago, they were colorful with different themes. Will you try this new gift idea for your friends? In my opinion, you should think of this unique gift idea. I bet you that your friends would like to get one of these. Thank you!