Summer in Japan could hurt you badly unless you have some idea to knock it off using some preventive actions. Unlike any other parts of the world Japanese summer could be very measurable to you. It is very hot, humid and mostly you will get tired of doing even a simple thing. For those who are planning to visit Japan in summer, you may get into some troubles. Weather bursts out with excessive heat, can be dangerous for little kids.

Summer could be Joyful, Yosaki Festival. Photo credit: Kumar nav at Flickr through Creative Commons licensing.

I myself think that, summer can’t stop you visiting Japan’s best tourist’s spots and the events that you desire to see. Japan’s summer beauty is awesome; people here enjoy fireworks in this season. They wear colorful Yukata to join in summer matsuri (festival) and have some delicious summer dishes which are typically famous street foods all over Japan. To make you aware of Japanese summer and to learn how to deal with summer, I have figured out some Japan’s summer travel tips for you. Now it is time for beat the heat!

Drink Water:

Japan’s Bottled Water! Photo credit: Lisa Pinehill at Flickr through Creative Commons licensing.

We do drink a lot of water in the summer, don’t we?. Possibility of drinking water in summer surly rise than any other season. As you will be traveling many popular tourist destinations, I suggest you to have at least a bottle of fresh water. You could be 100% sure that a cold bottled water can kill your thirstiness at once. It will help you not to get dehydrated. In fact, try to drink lots of fresh water instead of drinking cold drinks.

Purify your Body:

To prevent body odor caused by excessive heat in the summer you have to use some useful perfume. You know sweat happens and it is good for our health but it causes bad body odor that we must prevent relying on branded perfume or body spray. I guess are familiar with your own brand or loyal user of some brands. So, buy a new one before making any long and short trips.

Use a Folding Hand Fan:

Hand Fans Shop in Ginza in the Summer! Photo credit: Danny Choo at Flickr through Creative Commons licensing.

A Japanese hand fan is a very handy travel accessory, especially for summer. They are light weight and can be carried out easily. To make a cool airflow you have to depend on it. Suppose, you are strolling down a street with a tour guide or your friends under sunny weather and feeling very hot out there. In that case, you could use a hand fan either for making cool breeze or covering your face from the sun light. You can find some beautiful Japanese hand fans at

Wear Light & Loose Fitting Costume:

A Couple with Summer Yukata. Photo credit: Alejandro Slocker at Flickr through Creative Commons licensing.

Men could wear shorts and t-shirts. These make them completely smart and comfortable with. On the other hand women must avoid short sleeved clothes; instead they should wear long sleeved ones which would protect their skin from sun burn. Prefer to wear casual pants and avoid wearing jeans but shorts jeans are just fine. An advice to you, if you feel comfortable with Yukata then make it as your number one summer costume.

Rest is the Best:

Keep resting enough to make start another short trip. During the summer time, you constantly would feel warm in Japan. So, it is better if you have some rest at some restaurants or café. It will cool your inner mind to be fresh again.

Walk Slowly:

Ueno Street View in the Summer. Photo credit: Danny Choo at Flickr through Creative Commons licensing.

You have to walk, not all the time though. I know Japan’s bullet trains or so called Shinkansen and other transports would take you the places you wish to discover. But they would not take you at the exact location where you even don’t need to walk yourself to look around. There are train station and parking areas from where you will have to walk for a while to see you desired destinations or events. So, you better walk and move slowly to keep your brain out of heat trouble!

Handkerchiefs & Facial Tissue:

Which one of these do you prefer most to wipe your facial and neck sweat? In Japan, a handkerchief is the most popular one than using facial tissue during summer season. You must carry one of these with you while you travel around. In fact, you could find nice looking design handkerchiefs all over Japan.

Summer Drinks & Dishes:

Matcha Ice Cream! Photo credit: Connie Ma at Flickr through Creative Commons licensing.

As I have mentioned you first to drink a lot fresh water but this time I would suggest you to avoid no alcoholic drinks. You can drink icy fruit juice, kakigori, iced tea, Matcha green tea ice cream, they can be found easily from convenience store and vendors. Eat high water content foods such as cucumber, watermelon, tomatoes, oranges, grapes and other vegetables. Japanese cuisine is ideal for summer dishes. You can have soba noodles, Rei-shabu, sushi, Japanese unagi rice bowl, vegetables curry and many more.

Waterproof Makeup:

Japanese Girls Makeup for Summer Matsuri. Photo credit: CrunchyLens at Flickr through Creative Commons licensing.

Girls should find the best waterproof makeup ideas before entering Japan. Don’t spend much time on hair and makeup. It will just waste your valuable summer time. A light makeup is the best option to go with.


Whether you are a foreign resident who has been living in Japan for study/work or temporary visitors you must do simple exercise in the early morning. It will keep your mind and body fit all the day. After end of your routine exercising you should drink water and a glass of juice or slice of watermelon. I always do it to keep my body strong enough to deal with the summer heat.


Hat & Sunglasses:

Use of these summer travel accessories would be very helpful for you. Both male & female have their own style of hat & sunglasses. A few days ago, while walking outside I saw many beautiful women hats were displayed by vendors. To encounter this year of summer I already have bought a new Ray-Ban sunglasses. I hope this is going to protect my eyes!

Change Schedule:

If possible, you should think of changing your tour schedule. You know, temperature changes constantly and when the temperature rises up to 40 degree Celsius then it is better to stay inside than travelling around in Japan.

Umbrella Shade:

Geisha and Japanese Umbrella, Kyoto. Photo credit: ThisParticularGreg at Flickr through Creative Commons licensing.

To be honest with you, having an umbrella with you would make your trip more pleasant. To get rid of sunny weather, you desperately need this. Japanese parasol umbrella can be purchased before you make your trip. Order beautiful umbrella online at a reasonable price from home or when you just arrived in Japan make sure you buy one from the nearest shop. If you don’t find such shop yourself, please ask your hotel’s receptionists, they will guide you to find a shop from where you could get an umbrella.

No Shoes But Sandals:

It is a great way to walk around. Usually, I wear sandals/flip-flop all the time I hang out with friends during summer. That makes me not to wear shoes and socks. In fact, I don’t feel comfortable with them in an excessive hot weather.

Don’t Miss Toda & Itabashi Summer Fireworks in Japan. Photo credit: Norio NAKAYAMA at Flickr through Creative Commons licensing.

Fair enough! You have just known and got some idea how to beat the heat in Japan. I hope you would remember all these things whenever you visit Japan in summer. Please don’t cancel your summer trip to Japan just knowing how bad summer weather could be, rather think the seasonal events/attractions and fireworks festivals that ahead of this summer.