Learn some useful Japanese phrases and words that are mostly used regularly by the Japanese. This article is based on travelers who are willing to visit Japan soon or someday. Is Japanese language hard to learn? Those who think it is then I better try to help you to learn at least some basic useful Japanese phrases. I believe, you could learn them very easily so that you could use them with native people while visiting many beautiful places all over Japan.

Useful Japanese Phrases
Learn Japanese Phrases Easily. Photo credit: Pascal at Flickr through Creative Commons licensing.

Whether you travel alone or with a Japanese friend you must know the common Japanese phrases and few words. For example, If you are lost then you have to ask someone this way “Mayotte shimai mashita, Tetsudatte kuremasuka?” it means “I am lost, can you help me?” So, imagine how important it is for you to learn some basic phrases.

So are you ready for taking this challenge? Don’t be afraid at all, I won’t bite! I am here to help you. I am not a good teacher though but I try my best here! Make sure you print this out and read this page regularly until you learn them all properly. To do so you have to spend your valuable time on this lesson. I promise you in the end you will be benefited and would love your Japan trip. So let’s go and learn something from here.

I highly recommend this book “Instant Japanese” for travelers. This book will help you to learn many basic regularly used Japanese phrases in a short time. You can also try an audio book called “Basic Japanese“. Common Japanese phrases travel audio is also available for tourists. In fact, I do have a German learning audio book that helps me a lot.

1) Hello – Konnichi wa
2) Good Morning – Ohayo Gozaimasu
3) Good afternoon – Konnichiwa
4) Good Evening – Konbanwa
5) Good Night – Oyasumi Nasai
6) How are You? – Ogenki desuka?
7) I’m fine – Genki desu
8) Thank you – Arigato
9) You are welcome – Dou itashi mashite
10) Goodbye – Sayonara
11) See you later – Mata atode aimashou
12) Yes – Hai
13) No – Iie
14) Happy new year – Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu
15) Happy birthday – Tanjyoubi omedetou gozaimasu
16) Excuse me – Sumimasen  17) I’m lost – Mayotte shimai mashita
18) How much is this – Kore wa ikura desuka
19) Can you help me? – Tetsudatte kuremasuka
20) What’s your name? – O-namae wa nan desu ka?
21) Nice to meet you – Hajimemashite
22) Sorry – Gomen nasai
23) Station – Eki
24) Do you speak English? – Eigo wa dekimasu ka?
25) Help! – Tasukete!
26) Airport – Kuukou
27) Bank – Ginko
28) Water – Omizu
29) Food – Tabemono
30) Please speak more slowly – Yukkuri hanashite kudasai
31) Where are you from? – Shusshin wa doko desu ka?
32) I am from…….. – (watashi wa) … shusshin desu
33) Have a nice day – Yoi ichinichi o
34) Let’s Eat – Itadakimasu
35) What’s this? – Kore wa nan desu ka?
36) I will be right back – Sugu modori masu
37) I’m looking for Honda – Honda wo sagashite imasu
38) Congratulations – Omedetou
39) Where is the toilet – Toire wa doko desu ka
40) Come with me – Watashi to issho ni kite kudasai
41) Please wait a second – Chotto matte kudasai
42) Numbers –
1 – ichi
2 – ni
3 – san
4 – shi
5 – go
6 – roku
7 – nana
8 – hachi
9 – kyu
10 – ju

Are you a beginner of learning Japanese? If so then, you can read a which would help you to learn Japanese alphabets very soon. Check it out here.

As a beginner, you have a great chance to learn it step by step at Nihongo Master. It is a great site that provides plenty of ways to learn Japanese within a short period of time.

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Well, that’s it for today. I think you better start learning all these right away. Just no need to be hurry, just take your time! I was thinking what common Japanese Phrases I should include here. The ones I have got in my mind I added them at once. In the future, if I find more interesting common Japanese phrase then I will share them here.

Everyone can learn these if you have a Japanese friend then you can surprise him or her by using these important phrases. It is time for you to take this challenge. Good luck to you all!