If you are familiar with origami then I assume you have heard about making origami pentagon base out of a square paper. Anyway, have you ever heard of the word Kirigami Pentagon Base? Well, today here, I will teach you how to make Kirigami pentagon base. It is a very easy crafty project that you and your little kids could try at home.

Kirigami Pentagon Base. Photo Credit: takkhis

You will have a lot of fun doing this whole process of making it. To be honest with you, this will reveal the main difference between origami and kirigami. So, wait for that moment until I tell you that. Please keep reading the instructions given below.

Step By Step Kirigami Pentagon Base Insturctions

Make Sure Your Chosen Paper Must Be Square Like This ONE! Photo Credit: takkhis

Step 1 – Get a square size paper. I don’t care about the size, though it could be medium size square or large one but be sure not to choose a very small one. Do you know why I am telling this to you? Making kirigami pentagon base with a small piece of square paper will be hard for you to fold and hold it. I want you make it fun way without having any difficulties.

Step 2 Photo! Photo Credit: takkhis

Step 2 – Right now, you have to fold the paper in half on the horizontal diagonal axis. I hope you did it seeing the photo shown above. I am sorry that my pictures here look awful! They don’t sound good to me but I have to show you the way of making kirigami pentagon base.

Step 3 Photo! Photo Credit: takkhis

Step 3 – Here step number three goes! Get ready for making a small crease in the middle just folding two edges. Then again unfold it and leave it alone like the way I did in the picture.

Step 4 Photo. Photo Credit: takkhis

Step 4 – Make a small crease by folding D and A points. Please take a look at the photo clearly. It will help you to complete this craft project easily.

Step 5 Photo. Photo Credit: takkhis

Step 5 – In this step, I just tell you to fold make another small crease in between point A and the crease you have made a moment ago in the step no 4.

Step 6 Photo. Photo Credit: takkhis

Step 6 – Now you have to fold C and D point over to the left side, remember the line of C and D will be ending up at the point F.

Step 7 Photo. Photo Credit: takkhis

Step 7 – This time you are going to fold the point B and C over to the right side. View step 7 photo multiple times if you don’t get it.

Photo: Step 8! Photo Credit: takkhis

Step 8 – Now fold C and B point and then you will see this new shape. Have you got it?

Photo: Step 9. Photo Credit: takkhis

Step 9 – You have to make a right angle by folding the point 1 and G with C and D.

Photo: Step 10. Photo Credit: takkhis

Step 10 – We have came to the step number 10 but don’t think that it is the last one! It is a simple trick, just make a mountain fold and you will see this shape. Do it yourself and I know you can do it!

Photo: Step 11. Photo Credit: takkhis

Step 11 – Do I still have to tell you where to cut this shape? Just take a look at the black line and the scissors. Thus how you will start cutting the folded paper.

Here Is Your Kirigami Pentagon Base! Photo Credit: takkhis

Step 12 – Now, slowly unfold the folded paper! What do you see now? Have you got the one that you wanted to make? Congratulations! You did it by yourself!!

Well, Have you got the main difference between Origami and Kirigami? Think twice before you make a final decision! If you have not figured it out then listen to me now. The main difference between Kirigami and Origami is –

Kirigami is an art of folding paper and cut it with a scissor while one the other hand, Origami is an art of paper folding. Here in this DIY project, we use scissor to make a pentagon base, so we can’t tell it as Origami pentagon base but Kirigami pentagon base.

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In my opinion, you should practice it many times until or unless you make a good one. Don’t get disappointed when you make it worse. It happens for the beginners for sure! So, start practicing a lot and in the future you will be making awesome kirigami. Good luck and thanks for reading this article.