When someone visits Tenshochi Park in spring, he/she experiences the picture-perfect scenery consisting of a breathtaking cherry blossoms tunnel, river, colorful crap streamers, and snow-capped mountains in the background.

These are the impressive things that you never get tired of viewing. There, visitors are not just offered to enjoy beautiful sakura but also spectacular views of mountain scenery in the distance. It seems the place is quite an elegant for mountain paintings! Indeed it is.

This looks very impressive! Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Famous for its cherry blossom in Tenshochi Park, Kitakami is a small city, located in Iwate Prefecture, Japan. The park has been registered as one of Japan’s best 100 sites for viewing sakura. With so many wonderful places around Iwate Prefecture, this park will never be missed exploring by thousands of nature lover during spring.

If you like to travel to tranquil places anywhere on the planet, come to this beautiful arena where there is plenty of space to walk around and a culture that is so different from your own.

Best time to see Cherry blossom in Tenshochi Park

The average time to view sakura at the park is between late April and early May. The last week of April is considered the prime time to enjoy the blossoms out there. Check out this year’s cherry blossom forecast.

During the festival, sometimes it rains, or often the weather could windy there, which in fact causes of sakura blossom blizzard. While on the other hand, when the sun shines bright, the area becomes quite enjoyable for tourists to stroll around. You should always pray for a sunny days when it comes to visiting a hanami spot in Japan.

Kitakami Tenshochi Park Sakura Matsuri

A horse driven carriage in Tenshochi park. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Kitakami in the spring is all about viewing sakura in Tenshochi Park. This riverside park has been designated as one of the three most beautiful hanami spots in the Tohoku region alongside Hirosaki Castle Park, and Kakundate. It’s hard to find a local who does not admire its breathtaking cherry blossom displays. Many tourists think that the park and its surroundings are well worth a stop.

Tenshochi Park is blessed with approximately 10,000 cherry trees of different kinds found along the promenade. This 2 km long path is lined with those thousands sakura trees and they all look marvelous when they are in full bloom.

There are many ways to experience the spring beauty of Kitakami. Usually, visitors begin their trip by taking a walk across the bridge located on the western end of the walk. When they head towards the eastern end of the street, they encounter endless beauty of cherry blossoms, impressive mountain landscapes in the distance; horse driven carriage, sightseeing cruise boat in the Kitakami River, food stalls, and many nature enthusiasts including photographers.

The sakura tunnel of Tenshochi park. Photo Credit: Kimon Berlin at Flickr.

After you get off the train at Kitakami Station, you have two options to reach the tunnel of sakura. Either you take a walk across the bridge or take the ferry. Which one do you think would be the best for you? You have to decide yourself! Please note when you take the ferry to cross the river you have to pay 300 JYP (one way ride).

The festival usually takes place from mid April to early May. During the festival, the park welcomes hundreds of tourists each day. It means it could be crowded. If you are staying nearby, try visiting it in the early morning to avoid the crowds. An overnight stay in the area would be great since at night sakura trees in the park are illuminated gorgeously.

When you are in Kitakami town, make sure you pay a visit to Kitakami City Museum and Michinoku Folklore Village as they are located within the park.

Access to Tenshochi Park

Visitors don’t have to walk much to reach Tenshochi from Kitakami Station. If you are coming from Tokyo, then get off at Kitakami station and then take a walk for 15 minutes. Alternatively, if you don’t want to walk and looking for other way to reach the site faster, take the ferry. It’s a-5 minute pleasant ride. People there actually walk across the bridge first and enjoy time in the sakura tunnel, then get back to the station by taking the ferry.

Comfort Hotel Kitakami is possibly the best hotel to stay overnight in the area as it’s located adjacent to Kitakami Station.

In Conclusion

There are so many beautiful places to stroll around Japan in the spring months to see sakura. Tenshochi is one of those breathtaking places where you should pay a visit and stroll around. The time you spend there would be memorable and your trip becomes full of great adventure.

Spring has arrived in the land of the rising sun, yet cherry buds are waiting to open. Some of you have already planned where to go during your trip this hanami season. If you think that Iwate is a great place to see cherry blossom, don’t think twice, just pack your things and hop on the train to Kitakami.