Looking for the best and reliable portable pocket WIFI rental in Japan? Don’t you want to stay connected while traveling around Japan? If you say “YES I AM & I WANT TO” then I have to tell you “There are some options, but I can only recommend you the best one.” Public wifi is vulnerable, you better stay away from it.

When you visit Japan, it would seem to you very rewarding because it offers endless discoveries including the delicious foods, festivals, sightseeing attractions, shopping, accommodation, and more. Whatever you do in Japan, don’t think of living without the internet. You must need this to make your trip awesome.

Sakura in Sapporo.

I think traveling around Japan shouldn’t be hard. We all like to stay away from unwelcome surprises. However, I have an idea to share with you to make your journey hassle-free.

Here in this post, you will be reading about the story of my last trip to Sapporo city in the Hokkaido region. While at the same time, I introduce you a very useful travel accessory called PuPuRu pocket WiFi. To be honest, PuPuRu pocket WiFi is a good choice for you.

Whether you believe it or not PuPuRu WiFi makes my Trip Easier

You use the orange envelop to return the devices (stamp is not required). Put everything in there, and then drop it off into a post box.

I strongly believe that Pupuru pocket wifi is one of your most important travel accessories whenever you visit Japan. Don’t you forget it! It’s handy and never allows you to realize that you are living without the internet. You can use Google Maps, and locate your destination easily. In addition, you can call a taxi by using an app. It’s very easy to do. When you do have a pocket wifi, you can search useful information you need to know before you start off your daily sightseeing trips.

Have you ever thought of being lost when you visit a new country where people don’t speak in your mother language? Say for example, you are now in Sapporo (Capital city of Hokkaido), and planning to visit an attraction for the first time. Can you take a walk to reach your desired destination without the internet? Think yourself wisely! Probably it’s possible to get to your destination seeing road signs and etc., but it will be time consuming as well as you will have to ask some strangers for the right direction. Please note most of the Japanese people don’t understand English much. That’s the case!

Night view over Sapporo city from the Mount Moiwa observation deck.

This spring, I took a trip to Sapporo city with the aim of visiting its top hanami spots. My trip would not have been great if I had not used Pupuru Pocket WiFi. In fact, I was offered to use its Hi-Speed (Unlimited/LTE) – Softbank 501HW. I tested the wifi pocket device by taking it to different locations across Sapporo as well as on the outskirts of the city. It has worked absolutely fine and I’m pleased to see the signal condition was not weak at all.

Wherever I went, I was able to communicate with my friends and family online. I have made numerous video calls on Skype and LINE. Some of my friends have requested me to share a live scene of breathtaking night view over Sapporo city from the Mount Moiwa observation deck. I am glad I was able to do that via Skype. Please note you will not be provided free wifi at Mount Moiwa observation platform.

Nakajima Park’s cherry blossoms.

Sapporo is a big city, and at some point if you are a new comer, there is a chance of being lost. Let’s forget about Sapporo for a while. What if you are in Tokyo, Kyoto or Osaka now? You will get lost, if you don’t know the right direction. When you are connected with the internet, you should not worry at all. Roam around, have fun, try the local foods, but always make sure you are connected with PuPuRu WiFi. You never get lost!

I like to take a walk in the different neighborhoods in Tokyo and especially Sapporo city. For me walking is the best way to experience the daily life of the locals. While on the other hand, you may rent a bike to explore a certain area. Whether you ride a bike or walk, make sure you carry your pocket wifi with you all the time. It does not have to be in your pocket, why don’t you just put this device in your backpack? I did it!

The last time I visited Sapporo, I walked a lot and visited a number of awesome places such as Mount Moiwa, Asahiyama Memorial Park, Nakajima Park, Maruyama Zoo, Maruyama Park, Susukino area, Sapporo Station, Hokkaido Shrine, Odori Park, Former Hokkaido Government Office Building, Sapporo TV Tower, Hokkaido University and other places. Each of these places tells you a different story. Though sometimes I used the trams to get back to my hotel’s room, but most of the time I felt myself very inspired when I walked.

Besides, it was an amazing experience when I was strolling along the garden paths of the Maruyama and Nakajima Koen. Do you want to know why? I was amazed to see sakura there, just like everyone else. Indeed cherry blossoms were in full bloom at that time.

Sapporo TV Tower – the symbol of Sapporo City, Hokkaido.

If you are a solo traveler in the city, please take a walk and explore its picturesque neighborhoods. Thus how actually you will find many objects to be photographed. Since I was accompanied by PuPuRu Wifi, finding the best and shortest route on Google Maps to reach my final destination was super easy, such as from the Sapporo Clock Tower to Nakajima Park or Maruyama Zoo to Odori Park. See how internet connection did help me and save my valuable time!

To make your Japan trip awesome, PuPuRu Wifi also introduces another handy device called Pocketalk – multilingual interactive communication device to overcome language barrier. It works fine too! It was an unbelievable experience when I tried it for the first time. I have some friends who study at Hokkaido University. Some of them are Chinese. Therefore, to check its usability, I had to speak something in English/Japanese and then it translated my words into Chinese correctly. My Chinese friend was amazed to see the result. I think time has come to say “goodbye” to your language barrier.

Top Reasons why you should use PuPuRu Wifi

Pupuru’s black pouch, pocket wifi device, pocketalk, AC adapter and USB cable.

1) PuPuRu pocket wifi device is very easy to use, make reservation online, pick-up, and return. You can pick up your device at an airport, hotel or have it delivered to a house. When returning it, you can drop off into any post box found throughout the country.

2) I was surprised by its customer support team. They are very helpful! Obviously this is one of the big reasons why you should use PuPuRu wifi. If you have any problem with the device or need to know something before you order, just make a phone call or send them an e-mail. They will reach you soon as soon as they receive your inquiry.

3) Super fast internet speed and good signal condition. How cool is that!

4) You get unlimited data usage with spending only 700 JYP per day. It’s cheap, don’t you think so?

5) It’s hard to find Free WiFi Hotspots in Japan, so with the use of this little pocket wifi device you are in the safe zone. You can visit Hyperdia as many as times you want to see the train timetable and do other stuffs.

6) Nowadays people more are dependent on Google Maps when they travel around. The good thing is – apart from using it for right directions from one place to another, it does offer many other kinds of travel tools. Without question it makes traveling easier. How do you think of traveling around without Google Maps? To use this useful app, you need to stay connected with the internet and PuPuRu pocket WiFi makes it possible.

7) When you have a pocket wifi, you don’t need to buy a SIM card to access the internet in Japan. Save some money my friends!

8) Pupuru pocket wifi enables you to connect several smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. at once.

Important Tips to Share

Read the manual carefully.

1) With an AC adapter and USB cable, charge it fully before you use it. It ensures that you never run out of battery life when taking a day trip. Please note in the package, along with the WiFi router you will receive a Black pouch, AC adapter, USB cable, English and Japanese Manual, and an orange color envelop.

2) Always make sure that you don’t lose or damage the devices, otherwise you have to pay the compensation fee. If you want to avoid the compensation fee for the damaged or lost devices, purchase damage insurance beforehand.

3) Make reservation at least one month in advance to ensure availability of the device.

4) Payment in cash is not acceptable, but you can pay using your credit card. Please note that Master, Visa, JCB, and AMEX cards are acceptable.

5) If you want to extend your rental period, contact them before your final rental date.

6) Read this page to see more about the WiFi device and Pocketalk. To make a reservation online please click here. Thank you.

In conclusion, my pocket wifi rental experience was cool, and I have nothing to complain about PuPuRu’s pocket wifi rental service. According to my experience, there are many tourists who have used and reviewed Pupuru pocket wifi on their blogs. They share their voice by giving suggestion so that other can feel its necessity.

As a travel expert, I myself want to recommend the best travel gears that you must use. I always dedicate my time to bring out the best recommendations for potential tourists to Japan. Before I review any product or service, at first I use them to find out their pros and cons. I definitely recommend you to try PuPuRu Pocket WiFi. I hope you get the same result as I experienced.

Japan is considered one of the most beautiful countries in Asia. People from all over the world visit the country year-round and they like to immerse into Japanese culture. Are you the next one who wants to experience Japanese culture, heritage, and history?

I have an important message for you, especially for those who are planning to visit Japan in the future “Stay online and have fun in Japan.”