I assume you or your sons/daughters adore cute Japanese female cartoon characters come out from different manga & anime series, video games, fictional models, and different TV commercial. They are super sexy at the same time they are very cute (KAWAII). Those angelic looking faces make you curious to be with them. I understand it is kind of silly to think so. It’s not possible to get them in real human form but there is a great alternative to this.

A Beautiful Cute Japanese Anime Figure. Photo Credit: Danny Choo at Flickr.

What’s the alternative? You know it better than me, don’t you? That’s why you are here now to find some cute sexy attractive Japanese female cartoon figures. Yes, I meant it! It is nice to have their figures at home which even could be seen as collectibles. In modern Japan, many young teenagers collect beautiful cartoon figures and most of the characters are female. As they are extremely hot like a hot cake, they usually get sold very soon when new action figures arrive.

Could it be Used as Modern Japanese Gift Idea?

I say, why not? If modern Japan could flourish all over the world producing great manga and anime, then I would definitely use them as one of the unique Japanese gift ideas. In fact, they are now part of our culture. Even though, Hand fans, Daruma dolls, Akabeko, Wagasa, Chopsticks, and Maneki Neko are considered to be the top traditional Japanese gift ideas, I want to fill this list with a cute Japanese cartoon character figure.

In recent time, a lot of people including kids and adults watch anime and read manga. If you know such person who is awfully addicted to these, then finding a unique gift would very be easy to find for him/her on her special day, for example on Birthday, New Year or Christmas!

Let me show you some awesome looking cute Japanese female cartoon figures here. These figurines will be arrived in your house directly from Japan. These are all best quality made in Japan products. You can fully reply on them.

1) Good Smile Fire Emblem Awakening Tharja PVC Figure Statue:

Fire Emblem Awakening: Tharja. Photo Credit: Amazon.com

I think, I don’t need to introduce her as she is a very popular video game character in Japan. She is part of one of the best selling Nintendo 3DS console games called Fire Emblem Awakening (Japanese tactical role-playing game). She looks much fancier, pretty cute than it sounds.

Take a look at the figure above – her smile and eyes want to tell you something special once you stare at her. I think this would your one of the best figurine you would ever going to be purchased. By the way, who cares? Do you like it? Get this well made action figure here.

2) Good Smile Border Break: Yamashita Version Fiona PVC Figure

border_break _fiona_figure
Fiona Figure from Border Break.

If collecting Japanese fictional character figurine is one of your hobbies then please think of this figure twice, not once. She is so beautiful like an angel and look how stylish she is. Have you ever played a Sega game called Border Break? It is a third-person mecha action arcade game developed by Sega. Even though it was first released on September 9, in 2009, still many game lovers are playing this popular game.

I think it is has become one of the classic Sega Games ever released. I promise you that at the first glance anyone would be very interested in this figure and hopefully they will be very jealous of you. So make your choice and surprise your friends, buy it here.

3) Good Smile Hatsune Miku: Figma 2.0 Action Figure

Vocaloid – Hatsune Miku Action Figure.

Don’t make me confuse that telling me you don’t know this sweet girl. She is beautiful “Hatsune Miku” and one of the most popular Japanese fictional characters made by Vocaloid. There are so many Vocaloid charterers that are coming to my mind right now but Miku is far different than others.

She sings songs in front of real audiences at concert and to be honest with you, she is just brilliant. This one is a gorgeous figurine you could collect or buy for others as gift. Learn more here.

4) Banpresto Sailor Moon Girls Memory Series 6.5-Inch Sailor Moon Figure

Usagi Tsukino – Sailor Moon Figure.

Sailor Moon first appeared as a manga form in December 28, 1991 written by Naoko Takeuchi. Later, many of its manga readers enjoyed seeing it as an animated form. It sounds not bad at all! The cute girl you see above is called Usagi Tsukino or Sailor Moon. She has got some friends you can find them either in manga or anime series.

However, among those characters I thought Sailor moon was very attractive and I should share her figure here with you. Want to get it right away? Please follow this link.

Top 10 Cute Japanese Cartoon Characters of All Time

5) Kotobukiya Street Fighter Cammy Bishoujo Statue

Cammy the Street Fighter Figure.

Here it comes a female fighter called Cammy, originated from United Kingdom. She is one of the most furious fighter of Street Fighter game series. She is very cute at the same time she knows how to deal with her opponents.

I awfully believe that you have chosen her as one of your dream street fighters and played against other opponents led by your friends. If you are a super fan of this girl then check this figure out here.

6) Penguin Parade Walkure Romanze: Celia Cumani Aintree PVC Figure

Celia Cumani Aintree Figure.

I guess this is the most sexiest cute Japanese female cartoon characters you have seen so far in this article. She comes from the video game called Walkure Romanze: Shōjo Kishi Monogatari and anime series Walkure Romanze.

Does she allure you much? Hey guys, I am not kidding with you. I am asking this because she does allure me! If you like this awesome sexy looking figurine then learn more here.

7) Furyu Everyday Life Series 6″ Super Sonico After Taking Bath Version Figure

Super Sonico Figure.

Super Sonico is a mystic Japanese female character developed by Nitroplus. She has been appeared in manga and anime series, video games, and as figurine. The figure you see above is pretty cute where she holds a hair dryer, dyeing her hair after taking a bath. I have few other style Super Sonico figurine including this one.

Most of the figurines that have been made so far seem to me like “wow – such a pretty fictional charterer that makes a super birthday gift idea for its fans”.

8) Max Factory – Puella Magi Madoka Magica figurine Figma Sayaka Miki 13 cm

Sayaka Figure.

Who the hell are you cutie? Oh sorry – I did not mean to hurt you, in fact I was just kidding with the readers here. I don’t know if they know you well but as a big fan of yours I adore you very much. And you already know this. This sounds crazy what I have said a moment ago but have you ever heard of her name before?

Here in Japan, Sayaka is a popular girl name. I even have two of my best friends who named after Sayaka. The Sayaka you see here is a fictional Japanese female character appeared in a manga and anime series called Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Look guys, she is holding a sword here, don’t tease her please! Buy this nice figurine here.

9) Good Smile Puella Magi Madoka Magica The Movie: Madoka Kaname Nendoroid (Yukata Version)

Cute Madoka Kaname Figure.

Is this going to be the cutest Japanese female fictional character? I bet you! Some of you would thing so as I do. I think I won’t act as a mad guy naming it as the most cutest cartoon characters in Japan who is widely known as Madoka Kaname. “Hi dear, how are you?” – Oh she is asking you that, not me!

Bring her home right away ordering it here. I think this is the unique gift idea for your little daughter for this year Christmas. Don’t forget that, this is a great recommended product for those who really like playing with dolls.

10) Haruhi Suzumiya Kouyou Academy Uniform Figma Action Figure

Haruhi Suzumiya Action Figure.

OMG! She looks like she just lost her job or did not pass any exams he had appeared before. While Madoka Kaname looks surprising, Haruhi sounds real cute creepy. Sometimes one appearance in picture does not tell everything about what she really is. In fact, she is a cute little girl having so many thoughts in her mind. She can’t be annoying to you rather be a fine girl that your are looking for decade. Have you got it? If you then check this out.

Did I exaggerate things here? If I did I apologies to you. I did not mean anything bad about the figures I have reviewed here. It is just fine when we add some humor in our writing. I think you totally understand me.

All these cute female figurine can be purchased at Amazon.com and the ones I have brought here got so many good reviews from the buyers who are fully satisfied. You don’t have look for other figurine since I believe I got the best ones here, so don’t waste your valuable time, just get one of these.