Sapporo is one of the finest cities in Japan for shopping. Here is a guide to the best shopping spots in Sapporo!

A lot of tourists visit Sapporo throughout the year. They spend their time on exploring the city’s iconic landmarks, delicious foods and of course the popular shopping centers to buy the best products and souvenirs.

It is the fifth-largest city in Japan. The city has hosted many international events and is a major tourist destination, especially in winter. However, what else is there to do there besides ski or enjoy its famous snow festival?

Shop for one! Sapporo has some excellent shops, featuring everything from local boutiques to large brands. Here are the twelve best places to go shopping in Sapporo!

Please note Sapporo is a four season destination in Hokkaido and there are many incredible places in and just outside the city that are perfect for enjoying a memorable day trip. We hope this guide to the best shopping spots in Sapporo will give you some shopping ideas in this beautiful city.

1. Tanukikoji Shopping Arcade/Street

Tanukikoji Shopping Street, Sapporo. Photo Credit: James.Kirk at Flickr.

Shopping in Sapporo is hard to beat! Wander along Tanukikoji Shopping Street – one of the famous Sapporo Shopping areas – which is home to more than 200 shops.

Located in Hokkaido, this is one of the oldest shopping streets in the area. The covered arcade runs for 200 meters, divided up into seven blocks. The Shopping Arcade’s symbol is the tanuki (also called a raccoon dog). This is a very popular tourist area.

There are not only a lot of shops, but also several choices for food, drink, and entertainment. Enjoy restaurants ranging from ramen to steakhouses or stop at a brewery. There is plenty to do here to fill up a lively and delightful day of shopping!

2. Sapporo Underground Shopping Center (Pole and Aurora Town)

Starting at Odori Station, this shopping center extends underground to the south. It’s a large shopping mall, 312 meters in length, with an event space (Aurora Plaza) and an open space (Aurora Square).

There are lots of fun touches, including cute shell parakeet sculptures at Odori Square, as well as plenty of shopping.

Without question this underground shopping

3. Red Brick Terrace (Akarenga Terrace)

Akarenga Terrace. Photo Credit: アルトクール at Wikimedia Commons.

Stylish Akarenga Terrace in Hokkaido is a relatively new shopping area. All the shops are contained in one building that was once a government office building.

Now, it hosts numerous shops on multiple floors as well as some excellent open spaces with amazing views of the downtown area.

Be sure to get some food at one of the nearby shops then find a cozy spot to enjoy your food and the sights.

4. Sapporo Stellar Place

Sapporo Station, Stellar Palace and Esta. Photo Credit: 663highland at Wikimedia Common.

Sitting just south of JR Sapporo Station and directly linked to its south exit, Sapporo Stellar Place contains more than 200 shops. Enjoy world-class dining, from conveyor belt sushi to French cuisine.

It’s a great place for visitors to try out some of the local flavors while shopping for a wide range of goods, including clothing, beauty, and household goods. You can also enjoy a movie or a massage if you’d like a break.

5. Sapporo ESTA

Next to Stellar Place is Sapporo ESTA building, one of the biggest shopping centers in Sapporo.

This mall has direct access to Sapporo Station, as well. It’s a great mall for everyday items, including some world-class Japanese electronics.

On the upper floors, you can find many famous Japanese fashion brands, like UNIQLO and GU. On the tenth floor, you can enjoy the Sapporo Ramen Republic, essentially a ramen theme park. Why don’t you visit the building and enjoy Tax-free shopping?

6. Daimaru Sapporo

Daimaru Sapporo. Photo Credit: Nagono at Wikimedia Commons.

This huge department store sells just about anything you might want. Also directly linked to Sapporo Station, this is a great opportunity for the whole family to get out. There is a play area located near the children’s section on the fourth floor.

If you are staying in Japan for less than a month before returning to your home country, you can get a special 5% off shopping coupon if you show the information desk on the first floor your passport.

Below the shopping floors, you can enjoy some of the best food from all over Japan at an amazing food court.


Also connected to Sapporo Station, this fashion-focused shopping area offers a wide range of brands, especially for young women.

It’s a great place to find the latest and greatest trends in women’s fashion in Japan. You can also find many specialty shops that are Japan-focused, making them a great place to pick up souvenirs and gifts.

8. Sapporo Factory

Inside Sapporo Factory. Photo Credit: t-konno at Wikimedia Commons.

This huge shopping and entertainment complex was opened in downtown Sapporo in the 90s. All the shops are arranged around a five-story atrium.

It has a very open atmosphere and the architecture is very elegant. Sapporo Factory was built on the site of Japan’s first beer brewery.

There is still a small brewery in the building that visitors can view. You can also try some of its beer nearby!

To get to Sapporo Factory, you can walk from the Bus Center-mae Station on the Tozai Subway Line (5 minutes) or from JR Sapporo Station (15 minutes).


Another one of the many malls connected to Sapporo Station, this mall is also very fashion-focused, thought its target market is more diverse. Notably, there is a very large number of stores shelling socks. Nearby, you can find many shoe stores.

There are also a lot of gourmet restaurants to be found here, especially those that serve local Sapporo specialties, as well as many national chains where you can get some lighter meals.


PARCO. Photo Credit: Ray Swi-hymn at Wikimedia Commons.

Located near the center of Sapporo, PARCO is a very popular department store.

There are 19 PARCO locations in Japan and they are all very wonderful places to visit. At the Sapporo location, you can enjoy ten floors of shopping, coffee shops, and restaurants. PARCO participates in Japan’s tourist tax-free program.

If you want the popular Japanese shopping experience, PARCO is the place to go. Have some fun time with your family and buy some awesome goods and enjoy the foods!

11. Sapporo Central Wholesale Market Curb Market

This is a must-see for visitors to Sapporo! Every morning, fresh fish and produce arrive in this market. This an excellent place to get fresh seafood and offers a great opportunity to see the lively action of a curbside market in Japan.

Be sure to get lunch here before you leave. You can get there by walking from Soen Station (10 minutes) or Nijuyonken Station (7 minutes).

12. Nijo Market

Whether you like sea food or not, you must go there to see what it offers.

This fish market, located near the center of Hokkaido, dates back to the early Meiji Period.

It began small, as a place where fishermen from Ishikari Bay started selling fish. It grew to span the Sosei River and attracted bars and grocers. It is still a thriving place today, providing locals and visitors alike with excellent local food at great prices.

It is a delight no matter the time of year, as many of the locations have gas heaters nearby to make it more comfortable to shop. You can get there from Bus Center mae Station (3 minutes) or Odori Station (15 minutes).