Hokkaido Summer Travel Guide

10 Beautiful Flower Farms in Furano and Biei

Visiting Central Hokkaido (Furano and Biei) for its picturesque lavender and stunning flowers fields is one of the best things you will do in Japan in summer. Without question, there are many incredible things to do in Hokkaido with a lot of outdoor activities to experience.

Furano city is packed with millions of visitors in each summer. Their ultimate goals are to experience the best views of lavender fields. Besides, Furano they explore places like Nakafurano, Kamifurano and Biei.

In order to enjoy the flower fields and gardens to the fullest you must arrive there in mid-late July, when tons of flowers are in full bloom.

There are 10 most beautiful flower farms/gardens in Central Hokkaido that are worth exploring. These places are easy to access to from downtown Furano city, or even from Asahikawa.

Your trip will be memorable as you would see beautiful flower fields, hilly roads, rolling hills, farms, and mountains in the distance.

1) Farm Tomita:

Lavender at Farm Tomita. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Farm Tomita is a place of scenic beauty in Hokkaido. With a variety of stunning flower fields, this is an iconic flower farm where visitors can see different kinds of flowers from mid June to early October.

In the year of 1958, the cultivation of lavender had begun. Since then it has evolved dramatically and now it has become a natural treasure of Furano area.

The area of the farm consists of several beautiful flower fields, gardens, greenhouse, museum, shops, houses, restaurants and cafes. The best time to see lavender at this farm is in mid July.

If you arrive here in early August then all the lavender will be harvested though still there are tons of seasonal flowers left to satisfy you.

The greenhouse offers you to see lavender all year round though I know this not for why you would be there, right? It is just awesome looking at the purple lavender fields; actually the farm at its best when tons of lavenders are in their full glory.

Beautiful rainbow flower field of Farm Tomita. Photo Credit: Nakae at Flickr.

People say it is the top lavender garden to visit, honestly I agree with it. You will never ever forget the rainbow field view at Irodori Field including tons of lavender at the Traditional Lavender Field.

This is a massive flower farm where you should spend a few hours roaming around and enjoying your time eating fresh farm foods including lavender soft-serve ice cream and fruits. A wide ranges of seasonal flowers bloom from spring to late autumn at this flower farm.

Area: Nakafurano
Access: 7 minutes on foot from Lavender Batake Station
Address: 15 Kisenkita, Sorachi-gun, Nakafurano-cho 071-0704, Hokkaido
Tel: 0167-39-3939
Opening Hours: 8:30am – 6:00pm in summer
Admission: Free
Parking lot: Free

2) Kanno Farm:

Summer flowers at Kanno Farm. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Kanno farm is located along the national route 237 (Furano National Highway) in Kamifurano town. This is a lovely flower farm consists of flower gardens, and a souvenir shop to buy lavender themed goods, agricultural products, crafts and etc.

There are many kinds of flowers you could see especially breathtaking lavender, poppies, marigold, blue sage, and blue/red salvia.

The flower farm reaches to its utmost beauty between mid July to early August featuring impressive colorful flower beds of lavender, salvia, marigold, poppies and so on.

To look around the whole farm you need only 30 to 40 minutes. There is no admission fee to pay for visitors, it is totally free to access and there is no opening and closing hours as well. But the farm is only open for visitors from June to October.

It is the proper time when usually one can expect to see seasonal flowers at this flower farm. You can go up to top of the farm from where it is so great to observe the whole flower farm. Also don’t miss out the view of the Tokachi Mountain range from this farm.

Area: Kamifurano
Access: 15 minutes from the nearest JR Station (Bibaushi station), approximately 30 minutes from JR Furano station.
Address: Bibaushi Toge, Sorachi-gun, Kamifurano-cho, Hokkaido
Tel: 0167-45-9528
Admission: Free
Parking lot: Free

3) Shikisai no Oka:

Shikisa no Oka is one of the best flower fields in Central Japan.

Shikisai no Oka is the best top recommended flower farm in Biei area. It is seen to be the largest flower field in Biei which sparkles throughout its flowering season.

Mind blowing display of the panoramic flower gardens of Shikisai no Oka is enough to make someone fall in love with Biei summer.

The flower season starts here in April and ends in mid October. Throughout this period of time, a-7 hectare hill is covered with seasonal flowers such as lavender, tulips, salvia, dahlia, sunflower and many more.

Enjoy a stroll here and admire the colorful flower beds! You can rent a golf/buggy cart to roam around the vast flower garden. Apart from this, there is another way to explore the farm. What’s that? It is nothing but a tractor tour bus!

It would be so easy to obverse the whole garden area while sitting in a seat of the tractor bus. It is an enjoyable ride and more important a best way to explore the garden in a short period of time.

You can read more about this flower farm here, where I have explained everything else that a visitor needs to know prior to visiting this beautiful garden.

Area: Biei
Access: 12 minutes car ride from JR Biei Station
Address: 3 Shinsei, Kamikawa-gun, Biei-cho 071-0473, Hokkaido
Tel: 0166-95-2758
Business Hours: 8:30AM to 6:00PM
Admission: Free but 200 JPY is asked for donation to cover the cost of the maintaining the flower gardens
Parking lot: Free

4) Saika no Sato:

Saika-no-Sato in Furano. Photo Credit: James.Kirk at Flickr.

Saika no Sato or its English version name Saika farm is one of the best flower farms to see lavender in Hokkaido with the total area of 6 hectares, located in Nakafurano area.

Three different kinds of flowers: lavender, sunflower and lupines dominate the grounds of this beautiful flower farm.

The variety of flower gardens spread of the hills of this amazing flower field. Here, you can view an impressive looking sunflower garden in September.  The best time to see flowers here are from June to early October.

Saika no Sato is seen to be another picturesque spot for viewing flower in Nakafurano area alongside Farm Tomita and Choei Lavender Farm. From here you can experience an unforgettable dreamy view of Mt. Tokachidake and Mt. Ashibetsudake.

The farm cultivates large amount lavender commercially every year. In fact a wide range of unique lavender goods can be purchased from the souvenir shop located in this farm. You can pick lavender here if you want!

Area: Nakafurano
Access: A 15-20 minute walk and a-5 minute ride by car from JR Nakafurano Station
Address: 6-1 Okamachi, Sorachi-gun, Nakafurano-cho 071-0762, Hokkaido
Tel: 0167-44-2855
Business Hours: 8:00 Am to 5:00 Pm (permanently closed)
Admission: Free
Parking lot: Free

5) Flower Land Kamifurano:

Lupins bloom in June at Flower Land Kamifurano.

Firstly, I would like to inform you that never visit this flower farm in October. This could be just a little travel tip but certainly it is an important message for those who are thinking to have a trip during that time of the year.

Cancel the trip right away and plan to get here from mid June to mid September. This is the best time to visit this beautiful flower farm. And if you only intend to view lavender here then I warmly welcome you to come here in mid July.

Typical summer flowers bloom at the right time assuring visitors that they are not disgusting. As the farm is located over the hill, it is really great to experience the distinct flower gardens.

It is less crowded and you have plenty of things to do such as riding on the tractor bus, having Furano melons, crafts making, pillow making, and buying unique souvenirs.

Area: Kamifurano
Access: A-10 minute distance by car from JR Kamifurano Station
Address: Kita 27 Nishi 5, Sorachi-gun, Kamifurano-cho 071-0505, Hokkaido
Tel: 0167-45-9480
Business Hours: 9:00 Am to 6:00 Pm
Admission: Free
Parking lot: Free

6) Miyama Pass Lavender Garden:

This is truly a breathtaking lavender farm. Photo Credit: www.yokoso-japan.jp.

There is an observatory for visitors to look over the lavender garden as well as the majestic Mt. Tokachidake range in the distance.

If it is a sunny day then you may thing that you have hit the jackpot. Do you know why? Firstly, to enjoy viewing lavender garden a sunny day is recommended. And secondly, Tokachidake mountain range looks stunning as it can be viewed clearly.

Miyama pass is a road through the gentle hills along the National Highway Route 237. It is located on the town borders of Kamifurano and Biei. Many tourists like to drive their cars through this road which even gets awfully beautiful during the lavender season.

Spectacular scenery with flowers of different kinds carpeted the rolling hills. You are requested to be there in mid-July. You can head to Miyamatoge Art Park.

It provides a Ferris wheel from where a lovely view of Kamifurano town can be observed. In addition, there is also Trick Art Museum, even though it is small but you must visit it.

Area: Kamifurano
Access: A-5 minute walk from Miyama Touge bus stop
Address: Nishi 9 sen Kita 34 Gou, Kamifurano-chou, Hokkaido
Tel: 0167-45-6810
Business Hours: 9:00AM to 5:00PM
Admission: Free
Parking lot: No

7) Zerubu-no-Oka & Atomu-no-Oka

Panoramic garden Zerubu no Oka. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

If you are in the mood for having a wonderful time in a flower garden then you should think of this one. Zerubu-no-Oka & Atomu-no-Oka is the second most popular flower farm in Biei area after the Iconic Shikisai-no-Oka. It has hardly been missed by the visitors of Biei.

Vividly colored flowers create spectacular views which can be enjoyed taking a stroll though the garden paths. Lavender is grown here abundantly along with roses, lilies, poppies and sunflowers.

If you want to visit all the renowned flower farms of Furano and Biei from Asahikawa then this would be your first flower farm you should visit. It is not a famous like Farm Tomita but who cares! If you think yourself as a nature lover then I know you will fall in love with this one.

Area: Biei
Access: A-10 minute ride by car from JR Biei Station
Address: Daisan, Biei-chou, Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido
Tel: 0166-92-3160
Business Hours: 8:30AM to 5:00PM from April through October
Admission: Free
Parking lot: Free (Limited)

8) Choei Lavender Farm & Nakafurano Flower Park:

The park spreads over the slopes of Hokuseiyama!

Those who think that flower farms of Biei are located far away from Furano area then there are few farms left for you to visit and one of them would be Choei Lavender Farm.

Sometimes people also know this place as Nakafurano Flower Park but whatever it is called that’s should not be your major concern. Your concern should be how you should enjoy visiting it thoroughly.

There is a chair lift/ski life ride up and down the hill over the lavender and other rainbow flower fields. It is really impressive as there is nothing to be worried of falling to the ground.

It is a safe journey! Your job is to bring the inner peace to your mind while looking over the multicolored flower carpet. If you are not in a hurry then why don’t you take a stroll through the garden paths? It will be an enjoying moment for you.

Area: Nakafurano
Access: A-15 minute walk from JR Nakafurano Station
Address: 1-41 Miyamachi, Sorachi-gun, Nakafurano-cho 071-0714, Hokkaido
Tel: 0167-44-2123
Business Hours: 8:00AM to 5:00PM from June to Mid August
Admission: Free
Parking lot: Free

9) Hinode Park:

Hinode Park’s lavender gardens. Photo Credit: Furano Tourism Association.

This flower farm is quite popular for celebrating wedding ceremony. Many couples with their family and friends gather here to celebrate the most important day of their life.

Just to inform you that, there is a nice wedding bell from where views of flower fields and the rolling hills is very amusing. In fact, I have seen many actors and actress from Japan as well as around the world come here as this is one of the perfect filming spots in Hokkaido.

Here, lavender fields are at their best in July. One of the interesting facts you should take down is that, Kamifurano is the first place in Japan to see new season’s lavender bloom.

And this lavender farm contributes no less than Flowerland Kamifurano. Instead of throwing a wedding ceremony somewhere in Japan, I believe one should consider this spot as the decoration is managed naturally with tons of flowers here.

Area: Kamifurano
Access: A-15 minute walk from JR Kami Furano Station
Address: Hinodekouen Higashi 1 sen-kita 27gou, Kamifurano-chou, Sorachi-gun, Hokkaido
Tel: 0167-39-4200
Business Hours: 24 Hours
Admission: Free
Parking lot: Free

10) Lavender East:

Lavender Field at Lavender East, Furano. Photo Credit: ken at Flickr.

Although Lavender East is a part of Farm Tomita, it is located 4 km east of Farm Tomita. It is amazing looking at the lavender fields at this farm.

In order to produce perfume ingredients, rice paddy fields were converted to lavender fields. Obviously lavender is cultivated here as commercial purpose, no doubt about that. Though, a lot of tourists start visiting this beautiful lavender field in early July to mid July.

There is a lavender bus that operates its service for farm’s visitors during the lavender season. Admission to this lavender farm is free but when you take a ride on the lavender bus (carriage) you have got to pay 200 Yen.

It is an interesting and a relaxing ride, which allows you to enjoy the surrounding nature of the farm including lavenders. You can head to souvenir shops where a wide range of lavender products can be purchased at an affordable price.

Area: Nakafurano
Access: A-7 minute car ride from Farm Tomita
Address: 16 Higashi 6 Kita, Sorachi-gun, Kamifurano-cho 071-0526, Hokkaido
Tel: +81 167-39-3939
Business Hours: 8:30AM to 05:00PM in July
Admission: Free
Parking lot: Free

That’s it! These are the most recommended and beautiful flower farms you can explore in Furano and Biei during the month of JULY! Prefer visiting these farms in mid July and make your dreams come true.

You would never understand why they are known as the flowers of paradise until you take a trip to these flower farms separately. Thanks for reading.