Hokkaido Summer Travel Guide

Lavender Season in Hokkaido 2024 | Visit Furano and Biei

Hokkaido, the second largest island of Japan is very famous for its lavender season. Usually, this flowering season starts in late June in the summer.

Unlike cherry blossom season that stays less than a week at a particular hanami spot, lavender season stays for more than a month from early July to early August. In fact, Hokkaido’s weather is quite favorable to cultivate lavender.

Most of the lavender cultivation can be seen in a small town named Nakafurano. Hokkaido’s lavender season depends on this town, located next to Furano.

Please check out the lavender tour or Hokkaido summer itinerary to get some idea right now.

Lavender Garden – Farm Tomita, Furnao. Photo Credit: 663highland at Wikimedia Commons.

Nakafurano and Kamifurano, these two small towns host some flower festivals every year in July. Will not it be great for you to spend a few days in Furano in summer?

Hokkaido itself famous for being a coldest place in the country, but those snowy landscapes could turn into a colorful landscapes offering you variety of flower including lavenders.

Therefore visiting Hokkaido in the summer to see the eye-catching lavender fields will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for you.

Japan offers you endless natural beauty of its distinct four seasons. In the north of Japan, the climate is very harsh but the surrounding impressive snowy landscapes often steal your heart.

Needless to say if you visit Hokkaido in winter, you should definitely plan a trip to the region again during summertime to see its stunning flower fields. In fact, it’s worth returning for.

This Is Not a Typical Snowy Field of Hokkaido but a Field with Lavenders! Photo credit: Yoshiki at Flickr through Creative Common Licensing.

Sakura (cherry blossom) reminds me of the spring, Sapporo Snow Festival reminds me of the winter, colorful leaves (koyo) reminds me of the autumn, on the other hand, deep purple lavender reminds me of the summer.

This is how nature of Japan gives you enormous opportunity to explore its natural beauty.

In this article, I am going to highlight everything that is related to Hokkaido’s lavender season. While reading this article, you will be seeing beautiful lavender photographs of Hokkaido.

Except this, I include some useful travel information. Let’s explore northern Japanese island Hokkaido’s summer nature then!

Furano and Biei – Two Most Famous Places to View Flowers in Summer

Beautiful Picture of Lavender Garden at Farm Tomita, Hokkaido. Photo Credit: James.Kirk at Flickr.

Are Furano and Biei the best places to view summer flowers in the Hokkaido region? Yes indeed they are!

Located in the center of Hokkaido, they are the most popular places to see flowers of different kinds including lavender, lupine, sunflowers and thus how they attract thousands of tourists each and every year.

In Furano, there are two small towns located, they are known as Nakafurano, and Kamifurano, in which picturesque lavender farms can be enjoyed during the peak season (Mid July to Late July).

Biei is a small town that is surrounded by a picturesque landscape of gently rolling hills with rainbow fields. It does seem to you very a pleasant and charming place to travel to! It attracts number of visitors in summer when lavenders are in full bloom.

This area could be divided into two broad categories, they are: 1) Patchwork Road and 2) Panorama Road.

Flowers at Farm Tomita.

The area northwest of the city center is known as “Patchwork Road” and therefore the area south of the city center is called “Panorama Road”. South Biei has a beautiful small flower farm called Kanno Farm.

This city also hosts a biggest marathon event which is called Biei Healthy Marathon. It is a great place for cycling and driving through the hills.

While on the other hand, the city Furano, (located in Kamikawa Subprefecture of Hokkaido Prefecture) is famous for growing beautiful summer flowers including lavenders, poppies, French marigolds and many more. It is not only famous for its wide lavender fields but also for ski slopes.

Depending on the weather condition of the year, the peak season of lavender varies from mid July to early August. If you are a flower aficionado then I assume you won’t miss exploring this beautiful place.

Choei Lavender Farm in the summer. Photo Credit: Nakafurano Tourism Association.

This city offers you four different types of lavender, 1) Okamurasaki 2) Hanamoiwa 3) Yotei and 4) Dark Purple. During the peak season the JR Lavender Bataké Station is open for locals and tourists alike.

However, being one of the coldest areas in Hokkaido, it produces winter vegetables such as carrot and onion in abundance.

This city offers you four most popular lavender viewing spots, they are as follows:
1. Farm Tomita
2. Flower Land Kamifurano and
3. Farm Tomita – Lavender East
4. Hokuseiyama Lavender Field/Choei Lavender Farm

If you are serious of visiting other famous flower farms in these areas then please take a look at the list of the 10 beautiful flower farms to visit in Furano and Biei.

If you want to see rural Japanese landscapes and scenic spots like these, then why not to visit Furano and Biei in the summer of 2024?

Best Lavender Farms to See in Hokkaido

What a Beautiful Flower Filed. Photo credit: titanium22 at Flickr through Creative Common Licensing.

What is the perfect garden/farm to view Hokkaido’s lavenders?

Let me narrow the exact destination! Have you ever heard of a place name called Furano? Yes, you have heard of this a moment ago while reading this article.

In fact, this is where you need to go first when you arrive in Hokkaido to see breathtaking view of lavender.

This is a beautiful town located in Kamikawa sub-prefecture of Hokkaido prefecture. Most of the popular lavender fields are found there.

Beautiful Shikisai-no-Oka Flower Garden, Biei. Photo credit: iyoupapa at Flickr through Creative Common Licensing.

Now, take a look at the list of popular lavender viewing spots in Furano and Biei:

1) Farm Tomita
2) Saika Farm
3) Choei Lavender Farm/Hokuseiyama Lavender Field & Nakafurano Flower Park
4) Flower land Kamifurano
5) Shikisai-no-Oka, Biei
6) Farm Tomita – Lavender East
7) Miyama Pass
8) Hokusei-no-oka Observatory Park
9) Hill of Zerubu & Hill of Atoms
10) Hinode Park Lavender Garden

I will be describing a few of these places here in this article.

Farm Tomita in Furano, Hokkaido

Read About Farm Tomita and Its History

Farm Tomita in mid-July!

Suppose you are now in Furano, but still you need to find the exact place to view dark purple lavender garden. Am I right? Well, there are many small and large flower fields in Nakafurano and Furano.

Located in Nakafurano, Farm Tomita is arguably the best lavender field in Hokkaido region, even from all over Japan! This is a massive flower farm consists of more than 12 hectares. A beautiful view of Tokachi mountain range is seen from this spot.

History says, Tokuma Tomita is the first generation of the Tomita line introduced this farm in 1903. Though the cultivation of lavender had started in 1958.

It is said that in 1970 the total planting area of lavender reaches its largest at 230 ha, though it decreased thereafter.

A miracle happened in 1976 where the lavender fields of Farm Tomita was introduced on the calendar of JR throughout Japan.

Then tourists had started knowing about this beautiful lavender garden and they began to visit it. In 1998, farm authority had opened a museum named “Tomita Lavender Museum.”

Farm Tomita during spring. Photo Credit: Douglas Perkins at Wikimedia Commons.

It is possible for you to see lavender in the middle of snowy winter because in 2000 they have opened a greenhouse. In 2008, a new farm named “Lavender East” was established. This farm offers you paid 15 minute bus ride through the lavender fields.

Visitors here can purchase variety of lavender-infused products from cafe such as ice-cream, perfume, original lavender essential oil, pastries, jellies, honey puddings, cream puff, dried lavender, cream puff and so on.

You would definitely see rainbow fields that means field’s rows are planted by different colorful flowers. It is not hard to reach to Farm Tomita from downtown Furano, just take a bus or train.

If you are living in Tokyo then the best and easiest way to be there is to fly to Asahikawa from Tokyo and then you have to go to Nakafurano by bus or train. There is an option you can rent a car from the Asahikawa to reach your dream destination – Farm Tomita. That’s simple!

Opening Hours: 8:30am – 6:00pm in summer.

What to Eat and Shop?

Lavender Ice Cream! This is What You Will Be Eating, No Doubt About That. Photo credit: yoppy at Flickr through Creative Common Licensing.

Tourist just like me expects to buy beautiful things and eat, what about you? If you are from outside Japan then you must be thinking about buying some souvenirs for someone you know.

Well, Hokkaido’s lavenders farms have gift shop from where you can buy variety of original products that are made from fresh lavender.

Some of these are potted plant, dried lavender, soap, candles, perfumes, lavender potpourri doll, lavender tea, lavender essential oil, lavender cosmetics and so on.

Please Have Some Japanese Melon in Furano. Photo credit: Tzuhsun Hsu at Flickr through Creative Common Licensing.

If you are to eat some delicious foods then I highly recommend five delicious Japanese foods you must try they are: Lavender soft serve Ice cream and Furano’s traditional watermelon, Chiffon cake, Pumpkin ice ream, Calpis jelly, Honey pudding and Cream puff.

Next to the gift shop there is a cafe, this is where you can drink Lavender soda.

Take a look at the picture shown above, that’s lavender soft serve Ice Cream! It sounds yummy, right?

Have you seen this kind of melon (shown below) before? If you have not seen then you surly have not tasted it yet, so don’t forget to have a slice.

Flowerland Kamifurano

Lavender in Kamifurano! It is Wonderful. Photo credit: Yoshik at Flickr through Creative Common Licensing.

You don’t be surprised knowing this place as a motherland of lavender. This popular lavender viewing spot is located in Sorachi-gun district. It takes approximately 10 minutes to reach there by car from JR Kamifurano Station.

The first time lavender was introduced here During Showa period (1926-1989) by a essence company, though the first cultivation was part of a trial. People thought Hokkaido was the best area to cultivate it, indeed they were completely right. 

It is said that local farmers of Kamifurano were contracted to grow lavender after the Second World War. Thus how lavender production spread throughout the island.

In 1965, production decreased dramatically because farmers were not able to compete with the price of imported lavender at that time.

Lupine bloom in abundance at Flower Land Kamifurano.

Thereafter the contract was terminated in 1977, it was a contract between farmers and the essence company.

However, those dark days did not stay for long. Farmers did recommend lavender cultivation in order to attract local tourists because during the summer time scenery of that area used to look like a heaven.

In 1979, the first lavender festival was held in Kamifurano and it played an important role to send a message to the world that why Kamifurano was supposed to call as motherland of lavender! Many public and private lavender gardens were formed and today it has become one of the best tourist spots in all over Hokkaido.

Get ready for having craft-making experience such as making pillow with lavender potpourri. It is a fun task I must say you. You will have a great fun experience that is riding on a tractor bus and it is possible to have Furano’s traditional watermelon here.

Shikisai-no-Oka in Biei, Hokkaido

A Panoramic Flower Garden with Lavenders

Panoramic Flower Garden at Shikisai no Oka, Biei.

Can you imagine that sweet fragrance of various flowers coming out of a garden then you can smell and enjoy it? This could happen once you visit a panoramic flower garden called Shikisai no oka. It is a famous flower garden and farm at Biei town.

This is not only famous flower garden for viewing lavender but also for tulips, dahlias, sunflower, lupine, salvia, petunia, celosia, cosmos, California poppy, snapdragon and more. Magnificent landscapes of Hokkaido can be found here!

The small town Biei is blessed with scenery that looks like a heaven! In order to find the real beauty of a flower garden, you should pay a visit to Biei. It is said that the name Shikisai-no-Oka is created by aggregating “Shikisai (color)” and “Shiki (four seasons)”.

The full name Shikisai-no-Oka means the Hill of Seasonal Colors. The total area of this garden is about 7 hectare.

I think it is a big enough space for planting various colorful flower plants along with lavender. Flowers start blooming from April to October, some of them are early bloomers and some are quite late bloomers.

If you want to visit all the area of this flower garden then you better take a tractor bus or cart. This is the perfect transportation for you to view colorful flowers.

The peak season for viewing lavender here is from July to August. When your flower viewing trip is over then you can visit a shop to buy various products that are actually produced in the Biei filed.

Fruits like melons, cherries are available to buy, including pumpkin ice cream.

Spending few hours at this flower garden is a must when you visit Biei. Photo Credit: James.Kirk at Flickr.

There is no access fee to enter the flower garden but you will have to pay when you ride on tractor bus. However, you can donate some money, but how much should you pay? Well ¥200 is enough, that is what I think of!

So, if you can then be a donor. It takes only 5 minutes by car from Bibaushi Station on the JR Furano Line and 50 minutes from Asahikawa-Kita Interchange of the Doo Expressway.

Opening hours depends on season:
April to May/October 9:00 – 17:00
June to September 8:30 – 18:00
November 9:00 – 16:30
December to February 9:00 – 16:00
March 9:00 – 16:30

Is The Town “Nakafurano” Only Famous for Viewing Lavender?

Colorful flower beds in Nakafurano area. Photo credit: Tzuhsun Hsu at Flickr through Creative Common Licensing.

Of course it is not! In fact this small town that is located in the center of Hokkaido welcomes you to see other flowers except lavender. If you had seen any picture of rainbow field of Furano, you would have certainly agreed with me. 

It is true that it is the motherland for lavender. Here, many farmers’ lives depend on lavender cultivation. Nowadays, lavender cultivation in nakafurano town has become one of the best tourist destinations in this lovely island – Hokkaido.

Red poppies, multicolored tulips, purple lavenders, yellow sunflowers can be found here in this place. Whether you believe it or not that Hokkaido is now a peaceful place in summer for nature lovers. It attracts more tourists in the summer than the winter season.

It happens only because of Furano’s massive flower fields. Many Japanese TV Drama series production companies prefer Furano’s landscape. It is clear why they prefer it!

Also number of TV commercials take place in the summer here. Don’t wait anymore, let’s get prepared for seeing beautiful summer nature of Hokkaido.

Saika no Sato/Saika Farm in Nakafurano, Hokkaido

Choei Lavender Farm/Hokuseiyama Lavender Field & Ski Area. Photo credit: Yoshiki at Flickr through Creative Common Licensing.

Saika no sato or Saika Farm is one of the biggest lavender fields in Nakafurano, Hokkaido. Apart from having lavender garden, this farm has lupines, two-rowed barley, red salvias, sunflowers, lupines, cosmoses, and poppies. 

What is the perfect time to visit this farm? The best time to visit this famous garden is from late June to mid September.

Saika Farm Landscape in Summer, Nakafurano.

A wide range of lavender products are available to buy for tourists. From this farm, the stunning view of Mt Tokachidake and Mt Ashibetsudake can be seen and you fully can enjoy the moment you will have. 

If you want to see beautiful rolling Japanese landscape then don’t forget to visit this farm. You will be happy to know that It takes only about 15 minutes on foot from JR Nakafurano Station.

Opening Hours: 8:00AM until 5:00PM

Things to Do to Have a Memorable Lavender Season Trip in Hokkaido

What a beautiful flower field! Photo Credit: Nakafurano Tourism Association.

I could suggest you a list of important things that you must abide by. Accommodation, sightseeing spots, transportation, things to do and etc. will take place in this part.

Since most of the lavender gardens are located Furano and nearest part of Furano including Biei you should know the following tips.

1) The most important thing to do is to check the lavender blooming forecast. The peak season starts usually in July, so keep it in mind, and the best time to see incredible lavender in abundance is between Mid July and Late July. Though visiting the farms in early August would be great too.

2) If you know the exact forecast, prepare yourself for your upcoming trip to Hokkaido. This Hokkaido itinerary could give you some ideas.

3) Tourism Information Center of Furano and Biei give you a lot of useful travel info so don’t forget to check it out. Besides, our Hokkaido guide would help you organize your trip.

4) English Tourist Map, and the FURANO Area Guide would definitely help you to understand something where you need to go to see lavender.

5) Decide how you want to explore and reach to a destination by train, bus or car.

6) Make sure to complete your hotel reservation before arrival, in the summer sometimes it’s impossible to book your hotel because the area is packed with many tourists. Booking.com offers a lot of best hotels deals in Furano and Biei. If you don’t believe me then you could try it yourself from here.

7) Finally take as many as pictures you want including yourself! Just look at the photo on the right side, is not it great?

8) Hokkaido’s temperature remains still cold a bit even in July, could be rainy too. So, those of you who are going to visit Furano lavender field from Southeast Asia, I request you to wear a very light jacket or coat. Even though you are not going to go to Furano in winter I want you to get some idea how to dress good when visiting Hokkaido.

Is Hokkaido a Paradise for Flower Lovers?

You Can View Sunflower Gardens at Farm Tomita. Photo credit: Tzuhsun Hsu at Flickr through Creative Common Licensing.

Is Hokkaido a paradise for flower lovers? I think it is a paradise for them including me. I myself think as a flower lover. We hardly find a person who hates flowers.

Flower is a wonderful natural creature that everybody likes to touch and see. They do symbolizes many things based on different countries cultural value and customs.

Hokkaido is Really Awesome in Summer! Photo credit: 305 Seahill at Flickr through Creative Common Licensing.

Hokkaido’s landscapes are totally different than other parts of Japan’s traditional landscapes. Here fields are covered with many flowers in summer and they come in several varieties.

You will see lavender, sunflowers, poppies, Japanese roses, herbs, marigolds, cosmos, tulips, scarlet sage, lupins, and iris germanica. Among these lavender, poppies and marigolds are my favorite.

You can stroll down the rolling hills and enjoy viewing the lavender smelling sweet fragrance of it. Can you imagine that everything would sound to you peaceful and charming?

The rainbow field would certainly make you curious to think of a paradise. Visiting Hokkaido’s lavenders fields make your day memorable and joyful.

Traveling Hokkaido by Train During Lavender Season

It Is Really Great Traveling around Hokkaido by Train. Photo credit: Hayato.D at Flickr through Creative Common Licensing.

One of the best ways of traveling all over Hokkaido is by train.

In Hokkaido, during the summer months, a lot of visitors start coming to see lavender in Furano from different areas of the region, such as Sapporo, Asahikawa, Hakodate, Chitose.

Enjoy the iconic landscapes of central Hokkaido inluding green fields, mountain range in the distance through the train window by a train journey.

It is a comfortable ride that could relax you very much. Nature gives you everything it has got, you just have to accept its offer.

There are some trains run along the JR Furano Line. Your destination and my destination could vary, so it is better to know it first where actually you want to go – Furano or Biei?

Firstly, decide yourself where to go and then secondly book or buy a train ticket based on your desired destination.

There are limited express train services from Sapporo called “Furano Lavender Express.” It will take you directly to Furano city from Sapporo.

Furano-Biei Norokko train (connects JR Asahikawa Station with JR Furano Station) allows you to enjoy the beautiful scenery along the railway at a leisurely speed and it stops at the seasonally constructed “Lavender Batake Station.

JR Railway Stations that operate in Hokkaido also offer you to reserve ticket for The Twinkle Bus Furano “Lavender Course” sightseeing bus service. It runs from Asahiawa to Furano and stops at the Farm Tomita.

Tips for Accommodation and Transportation

lavender_east _furano_hokkaido
Lavender East, Furano! Photo Credit: ken at Flickr.

It is quite possible to get a room in a hotel, small cottage, apartment or ryokan. The early you make a reservation the better it would be because many tourists arrive there during the lavender season.

If you don’t make a hotel reservation in advance, you possibly are not going to manage a room to stay overnights. You are advised to find the best hotels that are located not that much far from the flower fields.

I highly recommend you to stay in a hotel located in Furano town. Please visit here to book a hotel/guest house/ryokan room, located nearby the flower gardens or before you reserve your room, I would like you to get familiar with our top 5 best Furano hotels. We have reviewed most of the hotels in Furano but we ended up with only the top 5!

If you are going to explore the flower fields from Sapporo as part of a day trip, then stay at Keio Plaza Hotel Sapporo.

The customer service was awesome and whenever I needed to know anything regarding accommodation they did pay their helpful attention very early. It takes only a-5 minute walk to JR Sapporo Station from the hotel.

To be honest, you must make a hotel reservation in advance, otherwise you may have to stay in Asahikawa city. There is no need to stay a night in Asahikawa,, if your plan is to spend only a day in Furano and Biei.

Most of the hotels/ryokans/guest houses in Furano & Biei usually get booked early before the arrival of lavender season. So be sure to book as soon as possible, possibly you can do it in late winter season.

Haneda Airport, Tokyo. Photo credit: 305 Seahill at Flickr through Creative Common Licensing.

Make sure that you buy Japan Rail Pass or Hokkaido Rail Pass from a reputed JR pass seller or from tour operators. Apart from this you can rent a car at Asahikawa Airport or Furano Station to get to the exact destinations but it will not be economic if you travel alone or with a person!

Though, if you plan on traveling only Furano and Biei areas then please don’t buy a Hokkaido Rail Pass. Public transportation there is rather poor and infrequent (not like Sapporo).

Instead we want you enjoy a scenic road trip to Furano. So, rent a car from Asahikawa city and witness incredible scenery along the way to Furano.

There are sightseeing buses available for tourists. You should take Twinkle Buses operated by JR Hokkaido in order to get to different lavender and flower gardens.

This is an exclusive bus service, which works perfectly in order to travel around Central Hokkaido’s beautiful attractions, including the flower fields and gardens.

Besides, Hokkaido Chuo Bus offers one-day bus tour from Sapporo to Furano and Biei. This bus tour is also reliable!

If you decide to go to Furano city from Tokyo by air then buy plane ticket first from JAL or Air Do. There are multiple flights available on daily basis operated by JAL and Air Do between Haneda Airport and Asahikawa Airport.

Finally, take a look at the timetable of JR sightseeing trains and buses in Furano and Biei, including rail passes, recommended routes, and special offers.

Hello Photographers! Attention Please!!!

Nakafurano, the flower paradise! Photo Credit: Maga-chan at Wikimedia Commons.

Are you a professional photographer who is searching for a unique place to take some shots with your camera? I can recommend Hokkaido’s lavender farms and other flower gardens located on this lovely island of Japan.

I know you will not regret for visiting Hokkaido in summer because you have seen how it looks like here in this article. I invite you to explore Hokkaido summer and get this unforgettable summer experience.

You surly would find many great photogenic spots if you think yourself as a professional photographer. So hunt for the hidden spots to capture awesome photographs, and then surprise the world.

No one will pass you by or tell you something until you say “hello” to someone during your photo session.

Lavender fields in France is quite remarkable and the country is famous for it! Hokkaido is no different. Anyone looking to experience tons of lavender flowers must get to Furano & Biei.

Hokkaido Lavender Tour 2024

Lavender Farmers Gathering Lavenders for Shipping Them. Photo credit: titanium22 at Flickr through Creative Common Licensing.

Are you planning to visit Japan in this year summer vacation? If you have got such a plan then why don’t you think of Hokkaido’s lavender tour? It is going to be a great destination you would like to visit with your all family members.

Summer nature of Hokkaido can’t be forgotten by you once you take a day trip to Furano’s lavender fields. I think you will be sad for a while when leaving the flower fields in Furano. It will be hard to say “Goodbye”!

So you’d better stay there a few days more instead of spending just one day. On behalf of locals, we warmly welcome you to explore its gorgeous looking flower fields and other popular attractions.

Please before you take a trip to Hokkaido/Japan, we highly recommend reading this post. It reveals some important Japan travel tips and ideas to make your trip hassle free.

If you want to find some Hokkaido lavender tour packages then contact us immediately, we will guide you with the best ideas and recommend you some fully-guided tours. Besides, you should know a list of exciting summer activities you can experience in Furano and Biei area.

If you are looking for a lavender tour from JR Furano station, then you may find this one day bus tour useful. Alternatively, you can enjoy a great day in central Hokkaido visiting its popular flower fields through this one day bus tour departing right from Sapporo downtown.

We have tried our best to explain about Hokkaido’s Lavender Season. We would be just pleased if you think this article helps you somehow. Thank you all.


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