Hokkaido Itinerary Summer Travel Guide

Hokkaido Summer Itinerary – Lavender Season

If you are planning to visit Hokkaido during the lavender season in summer and looking for suggested itinerary then you have come to the right place. Summer and winter seasons attract millions of Hokkaido travel enthusiasts who actually think themselves as adventurous and nature lovers.

According to my travel experience, Hokkaido is different than rest of the parts of Japan. It is totally up to you that you can either agree with me or disagree with my opinion.

Most importantly, it is a diverse destination which offers you so many things to see and do. And when it comes to talking about summer, then I guess you must read this page. I am sorry for the request!

If you are interested in knowing about Hokkaido then you can read this book. Highly recommended!

Typical Furano’s landscape in Summer. Photo Credit: James.Kirk at Flickr.

Lately, a lot of people who are interested in visiting Hokkaido in the summer have been asking me to share a suggested itinerary. They make me glad knowing that they are willing to visit Hokkaido, and that’s what I really want to see. Such a kind of request I can’t just let go. I take it seriously!

Today, I will feature a special itinerary for visiting Hokkaido lavender. This is the itinerary that is made to give you some ideas on how you should make a travel plan to Hokkaido.

Someone may thing this is not a complete one, Ok you may think so, but I do my own job as part of responsibility. Please note that I will cover only the best recommended destinations that are great to visit in the summer.

Special Hokkaido Lavender Tour Itinerary: 7 Days

Unkai terrace – Sea of clouds! Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

I suppose you would visit Hokkaido one big reason which is to see lavender there.

If you have not got any idea where to start your journey from till the end then take a look at the following itinerary. You can modify it on your own. There is no problem at all.

I generate you that these ideas just to help and give you a clear view of it. Apart from visiting flower farms in Furano and Biei areas I have included other top sightseeing spots such as in Asahikawa, Sapporo, Otaru, Lake Toya, Noboribetsu and Shiraoi.

Day 1 – New Chitose Airport to Tomamu Ski Resort

Arrive at New Chitose Airport and stay a night at Tomamu resort. If you are not tried and still have got some time, then walk around the resort area.

Getting to Tomamu Ski Resort from the Airport is not a daunting task. This page here exactly show you the right path to reach there.

Day 2 – Tomamu to Nakafurano, Furano

Lavender field of Farm Tomita. Photo Credit: mike mike milkshakes at Flickr.

The following morning, you get up early and pay a visit to Unkai Terrace (sea of clouds). Even if you don’t see any clouds there, views of the surrounding mountains from the observation platform look very awe-inspiring. You won’t forget your experience there.

Have your breakfast at the café located there. Then leave Tomamu for Furano by taxi. You are heading towards a flower kingdom! Excited?!

I would like you to stay the night in Nakafurano area at Pension Raclette. It is because the hotel is located near the flower farms in Nakafurano. Try visiting Farm Tomita, Lavender East, Saika-no-Sato, and Choei Lavender Garden.

Day 3: Sightseeing in Furano, and leave for Asahikawa in the evening

Shikisai no Oka looks impressive in Summer! Photo Credit: Party Lin at Flickr.

Get ready to explore rest of the flower farms. If you fail to visit Farm Tomita on Day 2 then start your trip visiting it on day 3. Then head towards the best flower farms in Kamifurano area such as Flower Land Kamifurano, and Hinode Park Lavender Garden.

Your next destination would be Biei where you have to visit its most popular flower farm Shikisai no Oka, Kanno Farm including Zerubu hill.

You can visit all these flower gardens before 5:00 PM. Bear in mind, you don’t have to visit all the flower farms mentioned here because you would run out of time.

A stunning summer scenery of Furano. Photo Credit: Vincent Sheed at Flickr.

****You can easily extent a day here if you wish just to travel all around the main Furano town, which will give you much time to spend few extra minutes at the major flower farms.****

It is time to leave for Asahikawa from Biei, stay overnight there and have some rest. For a comfortable stay, you can stay a night at JR Inn Asahikawa, located next to Asahikawa station.

Day 4: A day in Asahikawa, then make your way to Sapporo by train in the evening

A red panda at Asahiyama Zoo. Photo Credit: MIKI Yoshihito at Flickr.

Visit Asahiyama Zoo and Ueno Farm. No one leaves Asahikawa without visiting the ramen village, especially foodies, while Asahiyama Zoo is considered the best and largest Zoo of Japan.

In addition, if you think that ramen village is not your cup of tea, head towards Ueno Farm.

It’s also worth spending some of your valuable time roaming around Asahikawa Station.

Enjoy an enjoyable ride from Asahikawa to Sapporo through a direct train ride. Stay overnight in Sapporo city. It would be best if you stay a night at one of the hotels located nearby JR Sapporo Station.

Based on your budget, stay overnight at one of the following hotels in Sapporo city:

1) JR Tower Hotel Nikko Sapporo
2) HOTEL MYSTAYS Sapporo Aspen
3) Century Royal Hotel Sapporo

Day 5: Sapporo Sightseeing

Sapporo TV Tower in the evening. Photo Credit: bryan… at Flickr.

As Sapporo is the capital city of Hokkaido, you have got a lot of things to do and see here. You can gladly visit Odori Park, Sapporo Beer Museum, Sapporo TV Tower, the Historical Village of Hokkaido, Mount Moiwa Ropeway, Moerenuma Park, Takino Suzuran Hillside National Park, Hokkaido Shrine, Sapporo Factory, Nijo Market and so on.

You can’t visit all these interesting attractions on a single day. In fact, having a tight schedule may ruin your entire trip! So, when you think of visiting Takino Suzuran Hillside National Park or the Historical Village of Hokkaido, be sure to spend there half a day.

In Sapporo, there are plenty of places to eat and drink around. Hopefully you will be able to taste the most popular dishes of Hokkaido in various restaurants located downtown Sapporo.

Again stay the night in Sapporo. You have to stay two nights there because after visiting all those sites you would definitely get tired. The next morning, I want you to catch a train to Otaru.

Sleep tight!

Day 6: Sapporo to Otaru, Leave for Lake Toya from Sapporo in the evening

Otaru Canal in the summer. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

You can spend 6 hours in Otaru and then take a train back to Sapporo. Visit the famous Otaru canal, and Sakaimach Street. I am sure you would find out the other interesting attractions near the canal as well. After lunch, you can head over to some souvenir shops. Buy some to bring home!

Say “Goodbye” to this lovely port town and leave Otaru right away for Sapporo.

After check out, make your way to Sapporo Station. Hop onto a limited express train that connects Sapporo with Hakodate. Get off at Toya Station. From the station, you get to Lake Toya area (Toyako Onsen bus terminal) by bus.

Experience a breathtaking firework display in Lake Toya area, starting at 8:45 pm, which lasts for about 20 minutes. It takes place in the summer from April 28th to October 31st illuminating the night sky every evening.

You should make an online reservation at The Lake View Toya Nonokaze Resort and stay the night there comfortably.

Day 7: Lake Toya

Lake Toya, one of the largest caldera lakes in Japan. Photo Credit: Terrance Rengarasu at Flickr.

Visit Lake Toya and its nearby tourist attractions. Explore Mount Usu, take Usuzan Ropeway to get to the upper station’s observation deck and then enjoy panoramic views of Lake Toya. In addition, there is a list of summer activities await you there, find here for more info.

That’s it! Next day you get to New Chitose Airport and fly back home safely.

The success of this itinerary depends on various factors, such as your budget, time, and number of people you are going to visit with. Actually this is the way you plan your trip in which you give much priority to certain places to spend more times.

Accommodation and transport facility in Hokkaido is great, no doubt. Though, travel experts say, when visiting flower farms in Furano and Biei areas, visitors can explore them by a rental car and driving it through the designated routes along the flower farms. It gives you much freedom and pleasure.

If you are a family of 4 or 5 members then I guess renting a car would be a great idea. For this suggested itinerary, I suggest you to buy a Japan Rail Pass/Hokkaido Rail Pass.

Therefore, buy it before you arrive in Hokkaido. I do hope that before you take a trip to any places around Hokkaido, make sure you get some ideas how to access to them quite easily and affordably.

Hey WAIT! Before you visit Hokkaido, make sure you have this highly recommended Japan travel guidebook with you. I believe it makes your trip simple & unforgettable in many ways. Thank you very much.


  1. Connie Tham

    Greetings Takkhis – we will be 1st time travellers age early 60s to Hokkaido and fly in to Sapporo on Aug 27. We plan to rent a car and drive out of Sapporo and return to Sapporo to join our golfing group on Sept 1. Can you please recommend a Aug 27-Sept 1 route for us plus where to stay. Thank you very much.

    • Hello,
      Thanks for leaving a comment here. Much appreciated!
      Yes, I can recommend! Would you mind reading my message that I have sent you today? Check your email inbox please.
      Thank you.


    hi Takkhis, It is interesting to read your write up about Hokkaido trip. My daughter and I are planning to visit Hokkaido for second time this coming July/Aug 2019. Our trip to Japan starts from 19th July – 12th Aug. Our first arrival destination is Osaka (due to some reason, we have to be at Osaka on 19th July.
    My queries are :
    1. Can we still view Lavender on 2nd/3rd Aug?
    2. For Hokkaido trip, we plan to visit Tomamu Resort, Sapporo, Otaru, Furano/Biei, Asahikawa , Lake Toya and Noboribetsu.
    Shall I start the journey from New Chitose airport – Tomamu – Furano/Biei -Asahikawa – Sapporo- Lake Toya? or New Chitose- Lake Toya-Sapporo-Tomamu-Furanp/Biei-Asahikawa-Sapporo?
    My concern is on the luggage, transport and travelling hours.
    thank you

  3. Hi Takkhis! I’m planning to visit Hokkaido from June 10 to 13. Is it too early to see lavenders? Also, I’m a little bummed that there aren’t any festivals during that period. Any fun events you are aware of during that period? Thanks!

    • Hi Claire,
      I am sorry to inform you that it’s too early to see lavender in Hokkaido!
      The Yosakoi Soran Festival will be held from June 5-9, 2019. So why don’t you try to arrive in Sapporo before June 10?
      Thank you.

  4. Hi,
    Do you mind to leave your recommendation if im flying to Hokkaida in this coming mid June as per following details:

    19 June 2019 – Arrival time in CTS airport is 825am
    24 June 2019 – Departure time to Kuala Lumpur is 935 am

    it is 4 of us.

    Thank you in advance

  5. Hi, if we were to rent a car for two weeks to drive in Hokkaido, which company do you recommend us to rent from? Any other recommendations regarding car rental?

    Thank you.

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