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Kamiyubetsu Tulip Park | Tulip Fair 2024

Kamiyubetsu Tulip Park is a spring wonderland filled with tons of different kinds of tulips. It hosts the famous Kamiyubetsu tulip fair every year from May 1 to early June.

Cherry blossom viewing in Japan is the ultimate spring experience but in Kamiyubetsu it is the Tulip blossom. When spring arrives here a beautiful landscape of over a million colorful tulips could spectacle your eyes.

Rows of different kind’s tulips make a quite nice looking rainbow tulip field which looks awfully stunning in a sunny day. Though when the sky is overcast they still look pretty beautiful and shiny.

Beautiful Tulips and a Windmill in Kamiyubetsu Tulip Park. Photo Credit: 湧別町役場.

Visiting this tulip park on a bright sunny day would be great. In fact view of colorful tulips is at its best in such weather.

Your photos will turn out good then the ones you take photograph on a cloudy day. This is just a simple travel tip that you should keep in mind before visiting the park.

I strongly suggest you to check out the weather on the night before you go to Kamiyubetsu Tulip Park. Sharing beautiful seasonal attractions of Japan with you is my goal.

That’s why I have decided writing this so that you get benefited reading this. Maybe someday you will have time to visit this awesome tulip garden.

Find out about Japan’s best tulip gardens.

The Kamiyubetsu Tulip Fair

Colorful Tulips in Spring, Kamiyubetsu Tulip Park.

The most commonly associated words with fair are excitement and entertainment. Whenever I think of a festival first thing that comes to my mind is the excitement. I myself ask “Would it delight me?” I thought of this before heading to Kamiyubetsu Tulip Fair.

Every fair or festival has their own unique style of tradition to follow, for example in early spring during ume matsuri we go to parks, gardens, shrine & temples to enjoy the stunning view of colorful ume (plum) blossoms.

Again, during winter we celebrate a number of winter festivals throughout Japan. The excitement comes once I take a look at the snow sculptures and fireworks display at night.

Kamiyubetsu Tulip Fair never disappoints its visitors, when it comes to exploring beautiful spring flower fields in Hokkaido. It’s considered one of the best places to visit in Hokkaido in spring. 

This festival lasts for a month from early May to early June. It takes place in Yubetsu town, Monbetsu District. Once Kamiyubetsu was a separate town but On October 1, 2009 it was merged into Yubetsu town.

The festival is considered one of the best late spring attractions in Okhotsk subprefecture, Hokkaido. Most of the residents of Monbetsu district have the habit of coming here to view tulips and do other fun activity offered by the park.

Kamiyubetsu Tulip Park offers about 1,200,000 tulips of 120 different kinds. The number says it all that it is one of foremost tulip garden in Hokkaido region. They together all create a great looking rainbow field and paradise where you want to belong to rest of your life.

Often I believe that those of you who live in Japan don’t have enough money or time to have a trip to Netherlands to see its Tulip fields can take a visit to this tulip park. It is worth a visit, no doubt.

The 1.2 million tulips are not just for the display, you can dig up your own tulip spending little money (100 Yen per tulip) in the park. Tulips of The Southeastern fields are for sale, so don’t be shy while digging your own tulip up!

The park offers so many things to do for the visitors from adult to kids. There are some recommended spots for taking photograph of tulips and yours as well.

A photo session with the two adorable mascots of the park is pleasurable. In fact your kids would like to have fun with them! An electric bus is ready to roam around the tulip park with you.

Have fun with the live organ performance in front of the windmill. Enjoy the bus ride while staring at the colorful tulip fields. Thinking of your needs and wants, the park authority has opened souvenir shops, restaurants, tulip observatory and museum even a dog run area.

Please note that dog are strictly prohibited in some areas of the field. It offers everything from A to Z to have an ideal festival atmosphere around the park.

About Kamiyubetsu Tulip Park and Its History

This looks breathtaking. Photo Credit: 湧別町役場.

Kamiyubetsu Tulip Park is what I really want to belong to. The tulip cultivators at the park prepare themselves to grow the best quality tulip blossoms in the late spring season. It takes a yearlong preparation where they raise every tulip plant with a proper care.

I thank to the weather and the fertile soil of the park as well. There is no evidence or record that it has failed to grow tons of tulip in a particular year.

The park is open only during the month of the festival from early May to early June. Rest of the time it remains closed for public.

Here, things are not similar to Huis Ten Bosch (a theme park in Nagasaki prefecture that resembles a Dutch town) except the tulip gardens and windmill.

Kamiyubetsu Tulip Park is spacious which looks very beautiful from a far distance during the tulip flowering season. The park consists of a wide open field where only variety of tulip bulbs is planted each year.

Apart from this, it has a ticket counter, parking area, museum, Dutch windmill, a building with restaurants and shops, Tulip-Kan, Jumbo Wooden Shoes, Electric Bus Stop, Dog park, Dig up your own tulip area, Street Organ Performance, and Bulb dying and Storage facility building, Rest room and Toilet.

If we look back to the years between 1955 and 1964 then a clear picture of cultivating tulip bulbs would appear. The history says that tulip bulbs were first cultivated between 1955 and 1964 in Kamiyubetsu.

The purpose of tulip cultivation was fully commercial. In 1965, the farmers were pretty upset knowing that their tulip bulbs price compared to Netherlands tulip bulbs was higher and ultimately sales declined. As a result, the cultivation has declined severely as well year after year. Though their affection to tulips was still alive!

In 1982, residents of the town had decided to grow tulip plants not for commercial purpose but for the future generation and attracting tourists from other parts of Japan and around the world. Each year, tulip gardens expanded and developed to make it wider and attractive during spring season.

In 1988, the site was designated as the Tulip Park by the town’s government. Currently, the garden is about 7 hectare in size with 1.2 million tulips of 120 different kinds. Some of the varieties were directly imported from the birth place of Tulip Netherlands.

During the festival, thousands of visitors including foreign tourists come to visit this wonderful tulip park in Okhotsk region.

The Tulip Shapes and Colors

Jumboo Wooden Shoes/Clogs. Photo Credit: 湧別町役場.

A wide range of tulip offers us to enjoy a wide variety of colors and shapes in Kamiyubetsu Tulip Park. It is awkward thinking that the park features only few colors of tulips such as red, yellow, orange, purple, white and pink.

According to my experience, I have seen so many colors which I even don’t recognize the name of the colors. Maybe I don’t have enough knowledge on that, probably you could figure this out when you visit the entire garden. Bear in mind that brand new version of tulips bulbs are also planted each year.

It is said that Kamiyubetsu Park has 15 different families of tulips in which 4 of them are wild tulips. It is impressive, is not it? There are some varieties which petals look gorgeous as they are painted with white-red, yellow-red, deep orange, golden yellow, light purple, soft pink, dark purple, pure white and so on.

I also have seen light purple color tulips. In fact the moment I have seen that I felt in love with the color. Still light purple color tulip remains as my favorite tulip of all variety. As I have fallen in love with that whimsical color I did not wait too long to buy few light purple color tulip bulbs.

You can view the varieties of tulip from single layer (standard type) tulip to multi layered tulips. In this park, tulips with different kinds of shapes can be found such as lily-shaped, exotic shapes, peony shapes, and egg shapes. Here, fringed tulip is part of exotic shaped tulip variety. One of my favorite fringed tulips is the Black Parrot.

It is quite marvelous and a fantastic dark purple tulip with strong steams. Search for this variety when you visit the park. It is really exciting gazing at the peony tulips field in this park from a far distance.

They are bright with multi layers of petals. This is it! I can’t help anymore, I am sorry. You better explore them all by yourself before they die.

Rainbow Tulip Field

Rainbow Field in Kamiyubetsu Tulip Park, Yubetsu, Hokkaido.

Breathtaking rows of tulip flowers with 120 different varieties make a rainbow flower field. And featuring a Dutch windmill in the middle of the rainbow flower field makes it quite perfect to be amazed.

I think not only the tulips but also a nice windmill that give us to experience a traditional looking Dutch style tulip field.

The fields are decorated in a variety of shapes to create different flower beds with colorful tulips. It would be impossible making flower beds without having a full bloom season. Please not that here tulips are in full bloom in mid-May.

Viewing rainbow tulip fields and the windmill from the observation decks such as the national highway route is uniquely surprising and chilling. Many drivers who drive their cars and other vehicle on this route could satisfy their eyes gazing at the rainbow tulip field.

Please note that, you are suggested to observe rainbow field from the Dutch windmill observation deck as well. A panoramic view of the entire tulip park from the Dutch windmill is extraordinary.

From this spot, I bet you that you will be very easy taking photos of the tulips. An impressive looking landscape filled with a million tulips can make your dream come true thinking that “I am somewhere else in Netherlands and viewing colorful tulips”.

What to Eat and Buy?

At present, in Kamiyubetsu Tulip Park there are many restaurants to eat and souvenir shops to buy unique gifts. These are all located outside the main park.

The restaurants & souvenir shops area is located next to the ticket counter. A wide range of traditional Japanese dishes including the Yubetsu local specialties and confectionaries made from tulips can be found here.

You can buy and eat a pack of delicious tulip cake. The cake size comes in a tulip shape which looks awfully cute and adorable.

Variety of foods such as tulip rice cake, sweets, candies, soft serve ice cream, ramen, fruits, sausage, snacks, local seafood (crab & shrimp), and other yummy dishes are served by the restaurants and shops.

If you think that you want to have some elsewhere later on the day you visit then buy some pack of sweets and cakes.

A 15-Minute Tour!

Let’s enjoy a ride. Photo Credit: 湧別町役場.

The tulip park itself a very spacious park that can’t be enjoyed only in a 15-minute tour program. It is recommended staying there more than an hour or at least an hour.

A 15-minute tour is all about viewing the tulip fields riding in an electric car. It is a fun ride, which even could be a relaxing trip. You just take your seat and focus your camera lens to the rainbow tulip fields to shoot some awesome tulips photographs.

I believe it is quite entertaining at the same time very effective to get around the park within a short time. For older it is a must recommended things to do and see tulips. But everyone is welcome to have a leisurely trip like this.

Usually, I prefer exploring things on foot but when you have a fun feature like this you should take this to feel comfortable with. Though be prepared to spend some money for taking this service!

Best Photo Spots in the Park

There are some great photo spots around the park though if you are creative and know how to shoot good photograph then it is going to be your own world. Hunt for the perfect spots like a real hunter except those of the recommended spots I would tell you in a moment.

The first recommended photo spot is the Dutch windmill observation deck, the Jumbo Wooden Shoes, and the National Highway Point. Here, the Jumbo wooden shoes – are kind of monuments, made from a-50 year old poplar tree by a Dutch Clog maker. I don’t know if the big one would float in the river though it seems like a wooden boat.

I have seen visitors were having fun wearing a Dutch national costume in the park. You can rent one and take photos as many as you want until you are satisfied. Apart from this, the mascots are always ready to pose with you while taking photos of them.

Wave your hands in the air like you don’t care, dance like no one else is watching you or sing like no one else is listening to you – thus how you can enjoy your photo shooting with the mascots.

How to Get There?

Kamiyubetsu Tulip Park During The Fair. Photo Credit: 湧別町役場.

Do you want to get to this park from Sapporo? Then you have several options to choose from such as by air, highway bus and train. But don’t think that you can directly access to this park by any public transport.

The park is not connected with any public transport, so it is recommended to rely only on rental car or if you are willing to visit the park by a tour operator then they would arrange everything for you. According to my experience, they provide private bus services from the nearest cities only for their own customers.

There is a JR Hokkaido route: New Chitose Airport – Sapporo – Asahikawa – Abashiri/Wakkanai. Check out the map and time table. Take this route and get off the train at JR Engaru Station and from there you can take a taxi or rent a car to reach to Kamiyubetsu tulip park. It’s only a 15 to 18 minute ride.

Indeed, it is the easiest way to get to the Tulip Park. When you decide to visit it from Kitami city, it would take you about an hour and 20 minute car ride. On the other hand if you are coming from Monbetsu city then it may take less than a 50-minute ride.

Where to Stay?

This is not a great deal when it comes to taking about staying in Hokkaido region. You could find the world’s class hotels and ryokan (Japanese inn) with excellent customer service.

Do you think that you should stay a night in Yubetsu town or want to stay in Monbetsu or Kitami instead? It is all up to you though. I would recommend you to stay in Kitami city because there are other sightseeing spots that should not be missed.

Comfort Hotel Kitami

Lake Saroma Tsuruga Resort

Dormy Inn Kitami

Useful Information to Know

Address:  Kamiyubetsu Tulip Park, Tondenshigaichi, Monbetsu-gun, Yubetsu-cho 099-6501, Hokkaido, Japan.
Festival Date: May 1 to early June every year
Opening Hours:  8:00 – 18:00 (no entry after 17:30)
Admission: 500 Yen (Adult), Free for Babies, 250 Yen for Elementary & junior high school student
Phone: +81-01586-2-5866 and 01586-8-7356
Official website: http://www.town.yubetsu.lg.jp/tulippark/

Kamiyubetsu Tulip Fair 2024!

Living in a city like Yubetsu would be once in a lifetime experience. It has so many things to do and see all year round. Though, the main symbol of this city surly is the tulip fair. I think those who usually wish to visit Kyoto and Tokyo should come to Tulip fair at least once!

A once-in-a-lifetime experience like this can not be missed by you and it is worth returning for! A lot of tourists from abroad come to Japan especially to the central and western part of Japan but I believe they should visit north-eastern Japan and the Hokkaido region.

It is extraordinary when visiting a natural wonder like this in spring, on a lovely day where the sky is blue and a little breeze coming off the Sea of Okhotsk.

Discover Hokkaido’s seasonal beauty before you die. This is my words because I know it is charming and chilling! On behalf of all Yubetsu and Hokkaido region’s residents I welcome you to get to Kamiyubetsu Tulip Fair which will be held from early may to early June and make sure you enjoy it fully. Thank you.

Thanks to 湧別町役場 for sharing all the photos in this post. You can check this link to see more photos.