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10 Best Places to See Tulips in Japan

According to many, spring is the king of all seasons. You can feel it here in Japan when you take a journey through the country’s most wonderful parks and gardens filled with various seasonal flowers during springtime.

Even though cherry blossoms are associated with spring in Japan, there are other spring flowers to be highly praised. One of such flowers that draw our attention is tulip! Often it is regarded as the most romantic bulb flowers of all. Don’t you agree?

Kamiyubetsu Tulip Park in spring. Photo Credit: 湧別町役場

Travelers from all over the world flock to the Netherlands to see the incredible tulip fields and gardens. In fact, the same thing happens to Japan when cherry blossom start to bloom.

Any visit to Japan during cherry blossom season ought to include a side trip to some stunning tulip parks found throughout the country.

There you are offered to see and enjoy sakura alongside tulips in a number of flower parks, for example: the Hamamatsu Flower Park in Shizuoka or Showa Memorial Park in Tokyo. Maybe it is a rare thing to experience in Holland though!

Please note that the best time to go and see tulips in Japan is probably mid April to early May. However, today you discover the top places to go to see tulips in Japan.

1) Tonami Tulip Park, Toyama

Looking pretty awesome with the colors of tulips, Tonami Tulip Park. Photo Credit: TONAMI FLOWER AND GREENERY FOUNDATION.

Central Japan is home to many historic landmarks but it would be a real shame for you if you don’t take a trip to its natural wonders. Tonami Tulip Park is a special scenic spot where about 2 million tulips can be seen in spring.

The park is located in Tonami town, indeed a great place to make a great adventure. It provides incredible flower fields on a large scale.

The colors of tulips are just magical there. A visit to Tonami Tulip Park will be an experience of a lifetime for you. And you will figure it out once you get there.

The Valley of Flowers, Tonami Tulip Park. Photo Credit: TONAMI FLOWER AND GREENERY FOUNDATION.

It is filled with spring amazingness. You will be overwhelmed seeing countless tulips on its entire grounds where there is a beautiful small river that runs through it.

The views from the observation decks could leave you speechless though it is highly recommended to take a stroll along the walkways that would let you witness the beauty of traditional Dutch style tulip garden, pond, bridges, fountain, water wheels and many more. The park is simply made for a great spring holiday!

Visit the official site here to get to know more about this spring wonder.

2) Huis Ten Bosch, Nagasaki

You will amazed seeing different varieties of tulips at Huis Ten Bosch. Photo Credit: gtknj at Flickr.

With many impressive old Dutch-style buildings, flower gardens, windmills, hotels, shops, restaurants, amusement rides, canals, and museums, the Huis Ten Bosch in Sasebo, Nagasaki does attract a lot of visitors who seek for entertainment as well as something like a holiday of a lifetime!

Of course this is not the real Royal Palace (Huis Ten Bosch) you find in Holland, but a massive theme park in Nagasaki. Though a replica of the Palace Huis Ten Bosch can be discovered there, in front of it you see various kinds of tulips. They are gorgeous to look at!

In spring, the gardens of the theme park display dazzling color of tulips. Visit the theme park during the Huis Ten Bosch Tulip Festival and then enjoy the beautiful surroundings it offers.

You will definitely love the festive atmosphere that flows throughout the park! Indeed there are plenty of things to keep everyone happy! Find out more here.

3) Kamiyubetsu Tulip Park, Hokkaido

Impressive tulips at Kamiyubetsu Tulip Park! Photo Credit: 湧別町役場

Located in Yubetsu town, Okhotsk subprefecture, with approximately 1.2 million tulips of 120 different variety, Kamiyubetsu Tulip Park is said to be one of the must-see destinations in Hokkaido in spring.

It is the largest tulip park and one of the highly notable spring wonders in Hokkaido. The fields of tulips are truly breathtaking!

Every year, the famous Kamiyubetsu Tulip Festival takes place here that lasts for a month, usually from early May to early June. Rows of colorful tulips with traditional Dutch windmill make the sight pretty gorgeous.

This is a place for all ages, so drive to this beautiful tulip park and have a great day in the spring doing all the fun outdoor activities along with viewing tulips.

Interested in knowing more of this stunning attraction? Read the complete guide here.

4) Showa Kinen Park (Showa Memorial Park), Tokyo

Tulips at Showa Kenin Park during spring. Photo Credit: Zengame at Flickr.

You can’t get “four seasons in a day” in this massive park, located in Tachikawa, western Tokyo. That’s simply impossible to think about!

You have to go there in autumn to see breathtaking fall colors, while on the other hand, it comes alive with color and life during spring showcasing flowers like tulips, sakura, nanohana, poppies and many more.

Thousands of delicate seasonal flowers inhabit this place for your viewing pleasure. One of the great advantages of visiting this park is that you won’t just witness the delicate beauty of tulips there but other spring flowers as mentioned above.

Plus there are beautiful trails to walk along and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Each trail takes you on a journey that is full of hidden discoveries.

5) Hitachi Seaside Park, Ibaraki

How incredible! Photo Credit: hitachikaihin.jp

If you want to experience the best of spring season, don’t fly to Japan just for viewing the iconic cherry blossoms, make it more enjoyable and memorable experiencing other seasonal flowers such as tulips, shibazakura, rape blossoms, nemophila, daffodils and poppies.

Hitachi Seaside Park is one of the best spring attractions in Ibaraki Prefecture. This is definitely another great sight to explore when it comes to viewing colorful tulips in the land of the rising sun.

Often people think that the park is famous only for nemophila (baby blue eyes flowers); in fact they think of it wrong. The park itself is quite popular for viewing various kinds of seasonal flowers throughout the year though spring features a great collection of impressive flowers including tulips.

According to Hitachi Seaside Park Officials, the park features approximately 260,000 tulips of 270 different species. The park offers visitors an exclusive day trip from Tokyo, it is worth a visit!

6) Grinpa Amusement Park, Shizuoka

That’s the iconic Mt. Fuji in the background! Photo Credit: FUJIYAMA RESORT.

Grinpa could be a little amusement park compared to others scattered throughout Japan but it is unique when you are to meet the cute characters of the Sylvanian Families. Do you love them?!

Whether you do or not your kids do love Sylvanian Families! There is another big reason to visit this attraction, guess what? Grinpa is one of the popular spots to view the iconic Mount Fuji in Japan.

There is one more very good reason why you should visit the amusement park. Guess what?

It is for viewing tons of tulips. The spectacular tulips flower beds and the Mt. Fuji in the background offer you a great view that no one wants to miss witnessing.

Hopefully, you would not mind spending some hours with your kids there as they can enjoy the rides and other attractions including a pleasant stroll along the garden trails.

7) Sakura Furusato Square, Chiba

Tulips and the giant windmill at Sakura Furusato Square. Photo Credit: Sakura City.

Sakura Tulip Festa, one of the most fascinating tulip festivals in Japan is held at Sakura Furusato Square. Every year, he festival is held around early April through late April.

This is a beautiful square size riverside park with a large Dutch windmill (a symbol of good friendship between Japan and Holland) and thousands of colorful tulips in the spring. Experience the colors of tulip bulbs and enjoy all the fun outdoor activities it offers you.

Even though there is no entrance fee yet you have to spend some money especially to rent traditional Dutch costumes, bicycle (if you want to rent one), and to buy foods from the food stalls.

It will be an interesting way to celebrate the festival if you wear the Dutch costumes out there and let others to take some photographs of yours alongside rows of tulips! In addition, enjoy the natural surroundings of Lake Inbanuma by taking a sightseeing boat.

8) Sera Kogen Farm, Hiroshima

The weather is good out there, perfect for talking a stroll! Photo Credit: Serakogen Farm.

Sera Kogen Farm, a tranquil flower park, is an ideal place to spend a day outside with viewing hundreds of thousands of tulips in springtime. It is home to about 750,000 tulips of 300 species!

Every year, the tulip festival is held here from mid April to early May. If you think that tulip is one of your favorite spring flowers and want to admire its absolute beauty, embark on a trip to Sera Kogen Farm and make it unforgettable.

How can you make it unforgettable? Just walk around the park, take pictures, have delicious foods, and don’t stop wondering! I think your trip to this park would be an inspiring tale to someone who would like to taste the spring beauty in Japan.

Please note that, many visitors visit the park in summer for viewing sunflowers and in autumn to see stunning fields of dahlias.

9) Kiso Sansen Park Center, Gifu

The park looking so bright and colorful! Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Kiso Sansen Park Center is a picture perfect paradise that you will want to consider for your next spring holiday in Gifu prefecture. It is sandwiched between two rivers: Ibi and Nagara River.

There is another mystic river known as Kiso, flows on its own next to Nagara River. When the weather is no longer cold in Gifu, there is nothing interesting than a refreshing stroll through the flower fields.

So, if you plan on visiting Gifu this spring, you can head to this amazing park and experience spectacular colorful fields of tulips.

In search of perfect views of the flower gardens and beautiful surroundings, start roaming around the park as much as possible and enjoy 360 degree panoramic views from the top of the 65-meter high observation tower. Please note that there is no entrance fee!

10) Hamamatsu Flower Park, Shizuoka

Kawaii tulips! Photo: andresumida at Flickr.

Japanese flower parks and gardens, in my opinion, are the best in the world! They are filled with various seasonal flowers where anyone would like to go and spend few hours to find a peaceful atmosphere.

Hamamatsu Flower Park is arguably the best attraction to visit in spring in Hamamatsu city, Shizuoka. Yes, you can find peace in this tranquil flower park.

It is a very spacious park featuring flowers of 3000 different species, water fountain, lawn, and a large greenhouse with souvenir shops and many more. During the hanami (cherry blossom viewing season) one can enjoy sakura together with other spring flowers such as tulips, and roses. It also has wonderful trails to walk on!

In addition, you can take the train to ride on around this spacious park. Bear in mind this is one of the best places to take photos in Shizuoka Prefecture!

If you love holidays that are all about good weather, family-friendly, walking, entertaining, fun, flowers, adventure, and some relaxation then don’t forget to pay a visit to one of these 10 parks that are recognized as the best to see unlimited tulip bulbs in springtime in Japan.

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