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Tonami Tulip Fair 2024 | Visit Toyama

Tonami Tulip Fair is a flower kingdom of Central Japan. It is simply a tribute to our magical spring season. Nothing could beat it though I find a contender of it, and that’s Matsumoto Castle. Words can’t explain the utmost beauty of sakura (cherry blossom) at the grounds of this historic castle.

I would definitely share my travel story of this hanami spot in future with you. However, Tonami Tulip Park hosts this wonderful tulip fair from the last week of April till the beginning of May.

Locals there eagerly wait to participate in this tulip festival as it is the official flower of Toyama prefecture. In fact, a lot of tourists from all over Japan come to see colorful tulips.

Tonami Tulip Park. Photo Credit: tsuda at Flickr.

Tonami is extremely warm during summer, especially for those who come from northern Japan.

I am glad to inform you that spring in Tonami is awfully beautiful not only for this tulip fair but also for the weather condition. You don’t have to learn the things how to deal with Japanese summer. This is good news!

I encourage every one of you who loves flower gardens and curious of something new to visit Tonami tulip park during its festival time. Soon you will know important travel tips including my own travel experience.

A Few Things to Know about Tonami City

Variety of tulips! Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Tonami is a beautiful city with vast plain lands, located in Toyama prefecture. The city is quite reputed for its tulip festival which held in spring.

There is a cool fact about Japan which indicates, it is a country with endless festivals throughout its four beautiful seasons.

In Japan, you hardly find a month which is not celebrated by any yearly festivals and events. Tonami city has got this bless just like other cities which are arguably magnificent all year around. It hosts a number of festivals and the Tulip festival is the most important one than among others.

Tonami Yotaka Matsuri. Photo Credit: Tim at Flickr.

I went to Tonami several times and each time I got there I was stunned seeing its natural beauty. Apart from falling in love with its nature I myself think I should welcome you to come to Tonami in summer. What’s the thing? Why am I welcoming you to get to this city in summer?

Forget these questions right after knowing this “In the street of Tonami, a summer night of June awfully gets charming when colored giant floats (portable shrines) made of bamboo and paper appears in front of thousands fanatic spectators.”

This event is a popular festival is called Tonami Yotaka Matsuri. Despite of extreme summer heat, everybody else celebrate the whole event with a lot of joys and celebrations. You certainly would like to be part of it, after all this is for why you have to come here in summer. It is completely impressive summer event in Toyama prefecture.

Tulip bulb cultivation in Tonami had started back in 1918. Now it is recognized as the leading tulip bulbs producer in Japan. That’s brilliant! And surly it is one of the top beautiful tulip gardens you could visit in Japan.

Whether you believe it or not that Tonami’s paddy fields and the rural landscapes are pretty impressive to view. People there enjoy seeing city’s landscape floating all the way through the clear autumn sky by a hot air balloon ride. Apart from these, there are so many interesting things to do in this city but viewing tulips in spring is exceptional.

About the Festival

Beautiful tulips at Tonami Tulip Park. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Floral fiesta in the land of the rising sun is not a rare thing rather it has been celebrating since a long time ago from now. For example, the greatest Hanami, it is special and needless to say, you know how much we adore it. There is a festival similar to Tonami Tulip Fair is called Kamiyubetsu Tulip Festival, held in Yubetsu town, Hokkaido.

As I am one of the Hokkaido’s explores in Japan, I am quite familiar with it. I feel like I am somewhere else in Netherlands when I get there to see tulips. To be honest with you, I get the same feelings here on Tonami Tulip Fair as well.

A different kind of tulips originating in many parts of the world bloom in this Tulip Park as the city itself has got quite fertile lands and weather conditions that allow tulips to grow abundantly.

As I have mentioned earlier that Tonami Tulip Fair is held from the last week of April and celebrated till the begging of May. In fact it is one of the best events during the Golden Week (Four national Holidays of Japan).

The tulip fair will be held from April 23 to May 5, in 2024. During the holidays many tourists gather here and experience an unforgettable outdoor spring masterpiece. Why should not it be unforgettable? It is said there are approximately more than 2 millions of tulips of hundreds varieties.

Impressive Tulip bed at Tonami tulip park.

When it comes to talking about tulips color variation then I can’t exactly explain them. Though I try few ones such as pure red, dark red, magenta, white, pink, orange, purple, yellow and…..that’s it, SORRY! A number of different tulip shapes and colors decorate the entire park’s grounds beautifully.

If you know how to shoot great photos like the professional photographs then that’s what it all has to offer. Please take advantage of this golden opportunity, who knows you might get very popular sharing it on Flickr.com.

I spent my time walking through the fields of colorful waving tulips. That was incredibly amazing experience I can’t forget until my last breath. You can do it too. Just make sure you don’t run, but walk only.

To me it is a large tulip garden with a small river (running through the park), water wheels, dutch style tulip garden, tulip pond, garden bridges, walking paths, fountain, observation decks, wooden park chairs, sakura trees and spring flowers such as daffodils.

During the festival, many food stalls, souvenirs shops can be spotted. Live stage performance show such as dancing, singing, fashion show, mini bullet train ride. It was hilarious watching the dance performances performed by a group of dancer. I liked that than the riding on the mini bullet train. In fact the second one was just for fun though!

You can find several food carts there which sells soft serve ice cream, bento lunch box, drinks, noodles, fruits, sweets and other delicious Japanese dishes. Have your lunch there ordering some foods you like seeing the menu. There is no English menu though!

If you can’t read and speak Japanese, then just take a look at the menu and see the food pictures there and then just order pointing out which one you would like to eat or buy.

Rest assured, your meal will be served soon. Oh don’t leave this park without buying customized tulip bouquets. It is a little request from me, don’t bother!

Tonami Tulip Gallery

Pink tulips. Photo Credit: Adam Kahtava at Flickr.

Tonami Tulip Gallery is situated east side of the Tonami Tulip Park. This is the only one place where tulip can be seen all year round. It has a nice tulip museum inside the building including tulip terrace and square.

You can enjoy a lovely stroll along the street on the way to Tonami Tulip Gallery from Tonami Tulip Park. The streets look absolutely gorgeous with tulips and other spring flowers. One of the interesting things you should do inside the building is to explore the museum.

This could reveal some interesting facts of tulips, history of tulip in Tonami city, tulip exhibition and etc. There is a number of tulip themed cute gift items which can be purchased as souvenir from the shops located inside Tonami Tulip Gallery.

There is a restaurant to have some delicious foods there, especially the famous Tulip Soft Cream! “Yummy yummy, I want another one” – says my friend, he finished eating his ice cream very quickly while was still there. Probably, this year in 2017 there will be shown exclusive enchanting performances during the festival time.

Important Things to Know

Venue/Place: Tonami Tulip Park
Time: 8:30-17:30 (Last admission 17:00)
Address: 1-32 Hanazonomachi, Tonami, Toyama,939-1382
Parking Lot: Yes
Festival Period: April 23 to May 5, 2024
Tel: +81 763-33-7716
Admission Fee: ¥1,000 Adult, ¥300 for Junior High School & Primary School Students

Place: Tonami Tulip Gallery
Address: 100-1 Nakamura, Nanto, Toyama, 939-1381
Tel: +81 763-33-7716
Parking Lot: Yes
Access: a 4-5 minute walk from the tulip park

How to Get There?

Now, it is time to tell you the Tonami Tulip Park access information. It is very easy to access to the venue of the tulip fair from JR Tonami Station (JR Johana Line).

It is a 15-mintue walk to Tonami Tulip Park! Don’t want to walk? Then take a taxi that would take only 5 minutes to reach there. And, it takes about 3-4 minutes walk from Tonami Tulip Park to Tonami Tulip Gallery.

If you are planning to get there by taxi from JR Toyama Station then it will take approximately 40-45 minutes. There are many taxis can be found near the station. I think you don’t need to stay a night in Tonima if you are staying either in Toyama or Kanazawa city.

Visit Tonami in the Spring

Reservation is not essential for this tulip fair. Try to get there early as it is the best way to avoid the crowds. It is true that without them festival does not seem like a festival.

You’d better don’t bother with that. Let’s all celebrate it together and enjoy a spring with harmony. In fact, people in Japan are so friendly and polite that you won’t have to work hard to make some friends there. Just learn some Japanese before you head to Japan and all would go fine and dandy.

If you wish to see beautiful Toyama prefecture especially in spring then visiting Tonami Tulip Fair is a must a thing to do. Toyama itself is very popular for the Japanese Alps that lies on the border between Toyama and Nagano prefectures.

I know many visitors come to Toyama for experiencing the greatest mountain sightseeing route called Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route.

This is the route that crosses the Hida mountains range and it simply offers you to experience real winter atmosphere in summer in central Japan. That’s incredible!

Please explore Toyama prefecture and of course the beautiful city Tonami. Thanks for reading.

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