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Best things to do in Furano | Visit Hokkaido

Furano is a small town in the center of Hokkaido. It is a beautiful city that sparkles all year round showing its awesome seasonal beauty. Can you imagine that, in summer, Furano becomes one of the top visited tourists spot in all over Japan? That’s quite interesting!

There are number of things to do in Furano city. You can’t do all the things in a certain period of time but you have to wait till it changes its nature throughout the year.

Lavender field, Furano. Photo credit: titanium22 at Flickr through Creative Commons licensing.

Indeed, summer beauty cannot be compared with winter beauty because usually furano’s flower season arrives in summer while on the other hand flower fields get covered by white snow in freezing winter. Flower fields, ski resorts, local delicacies, panoramic landscapes, outdoor activities, hot springs are what Furano has to offer you.

Please keep reading to explore the all the things you could do in Furano.

Lavender Season & Summer Flower Gardens:

Beautiful flower field in Furano. Photo credit: titanium22 at Flickr through Creative Commons licensing.

One of the things that mostly draw my attention about Furano is the lavender season. It is a must do thing for every visitor when they are visiting in furano. Though, usually lavender season starts in early July.

Flower farms in the area would make you feel like you are in a haven. Everything looks awe-inspiring indeed! There are numbers of lavender fields but Farm Tomita, located in Nakafurano town, is extraordinary. It is one of the best flower farms that you must visit.

July is the most glorious time of the year in Furano, because Farm Tomita surprises you with its stunning lavender gardens. It is also true that Farm Tomita does not feature lavender but other flowers as well.

Furano’s summer flower gardens seem to me a better idea to view them all that includes variety of flowers such as Red poppies, sun flowers, multicolored tulips, lupines, marigold flower and etc.

A friend of mine who resides in Furano, did ask me this question – Where do you want to go first, Fram Tomita, Saika Farm (Shikisai Hill)? I really had no idea where to go first, so my answer was, “let’s start our expedition visiting Saika Farm first.” Indeed all of these flower gardens amused me a lot!

Ski Town Furano & Winter Activities:

Awesome Furano Ski Resort. Photo credit:Pierre Tonnin at Flickr through Creative Commons licensing

Though furano is a perfect destination for experiencing variety of flowers in the fields, nothing beats skiing or snowboarding in winter.

There is even a school to teach you skiing and snowboarding. Whatever your skill level is just take the challenge.

Winter is much more attractive than other season here in furano. Ski lovers from many parts of the world choose furano as a perfect destination to spend few days skiing here. Furano is also renowned as world’s best ski resort.

Here, the Snowboard World Cup was held in 2006 and 2007. This is not the end, history says, furano had hosted 10 Alpine World Cup events. There are many sky and snowboards rentals from where you could rent or buy the things you need for skiing or snowboarding.

Furano International Snowsports School (FISS) and Furano Snow School offer snowboard and ski lessons for visitors. You will never be alone if you are first timer to try skiing; there are helpful volunteer guides around you.

But make sure you contact with Furano Ski Hosts, it will arrange everything for you to get guides.  If you want to get all these experiences then have a winter vacation in Furano, Hokkaido.

TV & Movie Locations:

Beautiful landscape in Kamifurano. Photo credit: Tzuhsun Hsu at Flickr through Creative Commons licensing

One of the most popular Korean drama series called “Love Rain” was filmed in Furano town. I have watched all those 20 episodes and noticed again the beauty of Furano.

In fact, the director’s decision was absolutely right choosing this sort of awesome movie location. If you ever come to Fruano, I suggest you to visit the TV and Movie locations of Furano. They are worth visiting!

Coffee Mori no Tokei is one of the top ranked TV drama location in Furano. It is a beautiful coffee shop which is located in the forest below the New Furano Prince Hotel (Best for Hot springs) and Ningle Terrace.

In a snowy day this coffee shop transforms into a beautiful picturesque one that no one could find anything like this around the world.

Summer Outdoor Activities:

Furano Rafting Experiance. Photo credit: Cecilia at Flickr through Creative Commons licensing.

There are many summer outdoor activities one can experience in Furano town. In fact rafting is the key summer activity that you must try while visiting Furano.

Expect rafting, you have the opportunity to enjoy your time doing canoeing, parasailing, fishing, hiking, trekking, and running.

If you are too smart to be an extreme explore then don’t miss the chance of becoming adventurous by rafting, canoeing, and kayaking. Just wait until summer when the weather is very good for all these summer activities.

I think you should be thankful to the Sorachi river that runs through Furano. Without this river you could hardly be an extreme explore.

Are you a sporty person who actually has got his finger on so many pies? Then why don’t you spend some times playing golf out there in some of Furano’s designated golf courses?

Wait on, don’t get hurry. Take a deep breath, prepare for taking a long shot. There you go – oh you just missed the ball. Try it again please!

Visit Nearest Farms:

Furano Melon! Photo credit: Tzuhsun Hsu at Flickr through Creative Common Licencing.

One of the things that I enjoyed most while visiting Furano was picking juicy red strawberries and raspberries. That was so much fun!

I have had Furano sweet melons, they were very delicious. Surly, you could visit furano melon farm as I did.

Furano’s soil is super fertile for harvesting different kinds of vegetables. Farmers grow fresh vegetables such as cabbage, carrot, onion, potato, sweet corn and other variety all these get exported after fulfilling the demand of locals throughout Hokkaido region.


Impressive landscape in Biei, Furano! Photo Credit: Guided Cycling Tour Biei.

I don’t care if you are an armature cyclist or trying to be a professional for some cycling events, just make sure you have got a nice track for doing the thing you like.

If you are just a tourist who wants to try it then rent a bicycle. If you think, it is not comfortable for cycling in the summer then the best time for you would be spring and autumn!

Furano Marche:

Furano Marche! Photo Credit: Furano Marche (フラノマルシェ)

This is a souvenir center, located not that much far from Furano station. Who does not like to buy some souvenirs for others? We hardly would find such person who does not care of buying any souvenir.

Here, you can buy Furano’s unique souvenirs as well as eat some sweets. It will open from June 2015, so make sure you don’t mess it up!

A Day tour to Furano Jam Garden

Once you visit Furano Jam Garden in summer it would be hard to leave.

Therefore, spend a whole there doing some impressive things such as buying hand-made Furano Jam at Auntie Jam’s Gift Shop, taking lesson on how to make jam, visiting Anpanman shop, roaming around Rokugou viewing platform in order to see breathtaking landscape of flower gardens and mountains.

At Auntie Jam Gift Shop, you are free to taste 35 kinds of hand-made Furano Jam. First taste them decide which one you want to purchase. Visit its official website to know more info: http://www.furanojam.com.

Hokkai Heso (Bellybutton) Festival:

Bellybutton Festival Dancing. Photo credit: Jennifer at Flickr through Creative Commons licensing

It is a unique festival where dancers make their Heso (Bellybutton) into attractive looking faces using paint. It is a more than a fun thing to do in Furano during summer.

The festival first began in 1969. Participants so called dancers usually wear costumes but they don’t wear costumes that cover their bellybutton. Various events along with dance completion are held in the festival square. This year, it will be held on 28-29 July.

Hot Balloon & Paragliding

In my childhood, I used to think that – ‘I wish if I could fly and have two wings on my own.

I know it is fancier than it sounds though it is crazy to think such at least right now. I think it is possible in Hollywood movies.

But your flying curiosity might satisfy in Furano if you be a paraglider or take a flight to the open sky with a hot air balloon. Don’t get nervous since you will be accompanied by professional guides.

Hot Springs (Onsen) Experience:

Want to relax for some times after traveling a while? The best way to be relaxed is in Onsen. I can’t say Furano is the most popular spot for Hot springs while comparing Hokkaido’s other top ranked onsen but there are hotels that offer day trip baths to the hot springs.

Apart from these, there are 3 natural hot spring spots which would be great to be relaxed. You could take down some popular onsen names that are located in and around Furano:

Hakuginso Onsen

La Terre Onsen

Highland Furano

New Furano Prince Hotel (One of the best hotels in Furano, located very close of Furano Ski Resort) 

Furanui Hot Spring Hotel

Kamihoro-sou and

Ryounkaku Tokachidake Onsen in Kamifurano area

Hands-on Activities:

Furano Hands on Workshop. Photo Credit: www.furanotourism.com

Don’t sleep anymore! Wake up wake up!! Let’s take a tour to some places where hands-on activities await you.

You can learn home-style cooking at Furano Hands on Workshop, it offers you to learn hand made ice cream, bread baking, cheese making by hand, butter churning and many more.

If Japanese arts make you curious enough then you can get trained by highly professinal artists in Furano.

Learn how to make candle, glass craft, flower box craft, and other crafting projects. It is great learning something new which are unique. Go try it once!

Furano Restaurants & Bars:

Furano Omelette Curry! Photo credit: Tzuhsun Hsu at Flickr through Creative Commons licensing

There is a favorite local menu from Furano that I like most called Furano Omelette Curry.  I ate it in a restaurant with my friend. He suggested me to try that, simply I fell in love with that.

Place this food menu in your bucket list when you are in Furano. Also as a tourist you can try ramen, soba noodles. If you think you will have to drink some beer then head to “The Bridge bar & café”. This bar offers you various types of beer including free wifi facility.

It’s actually rude not to visit Saika no sato and leave furano thereafter. A large variety of lavender products can be found there. They are fresh and really good for our health.

Here you can discover beautiful lavender filed alongside sunflower and lupines gardens. In addition, you can experience a farm-stay in Furano. These are the top things that you do when traveling around in Furano. Have fun!

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